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Illuminexa Review

Illuminexa is an anti-aging skin cream that calls itself “the magic serum of youth”. It’s available through a free trial offer. Here’s our Illuminexa review.

What is Illuminexa?

Illuminexa is a new anti-aging skin cream that makes all of the same promises as other skin creams: it promises to transform your skin and help take 10 years off your appearance.

Best of all, the cream also claims to be available as part of a free trial offer. You just pay for shipping and you’ll receive a full-sized bottle of Illuminexa delivered to your address.

There’s nothing magic about how you apply Illuminexa: you wash your face with a normal cleanser, then apply Illuminexa to your entire face and let it absorb into the skin. By doing this daily, you can enjoy the moisturizing effects of Illuminexa over time.

How Does Illuminexa Work?

Illuminexa claims to work by using a handful of carefully selected anti-aging ingredients. Those ingredients include four core ingredients like:

— Argireline: Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet by supplying your skin with the ingredients needed to produce collagen.

— Hyaluronic Corrosive: Provides a natural barrier against aging from within your skin.

— Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: Boosts collagen production beneath your skin.

— Granpowder Lumiere: Encourages your skin to maintain a “balanced glow”, according to the manufacturer.

Together, these four ingredients make up the core of the Illuminexa formula. In fact, as far as we know, these are the only four ingredients in the skin cream. The manufacturer doesn’t list any other skin cream ingredients or other information about how it works – like a clinical trial or scientific study, for example.

Illuminexa Ingredients

As mentioned above, the manufacturer of Illuminexa has chosen not to list its full range of ingredients. Instead, it only lists four of its ingredients, including:

Hyaluronic Acid
— Granpowder Lumiere
— Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

If you mash all of these ingredients together, it doesn’t make a skin cream that can be applied onto your skin. Thus, we have to assume that there are other ingredients within Illuminexa – we just don’t know what those ingredients are.

Is the manufacturer of Illuminexa hiding some low-quality ingredients inside the formula? Is the lack of an ingredients label just an oversight? If I had to guess, it seems like the first option is more likely.

How to Use Illuminexa

Illuminexa seems to be fairly straightforward to use. The manufacturer claims you should follow these three steps:

— Step 1) Rinse your face with a mild facial cleanser

— Step 2) Apply the Illuminexa serum into your face and neck in a circular motion

— Step 3) Let the skin cream be absorbed into your face. After a few minutes, your skin will feel smooth. The ingredients penetrate your skin and are slowly absorbed over the course of the day.

How to Buy Illuminexa

Illuminexa is available online at the official Illuminexa website. You won’t find it sold on Amazon or any other online retailers.

Just like with a lot of low-quality skin creams, Illuminexa is incredibly overpriced, so it tries to lure people in with a “free trial” offer.

That free trial offer is only free for the first 14 days. After those 14 days are over, your credit card will be charged the full $84.95 price. You have to enter a credit card before you order the trial in order to pay the $5 shipping fee.

All of this information is hidden in the fine print of the Illuminexa ordering page. Technically, you agree to it when you sign up for the product. But at the same time, even a careful shopper might accidently overlook this online.

Currently, Illuminexa skin cream seems to be available exclusively in France. In France, you’ll be charged €5.94 for shipping and handling. You also have the opportunity to add a French language eBook to your order called Insider Health Secrets. That eBook claims to be only €0.44, but it’s actually €0.44 per month.

How does the manufacturer of Illuminexa get away with calling this a “free” trial? Well, you can contact Illuminexa within the 14 day period to request a refund. You need to pay for your own shipping to return the supplement, and your return may be subject to additional fees and taxes.

If you wait one day longer than the 14 day trial, then you’ll instantly be charged the full $85 price, and then you’ll continue to be charged that price every month until you cancel.

Who Makes Illuminexa?

The creators of Illuminexa have not disclosed any information about themselves online, making it difficult to determine the manufacturing conditions or any other information about how Illuminexa is made.

Ultimately, the high price tag and limited evidence for Illuminexa seems to suggest this isn’t a great way to spend $100 online. Unless you’re really desperate to try every anti-aging skin cream on the market, Illuminexa is one you should probably avoid.

