FITT360: 360° Wearable Neckband HD Camera In First Person View?


FITT360 is a camera that consumers can wear around their neck while offering a 360-degree view of the world around them, all at once. The product is still being developed, though consumers can get early bird pricing by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign that is currently in place.

What Is FITT360?

Every person has a camera in their phone nowadays, allowing them to easily take a picture at any time and upload it to their social media account. There are even options available for consumers to directly stream their experience to their accounts in real-time, showing others exactly what they are up to at that second. However, the creators of FITT360 decided to develop a product that lets consumers share a wider picture of what they currently are experiencing.

FITT360 fits right around the user’s neck and allows them to take in video and images from a 360-degree view. It is completely hands free, resting comfortably in the same way that headphones would. The comfortable design lets the user keep the camera on all day, even if they are not recording, leaving them ready at any moment for a complete view of their surroundings.

Much like with a smartphone, the FITT360 camera can either take pictures or take part in live streaming sessions during exciting adventures. It also lets the user track and map videos for a personalized view of any path that the user has taken. Even while recording, the user can take phone calls through the Bluetooth-enabled headset.

Using The FIT360

The first thing that users will need to do is to link up the device with their smartphone. This setup can be done in the same way that someone links a Bluetooth headset – by turning on the device and enabling the smartphone to find it. Once linked, the user can wear the device around their neck, allowing the three cameras a good angle of the world around them.

The user will need to use the mobile application for FITT360 to create or access the recordings. However, even if the user wants to take video, they will not actually need to open the app when the official device is ready.

Buying The FITT360

The FITT360 is only in the prototype stage right now, so consumers cannot buy it just yet. However, to help with funding, the company has a Kickstarter campaign that allows consumers to make pledges to get their FITT360, giving them a discounted price while helping the company create it.

Choose from the following pledge amounts:

  • $22, for the cradle only
  • $50, for the pouch only
  • $399, for the FITT360 with the charging cable and a pouch
  • $782, for two FITT360s with two charging cables and two pouches
  • $1132, for three FITT360s with three charging cables and three pouches
  • $1453, for four FITT360s with four charging cables and four pouches

The shipments should start going out in January 2019.

Contacting The Creators Of The FITT360

Since the FITT360 camera is still gaining funding through Kickstarter, consumers are not able to communicate with their customer service team directly. However, consumers can leave a comment on the website to get a response from the team.

FITT360 Conclusion

FITT360 can be used by anyone with a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device. By creating an image that surrounds the user, they can live stream privately or publicly with a first-person view of whatever they experience. This type of hands-free recording is something that most people can only create with high-tech GoPro devices and similar technology.

However, by choosing gear that stays around their neck, the user will not have to feel uncomfortable in the process. To further add to the appeal, the final design will be waterproof, taking the technology through any weather or activity.

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