Survival Food Academy – Ultimate Emergency Starvation Guide?


Many people do not take the time to formulate a disaster survival plan for themselves their family. The founder of the Ultimate Survival Food Academy program is sincerely concerned that many people die every year due to the fact that they are not properly compared.

Low in cost, this program gives consumers the guidance and knowledge needed to make sure they are prepared when it comes to food during crisis. Please read below to learn more about the Survival Food Academy and how to purchase a DVD set.

What is the Survival Food Academy?

Year to year there are a wide variety of crises that take place, from hurricanes and floods to earthquakes and riots which can instantly change a person’s life forever.

Survival rates drastically increase for individuals who are more prepared when it comes to food storage and having an emergency response plan. By having a plan people can stay clear and calm in the midst of chaos helping increase the odds of survival.

Less than twenty percent of Americans have an emergency response plan or are prepared for a natural disaster. It has been shown time and time again during disasters that once a person’s mind is in panic mode it is hard to stay calm, cool, and collected in order to make smart decisions regarding you and your family’s safety.

The Survival Food Academy offers consumers a step by step video series that is easy to follow and comprehensive.

In recent years, the frequency and intensity of natural disasters appears to be increasing as well as the general turmoil of the world regarding terrorist activities. People who have not given proper thought to their survival in a crisis are just living a life of wishful thinking.

While most people will end up living their life without incident it is best to be prepared just in case. This is where the Ultimate Survival Food Plan can help. Most people are not sure where to start and would be foolishly wasting money on the wrong products that just don’t deliver when faced with the realities of survival.

Who Created the Ultimate Survival Food Plan?

J.R. Fisher has dedicated his life to helping people be prepared for natural disasters and times of crisis. He originally started by designing survival websites helping people gain skills for the wilderness but quickly realized that the critical piece of survival was access to food.

Many people do not know the basics of how to start creating a food stock that is useful in times of survival. J.R. is a certified Emergency Medical Technician who is committed to sharing his knowledge with other to help prevent chaos in times of stress and survival.

He started his own survival food company called Survival Cave Food which offers long term foods such as freeze dried meals and canned meats designed to last for years until they are needed.

Ultimate Survival Food Plan Components

Designed to help adults of any background, this comprehensive course can aid in fully preparing for the worst case scenario when it comes to disasters.

Through the course users will gain insight into specific situations both natural and man-made and in depth details on how J.R. would respond. J.R. offers guidance and suggestions on how some of the biggest survivalists in the world prepare and store food during disasters.

This guide covers how to protect food from people who in the stress of survival may want to steal it as well cover the five best places to hide food to keep it safe. J.R. covers how to calculate food needs to ensure the amount of food stored is enough for all members of the family including pets.

Pricing For Survival Food Academy

Each set costs $47.00 and is available for purchase online through

Payments are made using PayPal. It does not appear to have a money back guarantee so consumers are taking a risk when purchasing this product without any actual samples to use for basing their decision on.

Should You Use Survival Food Academy?

Regardless of where people live they may be susceptible to a disaster without really realizing it. Whether it be a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake or human caused like a terrorist attack no one is truly safe. It is best to be prepared and investing in a program like the Ultimate Survival Food Plan may help.

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