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Celsius Review

Celsius is a beverage company that uses science to create functional drinks. By functional beverages, Celsius means drinks that provide healthy energy and powdered formulas filled with supplements and nutrients. These powdered formulas are made with a proprietary blend created by Celsius, MetaPlus. MetaPlus contains green tea, ginger, taurine, guarana, and vitamins B and C.

What makes Celsius products so unique is that they are backed by science. Several studies have been published by universities that prove that drinking Celsius products improves how efficiently the body burns fat. In fact, Celsius has been shown to burn up to 100 calories per serving. And not only does it burn these calories, but Celsius products burns fat using healthy and clean energy.

What is Celsius?

Celsius is a drink company that provides the body with the nutrients it needs to burn fat, without even having to exercise. The drinks come in powdered forms, but also in pre-mixed liquid form. The drinks are also offered in non-carbonated or carbonated forms, or in powdered single serve form that can be mixed with water.

What sets Celsius apart from its competitors is that it focuses on being beneficial and healthy. It does this by creating products that contain no sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The drinks also contain no aspartame, preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. In addition to not containing the items mentioned above, Celsius products are also gluten free, low in sodium, and safe for vegans.

Celsius claims that its drinks are the first negative calorie beverages on the market. While the concept of having negative calories in a drink sounds impossible, the science behind Celsius has proven this is possible. Negative calories indicates that instead of having some form of calories in the drink, Celsius has ingredients that actually boost the metabolism, causing fat to burn, creating energy. Each serving of Celsius burns about 100 calories.

Not only does Celsius help the body burn calories while users are drinking it, the green tea and other natural ingredients in these beverages aid the body in burning fat better. This means that every single can of Celsius is actually improving how well the body burns fat, burning up to 93% more.

Benefits of Celsius

The biggest benefit of Celsius is that it actually works, and not just in theory. While many drinks and health supplements make claims, especially when it comes to their fat burning capabilities, Celsius backs these claims with rigorous scientific evidence, as well as research studies. Six studies have been published by accredited scientific research facilities on how Celsius can aid in burning fat. These studies presented at scientific conferences and even published in peer reviewed publications.

These studies found a host of other benefits related to the use of Celsius. The first study, conducted with the Ohio Research Group of Exercise and Sports Nutrition, found that when compared to diet soda, Celsius stimulated the metabolism much more. In fact, in a three hour period, those who drank Celsius found that they had a 12% increase in their metabolic response.

A second study found that not only was Celsius better than diet sodas, it was also better than regular drinks that had placebos in them. In this study, participants were given a single serving of Celsius. In three hours, those who were given Celsius burned an average of 100 calories more than those in the group who had used the placebo.

While it makes sense that Celsius is a good alternative to regular drinks and diet sodas, the real benefits began to show themselves when Celsius products were compared to sports drinks. In a series of studies, Celsius was found to continuously increase the metabolism, but without any adverse side effects. It was also found that drinking a Celsius product before workout enabled those working out to burn 93% more fat than those who didn’t drink Celsius. And, when Celsius is combined with an exercise routine, it resulted in more fat loss than those who just exercised.

Overall, the benefits of Celsius, each one backed up by extensive research, continuously proved to aid in boosting the metabolism and in burning body fat.

How Celsius Works

The key behind the success of Celsius is that it uses natural ingredients to create a thermogenic reaction within the body. Thermogenic means that the body heats up, which can cause it to burn fat at a faster rate. Not only does this result in the metabolism increasing its efficiency, it also stimulates the nervous system, making it more active. This entire process is what makes the body burn more calories once Celsius drinks have been introduced to the system.

Celsius has been found to work best when it’s taken before a workout. Because working out already heats up the body, causing it to burn calories and fat, when combined with Celsius products, this process becomes more intense. Not only will drinking a Celsius product before exercising increase how much fat is burned, it will also give users more endurance. The ingredients in Celsius are formulated to give an increase in energy, which results in users being more resistant to fatigue and to have more stamina.

Where to Find Celsius

Celsius can’t be purchased from the Celsius website. However, it is available on Amazon and can be found in several stores across the country. Celsius has also expanded its market to include parts of Europe and Brazil.

Below is a list of all the places that sell Celsius.

— Equinox
— The Vitamin Shoppe
— 24 Hour Fitness
— Ralphs
— Sprouts Farmers Market
— Meijer
— Raley’s
— Tedeschi Food Shops
— QuikTrip
— RaceTrac
— Publix
— Winn Dixie
— Shaws
— Casey’s General Store
— Roundy’s
— Save Mart Supermarkets
— Harris Teeter
— Hi– Health
— Gate
— Alltown
— Piggly Wiggly
— HyVee
— Sweetbay
— ShopRite
— BiLo
— Honey Farms
— Drug Mart
— Weis
— Sendik’s

Once we get to know this energy drink that also helps burn fat we will update this post. If you have personally tried it, leave us your thoughts below.

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