GQ-6 – Healthy Hydration, Energy and Endurance Products?


GQ-6 is a company that produces a special set of supplements, which all work together to provide essential nutrition to your muscles for a more effective workout every time. These products can be used together or individually.

What is GQ-6?

If you work out to strengthen your muscles on a regular basis, you already understand the importance of hydrating your body throughout your workout. However, some active individuals may not understand that your body needs a lot more than hydration to keep up your performance level. Your body is exerting more energy at this time than any other part of the day, which increases the amount of water and electrolytes being used. Rather than just reaching for a water bottle before your workout, try using one of the products from GQ-6 to stay nourished.

GQ-6 has several products to help you through each stage of the workout process during the day. The line was created by Richard Hiraga, who has been in the nutrition industry for years, but is a fitness fanatic in his own right. He saw that other companies did not offer what he needed out of a supplement, which was a simple and clean approach which is effective in nourishing and hydrating the body. After consulting with other professionals in the medical and sports industries, he came up with these formulas that contain no additives and only the necessary nutrients for each specified task.

The name for the company comes from the Japanese word “Ji kyu ryo ku” (持 久力). This word symbolizes all of the things you want to become by working out – strong, powerful, energetic, persistent, etc. The phrase was converted to simply “GQ-6” because of the phonetic pronunciation and meaning of the phrase in Japanese.

What Sets GQ-6 Apart?

GQ-6 stands out from other supplement companies because of their simplistic approach to their workout remedies. Each product is meant to perform a very specific function, and only includes the appropriate dose of the necessary ingredients in the formula to achieve that result. Basically, this means that the pre-workout compounds are exclusively to help your body prepare to workout, just like the post-workout product is specifically meant to revive your lost nutrients from your workout.

The GQ-6 products do not contain artificial nutrients to help your body; they contain vitamins and minerals that are known for their health effects. You will not find any stimulants (like caffeine) in most of the products, but you will find the appropriate levels of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and amino acids to drive your success. However, if you want a stimulant in your routine, you can easily stack any of the products with the GQ-6 RĒ-FŪL ENERGY, which contains 200mg of caffeine (or the equivalent of a cup of strong coffee).

The GQ-6 Products

In order to ensure that every part of your workout is supplemented, GQ-6 features a product for every step of the workout process, from the morning of your workout to the recovery after. Each of the products listed below is necessary to your routine. You can stack them all together, or you can choose the product that you feel will benefit you the most.


This product is meant to help hydrate your body at a faster pace that water is able to be absorbed, which is due to osmolality. This characteristic majorly impacts the way that water and nutrients enters and is processed by cells in your body.

Within the drink, you will find carbohydrate, electrolytes, and BCAA amino acids, which are essential for powerful endurance throughout your workout. Since your metabolism can be increased by up to 2000% during a workout, you will need the fuel to keep you going. Carbohydrates turn into glucose, which is how you get the energy to keep going. When you combine carbohydrates with the other ingredients, you are able to maintain hydration while keeping up your energy as well.

This formula is available as a powder, which comes with a scoop for measuring. You will only need to pour one scoop into your water for lasting and fast-acting hydration. Exclusively sold by GNC, choose from the following flavors:

  • Orange
  • Green apple
  • Tropical punch


This formula is available to give you the boost of energy you need to remain alert enough to maintain your workout. If you are someone who works out in the morning or after a long day at work, you need that boost to feel pumped before you begin. It is meant to help you during activity as well, so you can continue to drink it throughout your routine.

With this formula, you will find ingredients that are known for their ability to increase your energy and focus. You will find caffeine, Taurine, and the amino acid L-Tyrosine in the mix to help give you energy without crashing. To promote healthy circulation during your workout, the formula also includes Arginine Alpha. Finally, to help calm your stress levels, Prickly Pear Extract makes an appearance as well.

This product does not have any flavoring, so it can easily be added to any of your favorite beverages. However, the company recommends you combine it with the drink you make from GQ-6 FLŌŌĬD.


When you are having a hard time staying motivated and strong during your workout, you can introduce the RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE formula. This product is meant to be consumed during your workout, rather than before, to help you keep going when you feel exhausted or fatigued. When you are using a lot of energy, the ache you feel can make you stop your workout quickly, but this formula helps you push past it by supplying the nutrients you lose with your activity level.

Since your activity level can burn up to 1500% more O2, you need to compensate with the vitamins and minerals in this formula. This product starts with giving you sodium and potassium, which the muscles need to prevent cramping. Since your exerted energy produces lactic acid, CarnoSyn® beta alanine is also present to balance out the effects and to prevent feeling that “burn” early.

Just like with the RĒ-FŪL ENERGY, you can mix the product with any beverage, but combining with the FLŌŌĬD drink will help with the absorption into the rest of the cells in your body. This product is not flavored, so it will not impact the taste of the drinks you choose.


After you’ve enjoyed an intense workout during the day, you need to make the most of your resting time to replenish nutrients and support the health of your muscles. Resting and recovering with the RĒKÜVR NITE TIME is the key to preparing your body for the next workout, but without residual soreness.

To start the healing process, RĒKÜVR NITE TIME first introduces L- Theanine to your system, which is an amino acid that can help you calm your mind and body from an active day. Once you fall asleep, L-Glutamine and L-Leucine work to repair and preserve your muscles, which will relieve the discomfort that would inhibit your workout the next day.

This formula is meant to be used at the end of the day, rather than immediately after your workout. When your bedtime is 30 minutes away, take two tablets to get the benefits as you sleep.

How to Use the GQ-6 Products for Your Workouts

Though you can enjoy the benefits of these products individually, bundling them together in your workout can help you achieve the results you want as you maintain nutrients. Follow the combination recommendations below to get different responses from your body during your routine.

  • To maintain hydration levels without losing energy: FLŌŌĬD + RĒ-FŪL ENERGY
  • To stay hydrated and push yourself through more time in the gym: FLŌŌĬD + RĒ-FŪL Endurance
  • To replenish your lost hydration post-workout: FLŌŌĬD (only)
  • For full support after a workout during the day: RĒKÜVR NITE TIME

Contacting GQ-6

Even with all of the information available on the website, anyone can benefit from speaking with the customer service department. There is a link to allow you to send an email, but the easiest way to reach someone is by calling 1-800-606-6008. Since the company is based out of California, they are subject to the Pacific time zone.


GQ-6 approaches your workout supplement needs in an entirely different way from other companies. While other companies try to pack as much as they can into a small capsule, Richard Hiraga understands that less is more. To add these products to your routine, check out your local GNC store for pricing and availability.

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