Psoria Gold Curcumin Gel – Natural Topical Anti-Inflammatory Skincare?


Skincare is a multimillion dollar business. From anti-aging, to moisturizing, to skin brightening, you name it, it exists. But what about those with chronic skin conditions, those that leave your skin scaly or blotchy. What about those with sores, injuries, or inflamed skin? Dermatologists are limited to the types of ingested or topical types of treatments, most often having side effects that no one wants to deal with. This is where Psoria-Gold Curcumin Gel comes into the picture.

About Psoria-Gold Curcumin Gel

Psoria-Gold Curcumin Gel is an oil free gel containing curcumin, which is derived from the Indian spice turmeric. Curcumin is a well-known natural topical anti-inflammatory, but until recently has not been known for its ability to inhibit the release of Phosphorylase Kinase (Ph-K), an enzyme that initiates the unwanted appearance related to skin injuries.

Directions For Use

Psoria-Gold works best when applied in a thin layer. After your morning cleanse with a mild glycerin cleanser, lightly towel dry your skin. Apply a pea sized amount to your hands, rub together, and gently massage over your entire face or affected area of the body. Continue to massage until dry.

Psoria-Gold can be used under makeup, sunscreen, or other skincare products.

The Choice Is Yours

Psoria-Gold is no miracle, but skincare is a choice. From what you eat, to how much you sleep, to what you put on your skin, there are a variety of choices that should be made to ensure your skin is in optimal shape. Psoria-Gold Curcumin Gel is one of those choices. Curcumin gel is used as a natural topical anti-inflammatory, and should be used in addition to your current skin care regimen. Because of the varying factor related to customer's choice to use Psoria-Gold, the results can vary greatly as well.

The Following Is A List Of Products Offered Through Psoria-Gold:

The regular formula is specifically formulated for the face, those who have oily skin, and they contain antibacterial ingredients, and have no moisturizers.

  • Face Clean Foam Cleanser comes in a five (5) ounce pump. This gentle cleanser will leave your face squeaky clean, without dryness. It’s made from aloe and coconut, and is sulfate and preservative free.
  • Face Regular comes in a one (1) ounce pump. This formula is great for travelling. $59.00
  • Face Ultra one (1) ounce Extra Strength formula comes in a one (1) ounce airless jar. It can be used for the face, and for more severe areas. The airless jar allows for easier dispensing, without compromising the sterility of the product. $169.00
  • Face Ultra Extra Strength formula comes in a 1.69-ounce airless jar. This can be used on your face, or on more severely affected areas. $199.00

Psoria-Gold Classic Regular Formulas

commonly used on larger areas like your body, or your scalp. It can also be more convenient for someone who needs several applications throughout the day.

  • Classic Regular comes in a two (2) ounce jar. It’s easy to dispense larger quantities. This formula is now made with more curcumin, making it a perfect first choice in your line of defense. This new formula is also easier to spread, which additionally allows a smoother application particularly for larger areas of the skin. This formula is moisturizing, and is free of preservatives. $89.00
  • Classic Ultra Extra Strength Formula comes in a two (2) ounce jar. It is used on more severe areas, larger areas, or on thick skin (soles of feet). It is a high concentration, highly absorbable, and is non-drying. $165.00

Psoria-Gold Sensitive Plus

concentrated curcumin gel formula that is free of alcohol or aloe vera gel. Designed specifically for sensitive skin, it is soothing on the face, and on other areas that typically do not tolerate other skincare products. It is safe to use around the eyes.

  • Sensitive Plus Formulation comes in a 1.69-ounce airless pump. Made for those with very sensitive skin, this formula is moisturizing and smoothing. This product is free of preservatives. $159.00
  • Sensitive Breathable Moisture Gel comes in a 1.69-ounce airless pump. Made with white curcumin, this product is non-comedogenic, soothing, and oil free. This moisturizer is free of preservatives. $35.00

Damaging prescription medications don’t have to be your first line of defense when living with inflamed, sore, or scaly skin. All Psoria-Gold products are all natural, and are never tested on animals.

How To Order

Psoria-Gold products are available for purchase online.

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