Herbalizer Vaporizer – Desktop Vaportherapy & Aromatherapy?


Life has many facets and dealing with them is stressful. One would want to relax at the end of a hard and tiring day. Ancient cultures have long known and used herbs for this purpose. From Shamans in the Americas to the Tantriks of South Asia, they have perfected the use of aromatherapy and vapour therapy.

A commonly used instrument, to this day in Asia is the hookah, a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavoured tobacco or cannabis. The vapor is passed through a distillation process in its water basin before inhalation. The Rich would smoke them as a status symbol.

Today, hookahs are more commonly available and include non-tobacco versions. However, there are health risks, due to exposure to toxins that are not filtered out by the water and also the risk of infection when shared. This is where the Herbalizer Vaporizer comes in.

About Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer uses its own interpretation on the hookah. It is a small, versatile, easy to use and fast bit of modern technology that integrates vapour therapy and aromatherapy .


This the use of plant material and other aromatic herbal oils for psychological wellbeing. These include essential oils and organic compounds that have been widely used in alternative medicine. Their extensive use has been well documented through the ages. More recent studies have found that they relax the brain and help improve general well-being.

Vapour Therapy:

Thi is essentially steam or gas that is inhaled directly to benefit from the medicine. Every day use of this is in a nice steamy shower or inhaling steam from tea on the stove. For a very long time, Vapour therapy has been used in conjunction with certain medicinal herbs for their curative and comforting benefits.

Modern science has divulged that vapour therapy, is safer and more effective than smoking. As there is no combustion none of the associated CO and CO2 gases are created. With the active ingredients of the organic matter being released, without combustion, one can focus and enjoy the benefits and flavours of the said herb.

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is:

Discreet and Intuitive Design:

Due to its compact design and simple to use setup it provides relief in under 30 seconds. Furthermore, it's simple design and interesting greeting messages puts a person at ease, immediately.

Precise and Consistent:

The setup allows for a complete control over the experience one wants, be it the temperature of the vapour or the method of interaction(dispersed in the air or direct inhalation).The Herbalizer heats the herbs and oils to within 3 degrees almost instantly.


Even the Herbalizer is constructed to be sturdy, there is a two Year Quality Guarantee with this product to give the user extra assurance.

How Does The Herbalizer Vaporizer Work?

This instrument can be used in two easy ways. Direct consumption though the elegantly crafted pipe or diffused in the air though the brilliantly engineered main pod. It uses precise temperature control for a better experience.

This is due to the fact that plants are very temperature sensitive. Their molecules turns into a vapour at specific temperatures, and so different oils are released. Lower temperatures are for molecules that are more gentle and uplifting, mid-range temperatures are balancing, while high temperature are for intense effects. The Herbalizer allows total control of the experience through precise modulation of the temperature.

The simple 4 easy steps to use it for Vapour therapy:

  • Load herbs or concentrates: To load the herbs, tap the vapour therapy button. Then twist open, about a quarter of the way, the bowl . The herbs can be loosely packed half way up the bowl or applied in small doses onto the aromapad and then put in the bowl.
  • Set the temperature: There are options on the main screen to set the temperature as desired for exquisite flavour and aroma.
  • Choose whip, balloon or freestyle: There are three methods to chose for delivery of the vapour depending on the persons preference.
  • Boost with assisted delivery: The fan in this device can give a boost to the vapours.

To fill the room to use for Aromatherapy:

  • Apply essential oil: Tap the aromatherapy button. After that, remove the aroma pad from the holder and apply a few drops of essential oil . The dosage is dependent on the size of the room.
  • Load the aromapad: Place pad back in the slot on the front of the mezzanine with the bit that has the essential oils facing out into the room.
  • Set the timer: Depending on the length of the therapy session, the timer can be adjusted .The fan button can be toggled for “quiet” or full power.
  • Close the lid: Once the lid is closed the fan automatically turns on for a aromatherapy session. At the end it automatically goes to sleep.

About The Herbalizer Vaporizer

The company is proudly American. They produce and assemble this product in the USA.

They have been raising awareness about the benefits of vaporization and aromatherapy in a controlled environment, ” Relief by Design”, as they call it. This instrument was meticulously vetted after numerous engineering, prototyping and testing cycles. It was introduced in 2013, to overwhelmingly positive community and customer reviews

Herbalizer Vaporizer Review Summary

The Herbalizer Vaporizer was engineered to simplify, and dramatically improve the perception and process of vaporization. Their faith in the product is further exemplified by a two year warranty.

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is versatile and for a limited time on discount for $599.

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