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Kauai Juice Company Review – Best Juice?

Kauai Juice Company is a company that makes cold-pressed juices, cleanses, and other healthy products to support a better immune system.

What is Kauai Juice?

Kauai Juice is a company that produced cold-pressed juice, a method that involves keeping the enzymes that normally appear in raw foods. The company uses a no-heat juicer to extract the juice from any type of produce, and then uses the juice as-is or in a cleanse.

The company explains that the average body absorbs toxins just about everywhere, all while collecting particles in the intestines and colon. Kauai strives to be able to clean out that junk, which can improve your state of health exponentially. The company explains that by cleansing, your body can be brought to a healthier state, which can result in a lowered risk of sickness.

Kauai Juice Company donates a portion of their profits to a local non-profit organization that supports Hawaii’s efforts in stimulating the economy in a chemical-free way. They also support local organic farmers.

The Science Behind Kauai Juice

Kauai Juice focuses heavily on the difference between the juice they produce, and the juice you will find in your local grocery store. Grocery stores use a process called “flash pasteurizing,” which is a method that reduces the amount of pathogens by increasing the temperature to a high heat to sterilize it. When you sterilize juice, you also destroy many live enzymes and eliminate delicious flavors.

Kauai Juice uses a different method called “cold pressing,” which means they extract the juice without using any heat at all. By refraining from using heat, you maintain the healthy benefits of having real juice.

Kauai Juice Products and Flavors

All of the juices produced by Kauai Juice contains raw ingredients, which are known for having enzymes that aid in digestion and help you to achieve better health. The juices typically do not exceed 175 per pint, which makes them a great addition to every diet.

Every product made by Kauai Juice is gluten-free, safe for vegans, and organic. In fact, the ingredients that Kauai Juice includes in their products is almost exclusively local produce.

Juices are the best-selling product offered, which makes sense since the company was named for it. Each juice contains different ingredients, which helps the consumer find the right blend for taste and their health needs.

Elixirs are offered as a two-ounce shooter. They are usually used to add to another juice as a “flavor boost.” Some consumers even use them to soothe that morning stomachache that occurs after not eating all night.

The cleanses are one of the most popular products, since a cleanse can help you clean out your entire digestive system, which has multiple benefits like weight loss and a healthier immune system. Kauai has a specific page that details the benefits of regularly cleansing. There are three types of cleansing products that Kauai Juice offers.

Kickstarter Cleanse

The Kickstarter cleanse boosts the metabolism, while it flushes out your system. Basically, it targets the plaque that builds up in your intestinal track, then clears it out so your body has a better chance of absorbing essential vitamins and nutrients from your daily food intake. The recipe contains Omega This, Glow, Mo beta, Beauty Tonic, Mr. Walker, Island Milk, E3Live Elixir, and Everything Elixir

Regenerator Cleanse

The Regenerator Cleanse is meant to give your body back the nutrients it needs. The process starts with an MCT oil shot, which is followed by green juices to give you better alertness and balance in your body. The cleanse includes five juices, one milk, and two elixirs.

Alkalizing Cleanse

The Alkalizing Cleanse is designed to help clean out your system for better energy throughout the day, which is not something the other cleansers are able to do for you. This package contains six juices and two elixirs. The juices included are Selfie, Beetle Juice, Mana, Master Me, Mr. Walker, and Liver Cure. The two elixirs are Shiny Elixir and Everything Elixir.

Pricing for Kauai Juice

Kauai Juice products are relatively expensive, and even the company points this out. They state that the pricing for their products is fair, since each product contains the juice of three to six pounds of product. To keep the juices relatively concentrated, no water is added.

The cleanses are the most valuable of all of the product prices. You can get the Kickstarter Cleanse or the Regenerator Cleanse for $74, but the Alkalizing Cleanse is $2 cheaper.

Orders can be placed via phone or by coming down to one of the physical locations for the store. Local delivery is available weekly. If you want to have an order delivered, you need to notify the shop about three days before you want the order to be there. In order to qualify for delivery, your order must total at least $50. The first delivery has a $10 fee, but it is free after that.

Contacting the Makers of Kauai Juice

Kauai Juice is located specifically in Hawaii. You can visit their locations in Kapaa and Kilauea from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. The Kapaa location also has Sunday hours.

If you want to learn more about the products offered through Kauai Juice, you can email them at [email protected], or you can call (808) 634 – 0836.


The only downside to Kauai Juice company is that they do not currently ship to the contiguous United States. Otherwise, the prices are fair and the methods the company uses to extract the juices makes them even better for your taste buds and your stomach.

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