Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Women – Safe Muscle Builders?


Best pre-workout simply refers to the supplements taken before engaging in your main exercises.  In order to remain energetic, boost your stamina and endure through the entire workout, you need the right supplements.

Exercising is definitely necessary and crucial for proper health and physical fitness but starting the journey is honestly never easy. However, by taking the right pre-workouts, you will have adequate energy start the journey and withstand more intense workouts.

Are There Benefits Of Doing Pre-workouts?

Well, perhaps you are a beginner and don’t understand the need for pre-workouts. Don’t worry, we will break open the shell and spill everything. The reason pre-workouts are important is because they prepare you before engaging major exercises.

By this I mean, you will be able to focus, endure and have the energy to work out. Additionally, pre-workouts can trigger weight loss in your body, especially when taking particular supplements.

The good news is that our supplements not only enhance focus but also boost your energy levels. The major difference between these supplements and other synthetic products is that ours are able to reduce stress while enhancing focus.

In addition, pre-workouts boost your ability to endure intense exercises. Kindly note that being on the right diet and warming up before exercise is equally important.

However, it is the pre-workouts that actually augment your physical energy. By doing pre-workouts, which last for 30 minutes, you enhance your anaerobic power and boost physical power. In the end, you will be more intense in your workouts and finally benefit your body.

What You Need To Know About The Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Women


A pre-workout supplement is considered incomplete if it lacks caffeine because caffeine enhances alertness and boosts physical endurance. If caffeine is included in your program, on a regular basis, you will burn more calories and build stronger muscles.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is combined with histamine to boost the level of carnosine in muscles, which in turn helps in reduce lactic acid buildup. Women are able to achieve better lean muscle mass retention and boost their physical endurance by including Beta Alanine in their pre-workout drinks.

Citrulline Malate

This is one of the top-ranked supplements. It is known for its ability to enhance blood circulation in muscles. It also widens blood vessels allowing in more blood. This, therefore, means that your muscles will get more nutrients and become healthier. Additionally, sufficient supply of oxygen and rich nutrients plays a major role in reducing fatigue.

When Citrulline Malate is included in your pre-workouts, one thing is clear. You will exert more effort into your exercises and be more focused than ever before.

Betaine Anhydrous

This is another incredible pre-workout supplement we cannot fail to mention. It helps women boost their physical strength during workouts. Betaine Anhydrous is naturally produced by the body. However, it can be found in spinach, beets, and seaweed. Alternatively, you can find the same in supplements. Actually, it is also approved by FDA as a reliable deterrent against heart disease and osteoporosis.


Experts will tell you that any legitimate healthy supplement usually contains Bioperine. It is found in black pepper and is known for its ability to optimize nutrient absorption by the body. Additionally, supplements containing Bioperine enhances the bioavailability of other ingredients.

Vitamin B12

A supplement, regardless of the brand, is considered incomplete if it lacks vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is responsible for proper development of blood cells, nerve cells, and proteins. Additionally, it boosts levels of energy and allows women to remain vibrant even at peak levels in their workouts.


Phosphatidylserine is another crucial inclusion in pre-workout supplements for women because of its great role, especially in regard to weight loss. It is responsible for cutting down on cortisol level in the body. The end result is faster weight loss.

Green Tea

Green tea promotes fat burning making it an essential part of pre-workouts. The major ingredient that acts as a norepinephrine breakdown inhibitor and increases metabolism is known as catechins. Individuals are able to lose weight because of the norepinephrine hormone that instructs the fat cells to utilize fat as a source of energy.


Found in most pre-workout products, Evodiamine acts like an antioxidant and boosts energy levels as well. Additionally, it is also a great mood enhancer and increases the rate at which calories are burned when one is working out.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This is simply a type of fatty acid that is found in meat and other dairy products. However, the CLA found in animals is not preferred. This is because of its low-quality, given that animals live on a grain diet and not on grass. It is pretty obvious that including CLA in your supplement comes with a number of benefits.

Common Myths And Facts About Pre-Workouts

Surprisingly, there are a number of myths concerning women’s pre-workout supplements that, perhaps, you may have heard.

I think it is a pretty good idea that we come clean on the issue and distinguish facts from misconceptions. However, before can dig deeper into the pre-workout regimen, let’s get some facts clear so we can make things right at the very beginning.

Myth #1: Only Men Can Benefit From Pre-Workouts

Fact: This is false.

Both men and women are entitled to the benefits of pre-workouts. They help in enhancing energy and workout routines. Most importantly, you get the energy you need to kick-start your workouts.

To be honest with you, there are moments or days when you just don’t feel like it. You wake up lacking the morale to workout. However, these workout supplements change everything for the better. They give both your mind and body the necessary boost for more strenuous exercises.

You need more than just mere motions to finally get there. In a nutshell, supplements are essential. On a serious note, you should be aware that supplements are effective when taken in proper amounts.

