DayOne Waterbag Response – P&G’s Clean Drinking Water Device?


DayOne Waterbag Review – Quality Product?

Access to clean water is a hot topic issue, and for good reasons. Current statistics indicate that about 1 in every 9 people do not have access to clean water that is safe to drink. Not having clean water to drink is a crisis, especially since it is a necessity. Rather than allow the problem to persist, one company is trying to make access to clean water much easier and more streamlined for people around the globe.

This review would like to introduce you to the DayOne Waterbag by DayOne Response. This water bag is everything you need to generate clean, fresh, and drinkable, no matter where you are.

About the DayOne Waterbag

The DayOne Waterbag is a portable backpack that acts as a water treatment system. The portable water treatment system is a device that allows you to collect, treat, and protect water, all the while you are on the go. This innovative, game-changing, and effective water treatment system is created by Day One Response, which is a Proctor and Gamble company. With such a key-player in the game, you can be certain that you are getting a high-quality and resourceful product that works to meet its intended purpose.

Clean Water in Just 30 Minutes

One of the most important aspects of this product is its speed. This powerful backpack is able to clean and purify water in as few as 30 minutes. With such as quick conversion time, you can get clean and drinkable water very fast. This comes in handy whether you are traveling, hiking, or are in trouble areas and need to convert water for masses of people in a short amount of time. There are few products on the market that can convert water as quickly or as conveniently as this product can.

What the Waterbag Treats

The DayOne Waterbag is a great product for many reasons, but the star of its abilities is everything that it is able to treat. This waterbag can purify from the following dangerous substances that are found in undrinkable water:

  • DDT
  • Lead
  • Viruses
  • Humic Acid
  • Protozoan Cysts
  • Arsenic
  • Bacteria
  • Sediment

With this great versatility, you can be certain that every time you use this product, you are receiving the purifying components and its powerful abilities. Also, you do not need to waste your time testing the water again before drinking it.

A Positive Response by Professionals

Professionals such as medical professionals and humanitarian aid workers typically find themselves in areas where clean water is scarce, but of course necessary for livelihood. As a result of their epic need for clean water, most of the people who review this product are medical and humanitarian aid professionals.

Overall, the response is very positive. For example, Dr. Greg Allgood expressed his adoration of the product, especially in light of its ability to help relief groups reach more people quickly at the most critical stages in the rehabilitation process. This product’s ability shines through and it is what makes it such a wonderful addition to any expedition.

Product Details

There are many components and details to this product and you really get the full breadth of this product’s ability by understanding all of the details and components. Here are what you can expect when using this product:

Increase in Shipment

This product enables you to ship 3 times more water bags, as compared to collapsible containers. This ensures that more people are able to receive the water that they need to generate a sustainable amount for the entire community. Also, it cuts down on shipping costs in the long term.

Bags Have a 10 Liter Capacity

Another quality to this bag is that it has a 10 liter capacity. The large capacity means that you can safely take the water around the most difficult and stressful excursions and still have the right amount to get you through. In addition, once your 10 liters runs out, you can easily and conveniently generate more.

Backpack Straps

To ensure that the backpack is easy to carry around, it features comfortable and versatile backpack straps. The straps are soft, they are wide enough to set easily on your shoulders, and they take a bit of the pressure off carrying the heavy bottle.

Meets Clean Water Guidelines

One of the most important qualities to this product is that it meets clean water guidelines. The water canister and its purifying properties meets WHO, Sphere, and US EPA emergency drinking water guidelines. Since it meets these guidelines, you can feel confident that the water you are drinking is safe, clean, clear, and pure enough for safe consumption. If you are interested in learning more about how safe this drinking water is based upon the guidelines, it is best to review what the guidelines expect.

Contains a P and G Purifier

Finally, the water bag also contains a P and G purifier. P and G is a well-known and world-renowned company that specializes in creating clean, reliable, and effective products. The purifier is this product is highly reliable.

Instructions are Available

Using this product is certainly not a guessing game. Not only are there written instructions available on the website, but there is also a nifty video that you can follow. Each container is also made out of food-grade plastic. Further, the P and G packets feature substances such as calcium hypochlorite, iron sulphate, and a number of other useful ingredients.  Overall, when it comes to  use, you will find the product a simple and nearly effortless endeavor.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing the product, then it can be found on the company’s website. While the company does specify a return policy, there is no information on the page. However, since it is created by a reliable and quality-driven institution, then chances are there is some return policy in place, you would just need to speak with a representative.


In sum, DayOne Waterbag is a simple and clean way to bring safe drinking water to people around the world. With this device, people in remote communities, hikers, and thrill-seekers can have a safe and reliable source of water to keep them hydrated.

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