Before we get into discussing the product at hand, it is wise to learn about Kombucha and its many benefits. Basically speaking, Kombucha is a herbal tea blend that is prepared through the use of a process called fermentation.

This method involves the boiling of tea, sugar, healthy bacteria + yeast at high temperatures so that all of these elements can combine to deliver our bodies with a wide array of health benefits.

If we were to look at Kombucha compositionally, we can see that it is essentially comprised of a colony of bacteria and yeast. When consumed on a regular basis, this brew can help us with improved digestion and overall gut health. In one sense, we can even think of this tea blend as a probiotic solution.

Additionally, apart from the digestive benefits, this tea solution also helps us with with things like fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, enhancing mental clarity, and improving mood stability.

About The Company

Kombrewcha is a beverage company that primarily based out of New York. The kombucha beverages for sale are specially designed to contain a low 3.2% ABV that allows for a mild buzz. Not only that, the blend is also infused with a fizzy fermented tea taste that goes really well with the naturally occurring alcohol.

In terms of its core formula, we can see that Kombrewcha is extremely low in sugar and calories. Apart from that, the taste profile is quite refreshing and helps us rehydrate and feel revitalised within a short period of time. Owing to its low caloric content, the brew is a perfect alternative to beer, wine, or cider.

About Kombrewcha

As the name clearly alludes to, Kombrewcha is essentially a Kombucha tea extract that has been fermented for longer periods. This extended fermentation causes an increase in the overall alcohol content of the drink, thereby allowing it to give us a mild buzz upon consumption.

While the alcohol content may not be high, many consumers online have stated that ”This brew is unique and can be indulged upon without having to compromise on our health. Also, it contains just enough alcohol to get us tickled and not pickled.”

Why Choose This Drink?

As mentioned earlier, Kombrewcha is a perfect substitute to regular alcoholic beverages such as Beer, Wine, Cider as it has a low alcohol content (regular beer contains approx 2%).

However, what makes this product standout is the fact that it is entirely organic. This ensures that we are not consuming any chemically derived extracts or any stale brews that might actually be bad for us in the long run.


  • No Processed Sugar: unlike other liquors and beverages that have been loaded with sugars to enhance taste and improve drinkability, Kombrewcha only contains a natural sweetener that has been prepared by breaking down pure agave nectar.
  • Healthy: as mentioned earlier, this blend contains only herbal derivatives and thus contains far fewer calories than beer. Hence, users can safely consume this beverage without having to worry about blowing their calorie budget all the time
  • Refreshing: owing to its natural leaf extracts, this drink is highly refreshing and drinkable. All of the variants available are sweet and tangy, and help deliver our bodies with a host of medical benefits.

Are There Any Issues With Kombrewcha?

While there are no consumption issues as such, the beverage is highly localised at the moment. What this means is that the company is currently mainly active in New York and Connecticut.

Also, physical availability of the drinks are low and purchases can be made only in stores such as Whole Foods and Fairway. However, in the past year alone, the brand has risen greatly in popularity and is making its way all across the United States.

Not only that, even the website in being remodeled to cater to a broader, more international audience.

Kombrewcha Flavour Range

The core variants that we can choose from include:


This drink delivers users with the real kombucha flavour that can help invigorate our senses and also allows our bodies get rid of harmful toxins and bacteria.

Owing to its potent biological composition, the drink helps improve the health of our stomach and intestines by improving the digestion rate of carbs, fats and proteins.

Lemongrass Lime:

This variant is highly flavour packed and has been shown to help deliver various benefits such as reduced headaches, decreased stomach stress, alleviation of abdominal and muscle pain, heightened energy release and faster and more efficient digestion.

Not only that, the lime contained within also helps deliver our metabolic system with Vitamin C, thereby allowing us to reap a host of underrated physical benefits such as lowered joint pain, improve skin complexion etc.

Royal Ginger:

As is clear from the name, this ginger infused drink comes loaded with a host of antioxidants that can help us feel more active and vital. Some of the core benefits of this beverage include reduced nausea, improved appetite, reduced motion sickness, and alleviation of muscle pain. Not only that, ginger also helps deliver a tangy flavour that stimulates our taste buds quite well.

Blackberry Hibiscus:

This special infusion includes a blend of hibiscus that has been widely studied and shown to deliver results like relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, improved digestive efficiency and enhanced immunity system.

Lastly, some studies show that a blend of blackberry and hibiscus can even alleviate problems related to inflammation and tissue pain.

Where Can I Place My Order of Kombrewcha?

All of the above variants can be ordered directly from the manufacturer's official webstore. However, since the site is currently under maintenance, there are other portals like Bevnet that are currently offering the drinks. Payments can be made using safe means such as PayPal, Maestro and Visa. Lastly, larger purchases enable users to receive additional discounts.


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