Keto Hydrate: Ketone & Electrolyte Performance Recovery Drink?


Those who live an active lifestyle or are involved in athletics regularly find themselves needing a quick way to revitalize their body’s electrolytes following exertion. Keto Hydrate offers a low calorie ready to drink formula that works to keep athletes hydrated leading to better workout performance and recovery.

By replenishing electrolytes like sodium and magnesium users will be able to push their workouts harder and recover faster without running the risk of becoming dehydrated. Please read below to learn more about Keto Hydrate.

What Is Keto Hydrate?

As the name suggests, Keto Hydrate offers active people a way to keep their body hydrated while enhancing ketone levels and maintaining a proper electrolyte balance. Keto Hydrate is a ready to drink product that can be simply tossed in a gym bag and consumed before, during, or after workouts to promote better hydration and overall fitness performance and recovery.

Unlike many competitors workout enhancement drinks or electrolyte recovery drinks, Keto Hydrate is low in calories offering the same benefit or greater than other similar products. This is great because most active people do not want to consume extra calories in the form of sugar.

Keto Hydrate is available in two fruit flavors including orange and fruit punch. Consumers also have the option to purchase a mixed case allowing them to try both flavors.

How Does Keto Hydrate Work?

Each twenty-ounce bottle offers a low calorie way to replenish minerals like magnesium and sodium that can be lost during intensive exercise. Athletes can consume these fruit flavored drinks before, during, or after exercise to help maintain a proper electrolyte balance leading to better hydration and muscle development.

There are just thirty-five calories per bottle making it a great option for people who do not want to load up on high calorie drinks during or after an intense fat burning workout. Keto Hydrate is a good source of calcium, magnesium, and sodium helping boost muscle growth potential while enhancing hydration levels for the complete workout duration.

Keto Hydrate Ingredients

Consumers who are tired of consuming sugar rich energy drinks or electrolyte powders will appreciate that they now have an option that is both sugar and caffeine free.

Each twenty-ounce bottle of Keto Hydrate contains four grams of ketones to help boost athletic performance and maintain proper hydration levels.

Keto Hydrate Ketone & Electrolyte Performance Recovery Drink Pricing offers twelve packs of Keto Hydrate for $49.95 each. Consumers can choose between orange of fruit punch flavors. Half-and-half flavor packs are also available at no additional charge.

It appears that this vendor is the only online source for purchasing Keto Hydrate.

Should You Use Keto Hydrate?

Performance drinks and electrolyte powders are very popular with athletes and trainers for their ability to keep people hydrated while also replenishing minerals lost through sweat during exercise.

Keto Hydrate goes one-step further by offering four grams of ketones per bottle enhancing muscle growth and workout recovery. By offering a ready to drink formula athletes can simply toss a bottle in the gym bag and be ready to consume as needed.


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