Keto Reset Diet: Mark Sisson’s 21 Day Fat Burning Program?


The notion of taking part in a Ketogenic Diet implies that a boost in metabolism is achieved by using the body’s source of fat as the main source of energy as opposed to carbohydrates. In reality, such a diet focuses greatly on the consumption of healthy fats and protein and very little to no traces of sugar, and carbohydrates.

This might be very strange to consumers as carbohydrates are a macronutrient that is considered essential on a daily basis. According to several ketogenic scientists, there is a proper way and an improper way of approaching this diet. What factors are considered inappropriate in taking part in a ketogenic diet? Is there really a right and wrong way of eating? This is where the Keto Reset can be used for enlightenment.

The Keto Reset is a book that provides consumers with the dieting aspect of Ketogenic as well as research-based and scientific information, as well as tips from those who specialize within this respective field. What makes the Keto Reset a potential success, is the goal of ensuring that the message gets across to consumers. How have they managed to accomplish this? Along with the book version, the Keto Reset is also an online course.

The following will provide consumers with a complete analysis as to what one can expect from the Keto Reset.

What is the Keto Reset?

The Keto Reset has been designed to ensure that consumers have complete knowledge on Ketogenic Diets and how to potentially make use of the acquired knowledge in a real-life setting. With every fact introduced via the Keto Reset, consumers are supposedly closer to their weight loss journey than they first were. Simply put, one will learn to transform their body in a way that no longer depends on carbohydrates, but rather, regains all control of the different functions that exist.

The surprise that follows is that consumers can either choose to get the Keto Reset book or enroll in their respective course. This entirely depends on one’s learning abilities, as some consumers are comfortable teaching themselves, while others require some form of guidance.

Upon having read the Keto Reset book, authors Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns strongly believe that consumers can possibly reboot their metabolism in as little as 21 days. In addition, following the guided instructions can convert one’s current body into that of a fat burning machine over longer periods of time.

What is the difference between the book version and the course?

The sole difference between the Keto Reset book and its respective course is that the course is a live representation of the book. This is especially useful for visual learners who cannot keep up with facts and figures. In general, the course delivers the same message, but using different mediums like videos, recipes, additional e-books, audio lectures and so on.

Ideally, investing in the course will allow one to acquire new information in distribution, as opposed to collectively. This way of learning will ensure that consumers have acquired the information without having to relearn it in the future. Most importantly, the course has more resources to offer including access to a Facebook group that goes by the name of “the Keto Reset Community” and help from a support team. The online community is an advantage to consumers as it promotes a great way of educating others as well as oneself.

The following is a quick look at the Keto Reset’s course outline:

  • What is Keto
  • Testing for Keto and understanding how one adapts to it
  • Several benefits of taking part in Keto including metabolic efficiency, athletic performance, weight loss, anti-aging, preventing illnesses and more
  • The Keto Reset Template
  • Weekly breakdowns of the different types of macro and micronutrients, sugar intake, exercises, etc.
  • Recipe ideas, and other ways outside of eating that helps to preserve results

Mark Sissons Keto Reset Diet Pricing?

Consumers have two options to choose from, which include the Digital Package and the Digital Package + Primal Kitchen Kit. The Digital Package consists of instructional videos, notes, a 90-day journey for keeping track, cookbooks, recipe guides, audiobook summaries, lifetime access and the opportunity to become a part of the Facebook group.

What differentiates the two is that the one with the Primal Kitchen Kit includes different types of dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces and additional recipes. Ultimately, the Digital Package costs $147, whereas the one including the Primal Kitchen Kit costs $187.

Is The Keto Reset Diet Worth Trying?

Overall, the Keto Reset appears to be a valuable program as it allows consumers to take part in the Ketogenic Diet with complete knowledge as to what helps to bring results and what one should avoid at all costs.

While self-learning is a possibility, the fact that there is a lot of contradicting information surfing the internet makes it inefficient altogether. The Keto Reset book is a great start to understanding the basics, however, the course not only guides one through the material, but also allows one to ensure that any confusions have been clarified, additional advise is available and of course, the quality of information is as accurate as it can be due to the inputs of several specialized individuals. For more information, check out:

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