Cyclevision EDGE: Safe Dual HD Camera Bicycle Helmet With Wifi?


In the past, a lot of awareness was and still forms a significant point of discussion on how to improve the safety standards of both pedestrians and cyclists. Traffic rules are now prominent in the streets, and offenders are receiving the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, the number of road accidents has not shown a sharp decline. And a vast majority of the resulting deaths are products of head injuries. That is where the importance of cycle helmets stands out. And as a result, more ventures are trying to sort the cyclist's safety finally.

What Is Cyclevision EDGE?

Cyclevision is a startup venture that is set to launch the first smart helmet with front and back-facing cameras. The concept was born out of the rising number of hit-and-run cases involving cyclists who cannot verify on what exactly transpired. The EDGE helmet will also incorporate additional tech features to offer convenience to the average tech-savvy generation in mind.

Cyclevision EDGE HD Camera Bicycle Helmet With Wifi Features

  • Dual view with two cameras recording 160-degree scenes
  • HD Footage- 1920*1080 pixel footage
  • Four hours recording time
  • Two-32GB internal memory
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smartphone application connection to your device
  • USB ports

How Cyclevision EDGE Works

A major plus with the EDGE helmet is the simplicity. To start of the helmet, you only press the start button at the front end of the headpiece, and the cameras start rolling. Each of the cameras captures images at a rate of 30 frames per seconds making it a full-HD view. The wide angle lens also cover a 160-degree view combining to form a 320-degree field view. In case the video footages are too many, the helmet is programmed to delete old files and retain new ones. You can quickly retrieve your biking recordings from the internal memory through the micro USB slot. Additionally, the USB slot is the charging point for the helmets 3,200-mAh battery. The smartphone application links your devices to the helmets camera to have a live stream viewing of your cycling.

Cyclevision EDGE Advantages

  • Image capture from all angles to relive the whole experience.
  • You can record your action for hours to enjoy and review the videos for the entire duration of the event.
  • Can come in handy for sports cyclists to see their riding technique and how best to improve it.
  • In the event of an accident, the helmet cam can provide valuable information on the whole incident. That can be essential in case of hit-and-run situations.

Cyclevision EDGE Downside

  • Comes only in one adult size
  • The battery life needs improvement

Is The Cyclevision EDGE Bike Helmet Unique?

For starters, Cyclevision Edge touts their product as the world's first smart bike helmet. That is sufficient probability that there is something unique. Key among them is the rear view camera. Typically helmet cams only have the front camera, but here we are also getting a view of what is happening behind us. In some review, the concept is receiving acclaim for introducing a “third eye to” the cyclist. Another major plus with the Edge headgear is the smart inbuilt technology. The ability to incorporate all these technology features into one helmet is yet to gain traction in the helmet industry. But as the first intelligent technology helmet, I would concur Cyclevision seems ahead of other headgears.

Cyclevision EDGE Conclusion

So far Cyclevision remains the only company to have an inbuilt camera with rear view privileges. Overall their concept remains unique within the bike world although motorcycles already have similar ventures already underway. For now, we are only working with prototypes with the firm in its initial stages and sourcing funds for the establishment.

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