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Weight loss, the perennial new year's resolutions. It is the unfulfilled promise that drives many internal monologues in moments of stillness. This ceaseless battle with weight management is harder today than any other point in history. Balancing work and family life is hard in itself. Adding the fitness dimension makes things trickier. Thankfully the modern age comes equipped with all sort of gizmos and applications that can help.

People have different objectives when it comes to their idea of fitness. For some it is to lose weight, others will themselves to simply walk more , while some look to push through a brutal workout. For all these lofty goals modern fitness apps are ideal.

Mobile apps have become an indispensible tool as they are a personal assistant, ideal for helping track fitness, health, and weight-loss. Fitness is an ongoing commitment. It needs a lifestyle change inculcated in healthy daily habits. Like with anything that is out of ones comfort zone, these changes sometimes make people uncomfortable and they might need a little push in the right direction.

Apps are ideal for such a purpose. They are perfect tracking tools, be it to access workout logs, or count the calorie intake, or just to collect statistical data about walks and jogs. With all this data it makes planning much easier. Trainers and nutritionists can use the data to track progress. This is where Fitnetix fitness tracker comes in.

What Is Fitnetix Fitness Tracker?

Fitnetix Fitness Tracker is a free activity tracker application designed for android devices. It helps individuals by keeping a track of, as well as analyse, a person's personal performance.

Being able to actually see ones progress is a great way to boost motivation and accomplish ones workout goals. It has a highly customizable screen that displays all the information one might need to check on the progress of their workout, at a glance. Furthermore this app is absolutely free and has no pesky advertisements to bother or distract.

Features and Benefits of the Fitnetix Fitness Tracker

Fitnetix uses the advancement in science and technology to help people track their activities.

For its maps and geo locations it makes use of GPS and Google Maps. This way one knows exactly where they are. It uses Bluetooth technology to monitor heart rate and analyse a whole bunch of information, be it calories burned, the speed of movement or even pressure exerted.

Some of the salient features and benefits include:


Using the GPS tracker in this app the user can plan out their track and get a clear idea of their training, all in real time. It is ideal for mapping out tracks for running, hiking, cycling or skiing. The advanced diagrams in this app help the user in ascertaining the average speed, elevation and distance of their selected path.

Record Keeping:

Fitnetix records all of the data, in relation to a persons fitness routine, like a personal diary and so makes it easier to monitor progress.

Statistical Analysis of all Workouts:

As mentioned, this app stores all the activity data. It then makes use of that data to generate a full and detailed report about that activity session or over a period of time. Using all that information lets the person analyse their workout better and map the progress needed to improve on areas they find lacking.

Route Planning Made Easy:

This application has a fantastic inbuilt route planning feature. It allows the user to draw and track a route using Google maps. This is ideal for those who like to plan their own scenic routes while on walks or jogs. Since it saves these custom routes , once created they can be reused easily.

Share with Friends:

This app lets people share their stats with friends and family on social media networks. sharing such details with people is one of the best way to stay focussed and motivated.

Experience Fitnetix:

The best thing about Fitnetix is that it is a personal fitness tracker on the phone. Which means a person could be cycling, skiing, jogging, walking or gyming, this will be with them at all times.

Fitnetix Fitness Tracker Review Summary

They say the best things in life are free. This is one of those things. In a nutshell, Fitnetix Fitness Tracker is an app that monitors a person's daily fitness progress, ideal for people with a busy lifestyle.

This app can be downloaded from Google app store or from their website at

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