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Avitae Review

There are several caffeinated drinks that can be used to get that little bit of extra energy. However, many of these beverages are either filled with sugar and other additives, or have so many bad side effects, they aren’t worth it. Some of the most common side effects associated with energy drinks are the shakes, slumps, and dehydration.

Avitae solves the energy problem, but while also taking care of dehydration. This energy drink has a very simple concept: Caffeinated water. Instead of making a drink that is full of sugar, artificial flavors and colors, and has a host of side effects, Avitae provides energy and gives the body the hydration it needs to get through the day.

What is Avitae?

Avitae is a company that gets its name from the Spanish word for water, agua, and the Latin word for life, vitae. So the basic definition of Avitae is water of life. As mentioned above, the simple explanation for Avitae is that it is caffeinated water. However, there is so much more to the energy drink than just being water that gives users an energy boost.

This drink is made from purified water and natural caffeine, so it’s good for the body and also energizing. Avitae is also natural in other areas, which means it doesn’t contain sugar, calories, artificial colors, or artificial flavors, something very few energy drinks can claim.

In addition to being a natural energy drink alternative, Avitae also offers a wide variety of options for users. First, it comes in three different energy levels, which allows users to get just the boost they need for their specific needs. Whether they need something with the power of half a cup of coffee or something with the power of two full cups of coffee, Avitae has an option.

Secondly, Avitae comes in unflavored or fruit flavored. For those who want to up their water intake, but could use an energy boost, the unflavored option of Avitae is the perfect solution. For those who like a little flavor with their water, Avitae offers natural fruit flavored options that are both delicious and extremely hydrating.

Benefits of Avitae

While the biggest benefit of Avitae is obvious, it gives energy while hydrating the body, it has so many other benefits. Below is a brief list of the benefits of Avitae.

It’s Made with Purified Water

The problem with so many bottled waters these days is that they contain high levels of sodium, or the main element for making salt. This often leaves drinkers more thirsty after drinking bottled water than they were beforehand.

With Avitae, this isn’t an issue. Because Avitae is made with purified water, users can drink it with complete confidence, knowing that it only contains pure, hydrating water.

It’s Made with Natural Caffeine

While caffeine often gets a bit of a bad reputation, it actually has several benefits, especially when it’s naturally occurring caffeine. Recent studies have found a correlation between caffeine and certain disease fight capabilities. Caffeine is also a performance enhancer.

All the benefits of caffeine are great, but what makes the caffeine in Avitae so special is that it is a natural caffeine. Avitae gets its caffeine from green coffee beans, one of the most natural forms caffeine can come in. Combined with the purified water in Avitae, this caffeine makes the perfect energy booster.

It has Zero Calories

One of the biggest reasons energy drinks and coffee is often discouraged by health professionals is because these drinks are often filled with all sorts of extra ingredients. It’s hard to find an energy drink or soda that doesn’t contain high amounts of sugar. And, coffee is usually filled with all sorts of extra flavoring as well as sugar and dairy products, making it more dangerous to health than helpful.

With Avitae, there are no extras or additives. The unflavored options are made from purified water and green coffee caffeine extract. The flavored Avitae options are made with pure fruit juice, purified water, and green coffee caffeine extract. Neither options are sweetened artificially or colored artificially. And, most importantly, all Avitae products are calorie free, making them perfect options for those watching their calorie intake.

Avitae Products

As mentioned above, Avitae has several options for its products. First, it has flavored and unflavored options, though both are completely natural. Second, Avitae offers different levels of caffeine, so users can get small boosts or powerful increases in energy.

Below is an overview of the different options offered by Avitae, from its flavorings to its caffeine levels.


As already stated, Avitae comes with or without flavoring. However, while many opt for the unflavored options for personal reasons, it should be remembered that the flavored Avitae options are just as natural as the unflavored options. Every single product sold by Avitae is 100% natural, so flavored or not, they’re still extremely healthy.

The flavors offered by Avitae include:

— Pomegranate Acai
— Tangerine
— Blackberry
— Strawberry Guava

Caffeine Levels

The second set of options that Avitae offers its customers is how much caffeine there is in each bottle. There are three different levels of caffeine options. This allows users to decide how much of a pick-up they need for the specific situation they’re in at the time.

The levels offer by Avitae are:

— Energy Kick (45 Milligrams) – This caffeine level is almost equal to half a cup of coffee or a 12 ounce can of diet soda. This is the suggested starting point for those who are trying Avitae for the first time.

— Energy Boost (90 Milligrams) – This caffeine level is almost equal to a cup of coffee. This is the perfect option for those who are trying to skip their morning cup of coffee or for those who need a little boost before going to the gym.

— Energy Blast (125 Milligrams) – This caffeine level is almost equal to a cup and a half of coffee. This is the best option for those who are too tired to face the day without some extra help. It also helps with focus, plus gives the hydrating benefits of drinking half a liter of water.

Purchasing Avitae

Currently, it is a bit difficult to find Avitae in stores. It is being sold in a few Lowes, Whole Foods, and ValuMarket locations. It is also being offered at multiple 24 Hour Fitness and Vons locations, as well as Pavilions.

However, it’s extremely easy to purchase Avitae online. It is sold on Amazon and on the Office Depot website. Packs of 12 bottles start at $22.52 with a monthly subscription.

Contacting Avitae

Avitae can be contacted by phone number at 888-228-4823 or on a contact form on the Avitae website. The mailing address for Avitae is:

Avitae USA, LLC
PO Box 93686
Cleveland, OH 44101
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