Invisible Shield – Breathable Light Watergel SPF 35 Daily Sunscreen?


Designed by the popular skincare company Glossier, this lightweight daily sunscreen product is designed to give users regular skin protection that feels and smells great.

Invisible Shield is available in a SPF 35 level and can be applied with moisturizer to help keep skin young and radiant. Please read below to learn more about Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35 sunscreen and how to order a tube.

What is Invisible Shield?

Formulated for use by either men or women this delicate sun cream gives people a lightweight option for their face.

Unlike many sunscreens this product is not greasy and does not make skin shiny. Invisible Shield SPF 35 can be applied after moisturizer and underneath makeup is desired to help keep skin protected from dangerous UV rays.

Many users rave about the scent which comes from all-natural orange essential oil which is a great option for people who hate the small of chemical filled sunscreens.

How Does Invisible Shield SPF 35 Work?

Users simply apply a small amount of Invisible Shield to their face either after moisturizer or before makeup. For best protection user should apply at least fifteen minutes before sun exposure and if people are in the sun continuously they should reapply every fifteen minutes.

Consumers should be aware that invisible Shield is not waterproof and will not stay effective is used while swimming or with excessive sweat.


Dissimilar to chemical laden products, Invisible Shield utilizes a few unique ingredients that contribute to such a high quality product.

  • Active Microcapsules: These little spheres are packed full of UVA and UVB filters including Avobenzone, Homosalate, and Octisalate which work to protect skin cells from damage.
  • H2O Water Gel Formula: This component is what makes Glossier sunscreen absorb so quickly without a greasy residue. This formula does not contain drying alcohol which will help keep skin hydrated.
  • Antioxidant Complex: By combining Aloe Leaf with vitamins E and P work to neutralize free radicals within the skin helping prevent premature aging and signs of sun damage.
  • Fermented Yeast and Vegetal Extract: So many people have problem skin due to exposure to not only harmful sun rays but also harsh pollution. This complex forms a barrier on the skin’s surface helping protect skin.
  • Sweet Orange Peel Oil: Invisible Shield does not contain any artificial scents just essential orange oil which leaves a light fragrance that smells great on the skin.

Invisible Shield SPF 35 is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and is both paraben and alcohol free. This sunscreen is not suitable for vegans.

Who Makes Invisible Shield?

Glossier is a New York based skincare company that was founded in 2010. Glossier spent a fair amount of time doing their research to make sure they are offering consumers products they absolutely love. The full product line contains makeup, moisturizers, skin tints, and lip balms.

Some people may recognize the Glossier name due to the company’s popular blog that started it all. One of the drawbacks to Glossier is the price but perhaps the products are good enough quality to make it worthwhile.

Interested consumers can view the full Glossier products line on the company’s website at Currently Glossier only offers their products for shipping within the United States and Puerto Rico.

Invisible Shield Pricing

Consumers can purchase Invisible Shield SPF 35 online directly through the Glossier website.

Each one ounce bottle is available for $34.00. Glossier offers an auto ship program as well that allows consumers to choose how often they want to automatically receive their favorite products.

All auto ship order ship for free within the United States and Puerto Rico. Auto ship options include monthly or every two or three months.

Glossier offers free shipping on all orders greater than $30.00. Orders under $30.00 ship for flat fee of $4.50.

Should You Use Invisible Shield?

If consumers are not already using a daily sunscreen they should consider starting. One of the reasons people do not like sunscreen is the texture and how it feels on the skin.

Glossier has worked hard to develop a formula that feels light on the skin even when worn under makeup. Interested consumers can learn a bit more by visiting the Glossier website.

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