VigRX Plus Reviews (2021) – Safe Male Enhancement Ingredients?


Biology dictates that sex is one of the driving factors in relationships; the desire for intimacy, the necessity of connection, and the drive to know your partner carnally. Sex is so impactful on the human psyche that a self-reported 54% of men think about sex every day. However, despite the sexually charged society in which we live, 31% of men today still experience sexual dysfunction.

While the average erection is only 5.6 inches long, the adult film industry would have us believe otherwise. Regardless of the sexual shortcoming, be it proven or perceived, VigRX Plus can solve male performance problems and empower men from all walks of life to have healthy, strong sexual relationships with their partners. In fact, in an 84-day triple-blind, placebo-controlled study of men ages, 25 to 50 with erectile function issues ranging from mild to moderate, clinicians found that VigRX Plus increased overall sex drive by 47% and improved the participants' ability to maintain an erection by over 62%.

The stats and the science don't lie: VigRX Plus measures up.

VigRX Plus is the world's leading male enhancement product, and not only is it doctor recommended, but its doctor also endorsed. Best-selling author and globally-renowned medical professional Dr. Steven Lamm have gone on record supporting the science and results that VigRX Plus is backed by. Dr. Lamm is a frequent feature writer in popular publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He's also a repeat visitor on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Lamm is most known as the Director of New York University's Center for Men's Health, assuring you that his recommendations are both reliable and reputable.

But don't just leave the fate of something as sacred and sensual as love making up to the professionals. Real-world purchasers have described VigRX Plus as life-changing with the ability to give back what traumatic accidents, insecurities or time have taken away: their sexual appetite and skills. With real-life users stating that they “have much more stamina” and that their “sex life has improved 100%”, purchasers aren't complaining, and neither are their wives! Over 97% of customers said that they would repurchase VigRX Plus!

With millions of new customers each day plus thousands of positive testimonials from thousands of happy customers – and their partners – VigRX Plus is the trusted product for those seeking both sexual enhancement and satisfaction.

If you're wondering whether or not you should invest your hard-earned money in another supplement, we don't blame you. Many of us have been burned by fake supplements that simply don't work. Thankfully, in an industry that's overrun with skepticism, deception, and untruths, VigRX Plus is one of few enhancement products backed by actual science!

In a clinical trial that has been published in the prestigious Journal of Urology, BioMed Central and republished by The US National Library of Medicine under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, researchers found that VigRX Plus users had a 58.97% increase in their ability to penetrate their partner and a 71.43% increase in sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Participants experienced a 22.49% increase in the frequency and quality of their orgasms with a 47% increase in their overall sex drive. Studies show that intercourse lasts between three to five minutes on average. Still, by increasing nitric oxide levels, VigRX Plus allows blood vessels to relax and increase blood flow resulting in bigger, harder, firmer erections that last longer.

As one of the only natural enhancement supplements in the world backed by real clinical results, VigRX Plus reigns as the global leader in enhancement products because it is scientifically supported and because many men are against seeing a doctor or taking prescriptions – especially when it comes to sexual dysfunction issues. Purchasing VigRX Plus allows for discretion with it being available both over the counter and online. With over 60% of VigRX Plus customers having previously tried male libido pills and over 25% having tried erectile dysfunction prescription, VigRX appeals to most purchasers because it's natural.

The VigRX Plus formula is comprised of high-quality, all-natural ingredients: Asian red ginseng, saw palmetto, hawthorn berry, ginko biloba, epimedium leaf extract, tribulus terrestris, damiana, catuaba bark extract, muira pauma bark extract and cascuta extract. This combination of raw ingredients works together to boost the sex hormone, testosterone, and increase libido.

Unique to VigRX Plus, the formula also includes the patented extract BioPerine, designed to enhance nutrient uptake and prevent the ingested supplement from being “flushed out” like a waste. BioPerine allows the VigRX Plus formula to be absorbed into the bloodstream more effectively than other enhancement products. Additionally, VigRX Plus capsules are equipped with a cutting-edge enteric coating, allowing for maximum nutritional absorption.

Other enhancement products are essentially destroyed and rendered useless after being exposed to stomach acids. Still, with its innovative enteric coating, VigRX Plus invalidates all competitors and proves itself superior, just like it's users!

Some may have heard of VigRX before and rightfully so. The VigRX brand values longevity, endurance, and stamina above all else which is why VigRX has been around, reputably, for decades. While other enhancement brands change their names time and time again to avoid legal disputes or failing products, VigRX's name and reputation have stood the test of time. In fact, the VigRX Plus line is just a better version of the same high-quality product that we've provided our customers with for decades.

Unlike other enhancement products, VigRX doesn't require you to pop a pill prior to penetration and ruin the moment. These enhancement pills are intended to be ingested twice a day, similarly to other supplements like vitamins, with reliable results when you need them. Users can expect to see those results within the first 30 days with optimal performance around 60 days of continued use.

With respectable and competitively priced packages, over $200 in bonus values and incentives, a 67-day money-back guarantee, VigRX Plus stands behind their products. The extra benefit of free and discreet global shipping on orders of three months ‘ worth of products or more shows that VigRX Plus truly seeks to give their consumers the best bang for their buck, literally.

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