Infused Water Tower – Monin Flavored Healthy Beverage Maker?


Infused Water Tower is a business that supplies a fresh source of infused water for their company and individual clients.

What Is Infused Water Tower?

Water is your body's source of life. Being hydrated not only enhances your health and naturally flushes toxins out of your own body, but water also keeps your skin flexible and plump.

Infused water is especially beneficial because it makes the action of ingesting water more enjoyable, both for your tastebuds and the eyes. As an extra bonus, infused water gets the sweet fruit flavors of fruit juice minus the additional calories or sugar.

What Products Are Offered By The Infused Water Tower Company?

  • Infused Water Tower Package
  • Three-piece Water Tower
  • Tower Refill Pitcher
  • BluSoda Program
  • Wave Program
  • Water Tower Connector ¾ inch
  • Water Tower Connector ¼ inch

In addition to the above products offered by Infused Water Tower, shoppers can also buy a range of various flavors can that they can use with their infused water machine. Each bottle costs around $59, which is inclusive of the shipping and handling costs for the product to be delivered.

Some flavors include:

  • Monin Basil
  • Monin Oak Barrel
  • Monin Mint
  • Monin Passion Fruit
  • Monin Raspberry
  • Monin Hazelnut
  • Monin Grapefruit

And a hundred more different flavors can be purchased from the company’s website. Each flavoring for the Infused Water Tower is dispensed as a powerful concentrate that can make the water taste better, thus incentivizing its consumption.

Unlike other flavorings, the flavors used by Infused Water Tower are both safe and effective to use, and will not cause side effects.

Why Is Infused Water Tower Important?

Health benefits of drinking water include the maintenance of pH balance, body temperature, metabolism, breathing, prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, backaches and osteoporosis. It's necessary in surplus amounts for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Additionally, it plays important roles in kidney function and skin tone.

Water is a vital component of our body and plays an important role in keeping the pH balance of the human body, metabolic processes, delivering useful products and draining waste products, while functioning basically in nearly all significant organ systems of your human body.

The health benefits of water are accepted by medical experts across the world. It is by far the most abundant compound found on this earth. All living forms, in some or the other, require water to their metabolic actions. It plays critical roles within our own body and it's not possible to imagine the existence of somebody without water.

The human body contains 2/3 water by weight. Blood, nerves, brain tissue and bones are also composed of 83%, 75 percent, 74% and 22% of water, respectively.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Infused Water Tower?

Water has a vital role in the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, excretory and nervous systems, along with metabolic responses, maintenance of skin parts plus a prevention of a number of ailments.

Water has among the most important roles to play in maintaining a healthy body and some of its benefits of drinking water include:

PH Balance:

Your body keeps a pH range of 7.35-7.45 for proper physiological processes. An acidic change may lead to sickness and an inability of the body to assimilate vitamins and minerals.

Thus, it ought to be above the value of 7, which is favorable to the body's oxygen uptake, higher energy levels, and also a better immune response to diseases. This is attainable by consuming a lot of water.

We undergo perspiration in summers to dissipate the excess heat in order to reduce our temperature. This temperature regulation land has been credited to water also.


According to the research conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute, individuals drinking adequate amounts of water have reduced risks of osteoporosis and hip fractures.


Water is also the carrier of oxygen, nutrients, and hormones into the human body's components and also provides a medium for the removal of toxins, dead cells, and waste material. The proteins and enzymes involved in various fundamental processes also need water for their proper function.


The rear of our body rests on the spinal cord. The spinal disk core is made up of a massive volume of water. Dehydration can then contribute to back pain in a lot of people. Constipation, heartburn, migraine, gastritis and ulcers can all be prevented by drinking modest amounts of water regularly.

Kidney Stones:

As stated by the International Kidney Stone Institute, 2 liters of water have to be consumed daily to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Water is the greatest solvent and does not allow salts and minerals to collect to form stones. The salts hitting the kidney gets diluted and eliminated in the urine.

Cardiovascular Disease:

Water could prevent cardiovascular disorders to a massive degree. It preserves appropriate viscosity of blood and plasma and fibrinogen supply. Thus, adequate hydration of vascular elements is advisable.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Joints can be kept in proper shape by the consumption of proper amounts of water. A decline in water consumption may cause rheumatoid arthritis.

Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers:

A pregnant woman carries a new life in her womb that develops from her body's resources. The nutrients and other variables needed for its development can be taken from mother to the fetus through blood, which in turn needs water.

Constipation, bladder infections, and hemorrhoids are common throughout pregnancy and these can be avoided by drinking extra water during these periods.

Resistant Works:

The excretory material in the form of urea is extremely toxic to body cells and must be diluted before their passing. This is again done by the ‘universal solvent' — water.

Skin Tone:

According to the University of Minnesota, skin may get influenced by frost blisters and sting. It has been demonstrated that appropriate water levels in your system stop your system from experiencing dehydration. This in turn maintains the turgidity of the epidermis. Numerous skin problems can be prevented by drinking sufficient amounts of water.

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