KISS Gold Series – Hair Dryer, Comb Straightener & Ionic Brush Tools?


KISS Gold Series is a line of products that allow consumers to treat their hair with heat, but without the unruly frizz that often cones from it. The products are exclusively available through Amazon as a part of the official Amazon Prime day.

What Is The Kiss Gold Series?

Preparing for the day involves many steps for women, since the average routine takes about 30 minutes, which does not include a shower usually. Women need to take time to maintain precision with their makeup routine, though this process can be sped up with skin. However, styling hair is a matter of how quickly the heating and drying tools work, which is not something that women can control. However, with the KISS Gold Series, consumers can make this process exponentially easier.

KISS Products is well-known in the hair industry for their products that make salon-quality results a possibility from home. Their recent additions to the Gold Series offer these tools in metallic, matte gold, and rose gold hues with their release on Amazon Prime Day, which was July 11th, 2017. The products are only offered through Amazon at this time.

Hair Tools From Kiss Gold Series

The hair tools from the KISS Gold Series are set apart for their Anti-Frizz Ionic Technology. This type of technology ensures that every product from the line is equipped with the ability to preserve the cuticle of the hair, while also keeping the scalp free from harm.

There are presently four tools that have been rolled out with the series. Read on below to learn more information about each one.

KISS Tourmaline Hairdryer Gold

With the Tourmaline Hairdryer, consumers are given both the performance and appearance of luxury in the pearl-pink hue of the accessory. Along with its outer appeal, the dryer is meant to reduce the negative ions that cause frizz and damage.

To allow the user to stay comfortable as they get ready, the ergonomic grip is designed to accommodate the natural shape of a woman’s hand. It even offers a cool setting to help consumers set their look without waiting for hair to cool off. This hairdryer is available for $24.99.

KISS Comb Straightener

The Comb Straightener is slim and easy to use without any drying needed. The comb allows consumers to eliminate tangles as they brush, which means that the user spends only half of the time that they normally need to use to get ready for the day. The device offers a triangular comb, which allows consumers with all hair lengths and styles to look like they just went to the salon.

All the heat is emitted from two ionic ceramic plates, and consumers are given the opportunity to choose from six different heat settings. To ensure that the user does not get tangled up in the cord, it overs 360-degree swiveling capability. The whole device is available for $27.99.

KISS Ionic Smoothing Brush

The Ionic Smoothing Brush is meant to help create a smooth and lustrous texture, but without straightening it. This type of performance is the perfect way to keep the natural waviness of hair, while still treating the static state of the hair. This brush has an ionic generator to help get rid of static with a single button.

The cushion pad that smooths the hair is meant to get rid of lingering debris, immediately softening the hair with a single stroke. The one-touch button makes the process easy, and the $12.99 price tag makes it more affordable.

KISS Bristle Straightener

The Bristle Straightener helps consumers to eliminate tangles from the hair, while preserving the condition of the hair without any frizzy texture. The whole point of the straightener is to help consumers that have any kind of hair, while supporting its health. The device is available for $19.99.

Contacting KISS Products, Inc.

Even though the KISS products are only available through Amazon right now, consumers can still get more information about the products through customer service. The customer service team does not have an email address, but consumers can reach the team by calling 516-625-9292.

KISS Gold Series Review Summary

The KISS Gold Series is a helpful way for anyone to get ready in the morning with tools that work hard to create the right appearance. While it is up to the user to style their hair how they want, the use of these tools ensures that there will not need to be hours spent in the bathroom with heavy mousses, or gels that claim to reduce oils. The only way to get the right results is with the right equipment, which is what KISS hopes to provide.

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