Zitko Walk Smart Activity Tracker – Posture & Fitness Benefits?


Back pain is extremely common in the modern world, with more than two thirds of the population experiencing ongoing lower back pain at some point in their lives. Although there are several factors that can contribute to back, the most important factor that determines how likely it is that you will suffer from back pain is your posture.

Poor posture is endemic throughout modern society, primarily due to our high reliance on smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. Most smartphone users, when interacting with their device, hold the device at a 45 degree angle to their head, a position which forces the head to tilt forwards and place pressure on the vertebrae of the neck.

As the average head weighs in at over 11 pounds, this is a significant amount of strain to put on some of the most fragile structures of the body. The resulting chronic pain, termed “text neck”, is becoming increasingly common, and contributing to the total annual medical impact of back pain that costs Americans over $53 billion dollars annually.

Increasing your posture is one of the most effective steps you can take toward a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately remembering to maintain healthy posture can be difficult. A new range of wearable technology solutions, however, are leveraging developments in tri-axis accelerometer sensor technology to provide consumers that suffer from poor posture with a high-tech way of improving their health.

One of the most popular and effective products to emerge from the developing posture wearable industry is the Zikto Walk. Consisting of a small, elegant wrist-worn wearable, the Zikto Walk is a personal posture and activity coach that has been designed to help users create a better body and a healthier life.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Zikto Walk and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right wearable posture correcting solution for your needs.

What is the Zitko Walk Smart Activity Tracker?

The Zitko Walk Smart Activity Tracker is a revolutionary new wearable that has been designed from the ground up to help users improve their posture. Using a complex and highly accurate array of motion sensors, the Zikto Walk is able to detect, analyze, and interpret the natural walking movements of the user and provide gentle, persistence feedback when unhealthy habits are detected.

The Zikto Walk is designed to provide smart posture training to alleviate four specific habits that contribute to back pacin and poor health.The first habit targeted by the Zikto Walk is texting or interacting with a smartphone while walking, which is the primary cause of “text neck”.

The second habit targeted by the Zikto Walk is hunched walking, a habit that is formed by a weak core or weak abdominal muscles. The Zikto Walk alerts users when their shoulders drop, promoting healthy posture and walking patterns that boost metabolic function to burn fat faster as well as preserve the integrity of bone structure.

The Zikto Walk also targets slow walking. Surprisingly, slower walking patterns have been demonstrated to cause a negative impact on the growth of muscle tissue. By encouraging users to take longer strides and walk faster, the Zikto Walk helps users retain muscle mass as well as be more productive.

Finally, the Zikto Walk is able to analyze the gait and posture of a user to determine how active they are, and provide compliments and encouragement when they are walking in a healthy manner.

How the Zikto Walk Works

The Zikto Walk uses three different sensors that work in synergy to gain a clear picture of the movements of a user. A gyroscope is able to to determine the alignment of the device, while an accelerometer measures speed and velocity. Finally, a proximity sensor detects the position of the arms and hands.

The Zikto Walk pairs with a smartphone to provide useful insights and tips, such as sending warning notifications to a user when they are using their phone with bad posture that will harm their neck. To detect hunching, the Zikto Walk measures the outward range of arm swing. Pace is measured through a pedometer function that alerts users when their activity falls below eighty paces per minute.

Zitko Features & Functionality

In addition to delivering wrist-mounted alerts and push notifications on health, posture, and walking speed, the Zikto Walk makes it possible to track a variety of health analytics via a dedicated smartphone app. The Zikto Walk app provides step tracking functionality, a calorie counter, a distance calculator, and even a sleep monitor.

The Zikto Walk is available in grey and black color, and is constructed from anodized aluminum. The Zikto Walk also offers a Balance membership that provides users with discounted annual medical checkups, a 24/7 medical hotline, discounted supplements, E-commerce points, and fitness membership discounts.

The Zitko Walk Smart Activity Tracker Verdict

The Zikto Walk is a powerful wearable that delivers all of the benefits that are expected of a luxury fitness tracker with the added benefit of personalized posture training and coaching. If you’re struggling to improve your posture, the Zikto Walk is a highly effective tool that will help you to build healthy new habits as well as boost your productivity.

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