Lost Empire Herbs Thor’s Hammer – Bedroom Performance Aid?


About Lost Empire Herbs Thor's Hammer

Lost Empire Herbs Thor's Hammer is a male enhancement supplement designed to give men the top levels of performance in the bedroom. When it comes to male performance there are a lot of reasons as to why a man can’t perform well in the bedroom. There has been much debate but there are some truths that can help men overcome ED and low sex drive. It really comes down to four factors that are completely physiological and contribute to healthy bedroom performance.

First off is male hormones, if a man’s hormones are not in balance there is a problem. Low levels of testosterone are needed to have a strong libido and state of arousal. The issue is that testosterone levels start to drop once men hit their 30s.

Dopamine also plays a major factor in the healthy sex drive of a man. The neurotransmitter is at the core of all things surrounding desire. It’s also extremely crucial for the libido as well. And once the dopamine receptors are off balance, men must take certain steps to get them operating again at optimal levels.

The blood flow of a man is crucial. Optimal levels of Nitric Oxide are needed to improve blood flow through the vascular system and thus create stronger erections. Something that is far less known is Phosphodiesterase type 5. This is also known as PDE5 and is an enzyme that is needed to improve erections. The more of this you have the longer your erections will last and not breakdown due to a lack of blood flow.

How Does Lost Empire Herbs Thor's Hammer Work?

Some people will argue that ED drugs are the way to go. But they are just surface level solutions. In order to truly solve the problem of erectile dysfunction and low libido, you’ll need to improve the four areas above and that can’t simply be done by popping a pill. The major ED drugs inhibit the growth of PDE5. Don’t be mistaken, pills do work great for some people. But pills don’t work well for everyone. Sometimes they have adverse side-effects like causing vision issues, disorientation, flushing of the skin, nasal congestion, body aches, hear issues and even hearing loss.

A lot of people will agree that the herbal route is much safer and more beneficial than the prescription meds. That is where Thor’s Hammer by Lost Empire Herbs comes into the picture. There is no need to see a doctor and there are no negative side-effects. It’s a completely, 100% pure and clean way to improve male libido. The formula in Thor’s Hammer contains herbs that have been used by ancient cultures all over the world for years to help men perform better in the bedroom. One good thing also is that these substances are also great for your health in general. They all do things like support healthy blood flow and help the heart as well as the entire cardiovascular system. They’re some of the best ingredients in the world for improving male sex drive and they’re all natural.

You may have even heard of some of them. The main ingredients in Thor’s Hammer are Tongkat Ali, Cistanche, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna and Shilajit. These are some of the best ingredients in the world for men. And they are proven by numerous scientific studies to help improve male libido.

Lost Empire Herbs Thor's Hammer Summary

If you’re a man in his 30s looking to improve his health, the substances in Thor’s Hammer are some of the best available for your sex drive. You can pick up a bottle of Lost Empire Herbs Thor's Hammer.

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