Performix Protein Bark: Low Carb Delicious Snacking Option?


Athletes, dieters, and diabetics can each benefit by eating a diet that is low in sugars and carbohydrates. Performix is a sports nutrition company that offers consumers a range of snack foods that are low in calorie as well as carbohydrates and sugar.

Protein Bark gives consumers a way to enjoy chocolate in rich dark variation that is lower in calories. As an alternative to calorie rich snack food this chocolate bark offers a tasty treat without adding extra calories to a healthy diet routine. Please read below to learn more about Performix Protein bark and how to purchase a pouch.

What Is Performix Protein Bark?

Whether consumers are currently following a low carb diet or are working towards fitness goals which require lower carb consumption this tasty snack may be a great addition for snacking. Performix Protein Bark offers a way to satisfy a sweet tooth without consuming large quantities of carbohydrates or sugar which can lead to weight gain and blood sugar spikes.

Many people crave chocolate and often cave into cravings. Performix specializes in offering consumers a range of snacks that supports fitness goals. Each serving contains high levels of protein and fiber along with calcium without adding extra calories or high levels of carbohydrates.

How Does Performix Protein Bark Work?

Each bag contains three generous servings of protein bark. Consumers can enjoy seven pieces of bark with only 150 calories and over ten grams of protein.

Foods rich in protein promote lean muscle growth and suppress appetite. Performix Protein Bark offers a good alternative to calorie rich snacks especially chocolate. No longer do chocolate lovers need to sacrifice taste as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Performix Protein Bark Ingredients

Two forms of protein powder are combined with heart healthy dark chocolate and peanuts to make a delicious candy bark. Performix Protein Bark offers consumers a way to enjoy snacking without consuming high calorie snacks like candy and potato chips.

Each serving contains only eight grams of carbohydrates along with seven grams of fiber. By offering high levels of protein and fiber this snack can help people feel full longer helping prevent mid-day snacking.

Performix Protein Bark Low Carb Snack Pricing

Available for purchase online exclusively through the Performix company website at, each three serving bag is available in Dark Chocolate Peanut and costs $4.99.

Performix offers a subscription program that allows consumers to choose the delivery frequency of their most used products while also offering a ten percent off savings incentive. Consumers can choose delivery frequency every thirty, sixty, ninety days and shipping for subscription products is always free.

Should You Use Performix Protein Bark?

Performix aims to offer consumers a range of snack foods to help them stay healthy while trying to lose weight or improve overall fitness. Performix Protein Bark is one of the newest additions to their product line and offers the delicious flavor of peanuts and dark chocolate without the calories.

While the package label indicates that each pouch only offers three servings the portion size is a reasonable seven pieces. Many low calorie snack foods compromise flavor and quantity so this bark may be a good option for chocolate lovers who crave candy. Further details about Protein Bark and the entire Performix line are available through the Performix website at


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