INIE Belt – Smart Belt Monitors Health & Automatic Activity Tracking?


Those who love having the next best thing will appreciate this innovative new belt. Unlike wrist activity trackers or even smart watches, this belt offers both activity tracking as well as smart features like phone call alerts and idle alarms.

The Inie Belt is designed in Hong Kong and currently available through a Kickstarter campaign. Please read below to learn more and view specifics about various Kickstarter incentives for product campaign backers.

What is the INIE Belt?

Currently this product is offered through a Kickstarter campaign based out of Hong Kong. The Inie Belt combines features of an activity tracker along with a smartwatch but in the convenience of a belt.

Available in both men’s and women’s styling the Inie Belt syncs with any smartphone to help wearers track both their activity and inactivity to help them move through their days in healthier ways. Users can view real time data about steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Professionals will appreciate that they can sync their phone to their belt to receive vibrations for incoming phone calls and emails. These belts operate on a long life battery that is easy to charge using any USB wall adaptor and the battery charge last up to thirty days.

How Does the INIE Belt Work?

Unlike traditional belt designs Inie Belts utilize a hidden track system which allows each belt to be adjusted without relying on holes. With up to thirty different size adjustments to choose from men and women of any size will enjoy the comfort and style of each option.

Wearers will appreciate all of the features normally reserved for bulky smart watches or wrist activity trackers. Each Inie Belt keeps track of steps taken as well as reminding people to get up after a set period of idle time.

By syncing with a smartphone wearers can see real time data on their movements as well as calories burned throughout the day. Currently there are five different styles and colors to choose from all made from high quality leather and stylish details.


Whether consumers choose the men’s style belt or a more sleek and stylish option for women, the Inie Belt does not compromise function for style. The built in walking tracker makes it easy to see distance covered and total number of steps helping encourage wearers to stay active and burn more calories throughout their day.

People who work long periods of time at a desk will appreciate that they can set their belt to lightly vibrate after a certain length of time without getting up. This idle time tracker will help encourage people to take more breaks which are good for their health.

The phone loss alert makes it easy for people to not leave their phone behind by buzzing when owners walk more than a designated distance from their device. Lastly the belt even vibrates when incoming calls are coming so users do not miss them if their phone is buried inside a bag or they are in a noisy area.

INIE Belt Pricing

Currently this product is only available by backing the Kickstarter campaign. There are fifty-four days left and HK$ 18,700 has been raised of the HK$ 80,000 goal. Ad with all Kickstarter campaigns contributions at different levels come with certain specified benefits.

  • Each pledges of HK$ 20.00 will be eligible to receive product updates exclusive to Kickstarter supporters.
  • Pledges of HK$ 300 or greater will give contributors one Inie Belt of their choice shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Any pledge of HK$ 600 or greater entitles backers to two Inie Belts of their choice.
  • Pledges of HK$ 2,000 or more will give backers all four belts form the women’s belt collection. The four colors include black, white, orange, and red.
  • A pledge of HK$ 2,600 will entitle backers to a pack of five belts and pledges of HK$ 5,000 or greater will give backers ten belts of their choice.

Should You Use the INIE Belt?

Unlike wrist devices or smart watches this belt looks professional and offers a wide variety of features that are useful and even fun. People who are looking for a new, cutting edge device will want to consider backing the Inie Belt campaign on Kickstarter.

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