Leopard Hydration Packs – Vibedration’s Lightweight Outdoor Packs?


Mother nature offers so many great and awe-inspiring wonders to her children.

There’s boundless things to do out in her presence, the limits only stop at the imagination. It’s perfect from everything from family trips, company getaways, and good ol’ fashioned alone time.

Anyone who has ever engaged in any outdoor activities always returns back to their home more refreshed and relaxed than they were before venturing out. That’s because being outdoors offers a calming effect that can’t be duplicated.

But mother nature doesn’t just provide many wonderful options for relaxation, there’s many activities one can get involved in.

Kayaking, camping, hiking. All of these are wonderful activities that take place in vast patches of land, making for a replete experience.

Out of all the wonderful things one can do in the outdoors, the one activity that’s beginning to pick up a good deal of traction is biking.

Outdoor biking can be a relaxing activity one does alone or an exciting thing people can do with a small to large group of friends.

Before anyone considers taking up this hobby there’s a couple of things that must be prepared for. First off, a bike will be needed. That’s pretty straightforward.

More importantly, since biking is an activity that occurs outdoors more often in the dead heat, a method of hydration will need to be considered.

A lot of bikers simply take water bottles with them and drink as they go along. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just not the best and most efficient way of staying hydrated.

A better way to stay hydrated which is convenient due to its ease of use is to invest in a outdoor biking hydration pack.

This is the type of equipment the pros use and if biking is something people want to take seriously, who better to model than the pros?

There’s a company that provides one of these Water Packs and it’s making a lot of heads turn. The company’s name is Leopard Outdoor Products. Let’s check out their pack.

About Leopard Hydration Packs

The Leopard Hydration packs is a backpack that bikers can wear while they ride which serves the purpose of hydrating its wearer.

It accomplishes this by way of including one 2-liter Hydraulics Reservoir (BPA Free) that can be filled up with water.

A long tube is attached to this compartment that can be kept near the mouth for hydration purposes.

This pack isn’t just used to hydrate. It also can be used as a traditional backpack, allowing ample room for people to put things such as a change of clothes in.

The Hydration Pack also includes two side pockets that can be used to carry additional water bottles for longer trips, ensuring that hydration is never an issue.

Other additional features of this Leopard Hydration Pack include:

  • Made of Heavy Duty water resistant Diamond ip Stop Nylon
  • Two zippered pockets on waist belt to keep items.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps fit chest sizes between 27” to 43”
  • Reflective accents for safety at night

It’s easy to see that this Hydration Pack has many different uses, it’s not intended to be used solely for bikers. Hikers, Kayakers, etc. can also benefit from owning a pack like this.

The only critique users of this Hydration Pack have given is the fact that it doesn’t keep water cold. A valid critique, but certainly not a deal breaker.


This next thing to think about when considering whether or not this Hydration Pack is a worthwhile investment is to look at price.

On Amazon, this product is priced at $29.99. That means for roughly $30 this efficient and durable pack can be owned.

Once people consider that traditional backpacks can cost around $70, this item by Leopard will look more and more like a steal.

For the sake of transparency, the price point of $29.99 is a sale, this item is normally sold for $49.99.

It’s currently in stock so acting now would be in the best interest of those who feel that this product can make their outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable.

This product can be either purchased via Amazon, although it is not eligible for Prime, or it can be purchased at Leopard Outdoor Products website. Whichever is more convenient.

Leopard Hydration Packs Review Summary

The Outdoor Biking Hydration Pack by Leopard is much more than a backpack. It could potentially be a life-saver.

This item is positioned as a tool for bikers, but it can be used by virtually anyone that enjoys any type of outdoor activity. There are no limits to its utility.

Outdoor activities can be worlds of fun, but staying hydrated is paramount when adventuring out into the hot sun for prolonged amounts of time.

This pack offers an extra layer of protection and convenience for users who choose to invest in it.

Stay safe out there, and have fun!


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