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Supplement Police
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  1. Hi:

    I’m back hopefully with some info that will help with this product and the credit
    card fraud they’re doing. I have an address and email address for you to try along
    with a couple of suggestions to try to help you get your money back, I don’t care
    how long ago it was, they are Still Doing it. They hide under a different name Beauty and Truth of
    all things:

    Beauty & Truth Returns
    415 Bussen Underground Road
    St. Louis, MO 63129

    Company Address (Please do NOT send products or packages to this address):
    Beauty and Truth
    3960 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 500
    Las Vegas, NV 89169

    Support Telephone Number: 1-866-710-5109
    Support Email Address: [email protected]

    First, I would suggest filing a report with the Better Business Bureau, which I
    have already done, they will look into what was done to you, free of charge.

    How Do I File a Complaint – Click on Online Complaint Form
    Type in Company name and City – Guaranteed it won’t show, cause they are operating Illegally.
    A box will appear – Enter Business Information. Enter it manually.
    Follow the instructions from there. It takes 2 – 4 weeks but they will investigate them.
    There is also a site I filled out called – BBB SCAM TRACKER

    2. Got to – You will have to register, then File a report. This company
    will also contact the company on your behalf and ask for a reply. You have their information now.

    3. If you have product send it back registered mail so you have a paper trail.

    Than feel free to call, or contact them any way you want, just file your reports First.
    My Credit Card Company told me they are doing this not to hundreds of people but
    Thousands. Let’s do something about them. Get your money back. I’ve been
    reinbursed $89.95 yesterday. Not good enough, they still owe me $170.90, and I
    plan on getting it and exposing them to as many people as I can, you do the same.
    Go get them, with my blessing.

    All my best..

  2. SCAM SCAM SCAM BEWARE….Hi all I hope this helps their EMAIL ATTACHED ….The first thing I did was cancel my credit card the same day I ordered it, as the terms and conditions only appeared after purchase and as I read the very fine print, I felt it was a scam so my bank cancelled my card and the only cost to me was P&P which was €4.90, I did get an email from them as my bank returned the cash to my card and as the money was redirected back and they wanted to let me know that within the 15 minutes of me ordering that useless product that it was already sent yeah right ! So they wanted payment imagine the cheek of that !!!! The email is [email protected], customer service number 1800-655-142 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, I’m not if its still working but it’s worth a try

  3. I am currently in dispute with this company. They are also known as
    The address is 2387 Ocean Avenue Apt. 3G Brooklyn NY 11229. Phone 855-511-1221
    Same trick you receive the sample and at the same time you are charge about $89.00
    monthly. You call, they suddenly they have no address, you can’t return the product, they’ll
    take off 35%, than 50%, he finally offered me a free bottle of this crap product. Don’t
    be bullied. The more people that report on the SCAM the better.

    Call your credit card company and put them in DISPUTE. I just received email from
    them and a phone call, saying all charges have been dropped. My credit card company
    has the email. The next step is to consult our family lawyer maybe then they’ll get the
    message. Stand up for yourselves Ladies. Dispute the charge. This is illegal and have
    had it with companies like this. I was never told or saw anything about joining a club.

  4. The same happened to me. My bank tells me to send an email to the company but I can’t find their email adress. Does anyone have their email adress for me?? Thanks a lot,

  5. The same happened to me. I’ve ordered the free sample, agreed on R108, but now for 3 months they’ve deducted R1624.98 from my account. After two deductions on my account, I’ve closed my account. This even did not help, because the third month the transactions went through. I’ve called the bank, they said that even if I closed down my credit card the transaction will still go through because I’ve subscribed on this company’s terms. I don’t know what to do and how to stop them. They are stealing our money and nobody does anything to stop these people. I’ve lost nearly R5000, and agreed on a free sample for R108.

    Please help me

  6. Diane Maughan
    Hi all I ordered this product sometime in May/early June. I ordered the product when it was free, and all I needed to pay for was the shipping which was R108.- I also included a magazine for R6, 99 odd. To this day I’m still waiting for my order……… After e- mialing them at least 5 to 6 times but to no avail I am still waiting, having paid xx xx xx xx amount, plus the “PENLATY” of “not notifying them of any futher orders” Albeit, I can’t remark on the results as I’ve not had the opportunity to try it . THIS UPSETS ME SO PAVING SPENT SO MUCH “TO NO AFAIL” It’s is so upsetting because there is nothing you can do about it…. It is totally unexceptional ….. “AND A SCAM” Well I hope I will be able to eat my., words, but I doubt it, after reading all the comments. DIANE MAUGHAN ..SOUTH AFRICA..KZN ..DURAN .. AMANZMITOTI.. … 4126.