Even though most supplements works well for both women and men, some are more suited for women. For example, there are a number of supplements formulated for men only that you should avoid. These include:

  • Fenugreek
  • Tribulus
  • D-aspartic acid

Myth #2: You Will Have Sleepless Nights After Pre-workouts

Fact: This is not true. Sleepless nights are probably caused by caffeine.

The caffeine contained in supplements is not as potent as caffeine in coffee. Therefore, even though caffeine is associated with increased heart rate and higher levels of alertness, this doesn’t hold when it comes to pre-workout supplements.

By the way, does this mean that caffeine always deprives one of good sleep? The truth is, the levels of caffeine vary across workout supplements.

We cannot, therefore, make a sweeping statement. That would be very unprofessional. The best way to go about it is to start with lower amounts of caffeine and let the graph rise gradually.

By doing this, you will be able to monitor the amounts your body can cope up with, without significantly impacting your sleep quality. Alternatively, you can opt for natural caffeine brands as they are more balanced compared to regular caffeine. Additionally, you will achieve a gradual rise with natural caffeine.

Myth #3: Pre Workouts Cause Hyperactivity

Fact: This is a little bit of a challenge given that pre-workouts boost energy levels.

However, it is clear that your body requires more energy when you are working out. I guess the confusion here is caused by the term used. Being energized is perhaps the right term to use here and not hyperactive, right? Well, perhaps we should ask ourselves a simple question. Does one feel hyper after taking a pre-workout drink?

Myth #4: Pre-Workouts Can Result In Extra-Large Muscles

Fact: it is obvious most women got no interest in large muscles. They are more concerned with being physically fit, having an amazing physique, toning and maintaining their body.

To be honest with you, pre-workouts only accelerate the growth of muscles but do not make them too big. Will pre-workouts result in muscle growth? Yes, that is definitely expected when one focuses on pre-workout supplements that are formulated on enhancing muscle gain. A perfect example is creatine.

It is good at making the users achieve muscle gain. However, it is important to know that the level of any gain largely depends on the type of workout taken.

Let me give you an example: If you live on a healthy diet (less than 5, 000 calories per day) and your weight reps happen to be in the range 12-20, expect lean muscles and nothing more. However, if you eat more than that and lift heavier weights, expect larger and heavier muscles.

Myth #5: Pre-Workouts Make Women Feel Jittery

Fact: This is a possibility if you take in more caffeine than your body can cope with.

The truth of the matter is, with tolerable levels, everything is well. As mentioned above, you can opt for natural caffeine rather than the regular one. However, if the jittery feelings persist, take L-Theanine. It is a good relaxant that doesn’t have sedative effects.

Myth #6: Pre-Workout Supplements Aren’t Healthy

Fact: There are no health risks in taking Beta Alanine, nitrate, caffeine and other supplements.

Actually, these supplements are good for the body and won’t cause any increased vital signs in women. They have no adverse effects on hematological markers.

Myth #7: All Natural Pre-Workout Supplements Are The Same

Fact: This is completely baseless and 100% false.

It would be foolish to claim that all pre-workout supplements are made in the same way. Some are more effective than others.

Actually, two supplements may contain the same ingredients yet have totally different effects. This is possible because of the varying amounts of ingredients used. To add to this, there are some supplements that contain additives, which could have a negative or positive effect on the overall product.

Pre-Workouts And Diet – What You Should Know

There is a relationship between your diet and pre-workout, and you really do need to get it right. First, you should ensure that protein and carbohydrates are part of your diet, regardless of whether you plan to gain muscles or not. Most importantly, you should eat a meal a couple of hours before exercising. Some individuals prefer to work out in the morning while others prefer doing it at noon or in the evening.

This narrows down to your personal preference and daily schedule. Eating healthy is what is crucial here. You cannot expect pleasing results when working out on an empty stomach. Actually, your body won’t lose much fat. Not eating healthy could have detrimental effects on your overall progress.

Needless to say, your body requires energy during exercise and this can only come from digested food. If you deprive your body of enough fuel, it will resort to muscle reserves. This means you risk losing your muscles rather than gaining muscle. Eating first then hitting the gym is the rule of the game.

If you plan to cut down on weight, it is advisable to consume a scoopful of whey protein or 10 grams of BCAAs. This may seemingly appear less important but it is important in equipping your muscles in preparation for more intense workouts. Whey protein and BCAAs play two major roles:

  • Prevents excessive breakdown of muscles
  • Enhances muscle buildup

Perhaps you are not aware, but pre-workout drinks have a significant impact on your workout routines. Having a pre-workout supplement drink helps boost BCAAs levels for up to 2 hours. In a nutshell, a pre-workout drink simply does not compare to a post-workout drink.

Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Women Final Verdict

For the final word, I highly recommend the above listed pre-workout supplements for their amazing effects on your workout experience.

To be honest with you, synthetic supplements are just not healthy and that is why all our pre-workout supplement recommendations are natural. Your task is simple. You just need to drink them before working out. You will love the new energizing feel. No worries, you can thank us later!

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