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Joule Caffeine Bracelet Review

Most people get their daily dose of caffeine from a cup of morning coffee or from an energy drink throughout the day. Sometimes though, you may be in a rush or you may need another fix to keep you awake. One of the most innovative and interesting products of the year that fulfills your caffeine needs is the Joule Caffeine Bracelet.

Yes – you read that right. A bracelet that provides you with a dose of caffeine exists. The next question though that you may have is – does this mysterious bracelet actually work? Fortunately, here is a review of the bracelet so you can find out.

What is Joule Caffeine Bracelet

The Joule Caffeine Bracelet is one of the latest products on the market featured in numerous publications – and for good reason. The bracelet gives you all-day energy and bypasses the worst side effect of caffeine, which is the pesky crash that comes with it. With the bracelet, you get all of the advantages of caffeine without having to drink a cup of coffee, a sugary energy drink, or otherwise.

The beauty and power of the bracelet lies in the transdermal caffeine patch that is attached to the nifty little bracelet that comes in pink, blue, and black. The color range is perfect for any gender and the bracelet itself looks great on both men and women.

How Does Joule Caffeine Bracelet Work?

One of the most important points to this review is to give you insight into how the bracelet works. At this point, it may seem quite far-fetched to you that all you need to do is snap on a bracelet for caffeine to kick in. Well, it is a bit more complicated than that.

To operate and provide you with a steady dose of caffeine, the bracelet is geared with a transdermal caffeine patch. The patches are akin to a nicotine patch in the sense that it provides you with the substance that it is responsible for. Once the patch is attached through the bracelet, the caffeine is gradually administered through your skin. The advantage of using the transdermal patch for caffeine is that you can avoid the negative side effects of caffeine, which are crashes, jitters, and even headaches.

For most people, transdermal administration is an odd and mysterious concept. Rather than just note that the caffeine is administered through a transdermal patch, next is an overview of what that actually means.

What is a Transdermal Patch?

Many brands use big words without explaining them and for most, it does nothing to facilitate understanding in regard to how a product works. Transdermal patches are used in a wide array of products. For example, many use them to administer nicotine to cope with smoking or to administer hormones for birth control.

In this case, Joule Caffeine Bracelet uses the transdermal patch to administer caffeine into your body. The patch provides a controlled release of chemicals that go from the patch and into your skin. To seep into your skin, the chemical reacts to your body heat by melting. Once the formula is melted, the molecules are able to pass through your skin and into your body. The effectiveness of the chemical attached to the transdermal patch certainly depends on how well it melts into small molecules.

When it comes to caffeine though, the substance is fat soluble, which means that when it melts, it does so by forming into very small molecules. This makes the Joule Caffeine Bracelet an extremely effective method for achieving a caffeine fix. After the caffeine has seeped into the skin, it reaches into the blood stream and into the body’s circulatory system. To effectively reach your circulatory system, it needs to bypass fatty tissues. For this reason, the makers of Joule decided to create a bracelet. Your wrist and where the patch is set has no fatty tissue. Therefore, it easily reaches your circulatory system.

Do I Need to Skip Coffee and Energy Drinks?

One of the primary concerns for individuals who use Joule is that they may need to forgo their cup of morning coffee or daily energy drink. To the contrary, Joule is compatible with both coffee and energy drinks. In addition to being a complement to these substance, Joule can also replace them. It really is up to you how you want to manage your caffeine intake. You just need to keep in mind the impact of the additional caffeine and how it may affect your overall health.

In general, using Joule has no adverse effects. However, if you drink a few energy drinks and cups of coffee, then adding those together with Joule may lead to overall jitters and discomfort. The best way to manage is to determine how much caffeine you need per day to cope and to go from there.

When Can I Use Joule and How Much Caffeine is in Every Dose?

Joule’s caffeine is effective for about four hours. After four hours, you simply replace the existing patch and it reverts to adding more caffeine into your blood stream.

You can use Joule at any time of day too. Many users find the product an extremely convenient way to attain energy when going to the gym. As you work out, Joule releases caffeine into your blood stream, which then improves your heart rate and enhances your metabolism. With these properties, you attain better fat burning qualities and you may even improve the effectiveness of your workout.


Cups of coffee and energy drinks are not the only form of caffeine these days. With Joule, you can achieve that caffeine boost, all the while avoiding those difficult and pesky side effects that can derail your entire day. Those who use Joule love the comfortable and nifty product, and may of the health benefits that come with it.

For instance, users typically enjoy the control over caffeine intake, energy for exercise and other tasks, enhanced safety, and the consistent energy levels throughout the day. To purchase the product, you simply need to visit the manufacturer’s site. The bracelet costs $29, with additional fees for more patches.

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