  7. I brought i bottle of this is April 2016 and my account has been debit for more in June, 2016 amount R1635.00 and i didnt order more please advise , as i think this unfair and im unemplyed now and cant afford this amout which has been taking off my credit card.
    Please advise urgently !!

  8. Please do not order this product this company is bogus its seems like a scam you order pay for a ‘free’ sample that do not arrive and then you see oops money is deducted from your account!!! And belive me the bank has no sympathy they just say mam you have been scammed your money is gone!!!!!! Keep away from these criminals the are bad bad news!!!?!

  9. I ordered the”free” sample of illuminexa and ambrosia. Well after 5 weeks nothing but i had to pay for shipping and delivery!! This is a fraudulant company and like a lot of idiots like me i was caught paying for nothjng!!!! Dont order this product they are criminals!!!!!!!

  10. Don’t buy from these people the are fraud!!!! They send you a free sample to test and then take money from your credit card. Why is it a free sample then? Spread the word please people! and those that they have taken money from expose them and take matters further!

  11. They took my stuff out if my packet, the post office, is the packet insured. Who is going to pay me out the money that was drea out of my account on one day. R1633. R1635 who can afford it. This is tuff times in south africa. Please dont be crule. I leave my email adres contact me.

    • These people are fraud! They keep on taking money from your credit card. Go to your bank and explain to them. They send you a free trial and then take money from your bank account as they wish!

  12. The packet i revieved as open and the stuff whas gone. They draw R 1633. And R1635 out of my account with out telling me the cost. Thirts R108 and then R108 long after it this amounts of on top.
    I am verry dissapointed i revieve nothing. I learnd a lesson never threw postoffice again.

  13. Dina
    You only receive the amount payable with the package. The postage costs is almost the same as the 50% they offer you.South Africa you will pay R753 with DHL delivery and a little less at the post office to return the package This is absolutely shameless .How can they advertise free sample at a cost of R1660 A friend from UK posted this ad and i thought illuminexa could be trusted

  14. Hi, please help, i want to stop these people not to deduct R1660 every month from my bank account as they only said i would pay for shipping for a trial which was R108.99, but only to find out that it will be deducted automatically every month the sum of R1660 of which i can not afford. I am from South Africa

  15. The advice from my credit card bank was to call them 1-844-842-5440 and not only cancel but demand an email confirming your cancellation. If they charge again, the bank will deal with it, with your dated email as confirmation that you called and cancelled your’membership’ the email is essential for the bank to reject the charge.

  16. I received my “free trial” but the letter with it says I will be charged a totally different exorbitant amount. I agreed to 7.98 Not 94.99 + 5.00 shipping. Feeling very cheated by these people. I expected a catch of ‘we will send you more’ but not $100.00 for a free sample.

  17. Yup, don’t get fooled ladies, they’re quick to tell you to “check with your local post office” when you tell them the goods have not been delivered. they never will.
    heellloooooo….. i didnt give a postal address the stuff was supposed to be delivered……. So lost some money, but I won’t be losing any more….

  18. Cancel your credit card and ask for a new one with a new number. My friend just had to do this to get rid of another “free” trial scam.
    What amazes me is how Dr. Oz keeps getting involved in these scam deals. It makes me wonder if there is some gain in it for him. There have been others before this one with his name associated with websites.

  19. watch out, you hang on a creme every month, and they
    do not give you an address to return!!!

  20. How do i stop Them from taking more of my Money? They took my Money to Day and i Will NOT pay any more Money to Them!
    I Thot the same about Them AS you!

    • Did you find a way to stop them taking money from your account i would love to know what to do

  21. I did order, called them after I received the serum. Got in contact but I couldn’t understand the lady I spoke too because she had a terrible English and the connection was terrible! Tried to call back but without any succes. What do I do! I only have the phone number and don’t want any more to do with them!

  22. how can they get away with this scam ? because that’s what it is.. I got the free trial and getting out of this deal is only possible if I return the product – meaning I end up paying a lot in shipment both ways – for NOTHING !!! aaaarrrrrgghhhh ! im soo angry

  23. Don’t buy products from this company”Illuminexa” the only thing that they want is getting your account and take your money they send the product at least 14 days after your order then they have a policy that you must pay and extra around $100 dollars for each product.

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