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NutriCell PhytoD3 Review

NutriCell PhytoD3 is a nutritional supplement that claims to contain 63 nutrients that support your brain, heart, and digestive health. Here’s our NutriCell PhytoD3 review.

What is NutriCell PhytoD3?

NutriCell PhytoD3 is a nutritional supplement that claims to contain a unique type of superfood. That superfood contains 63 “high-potency nutrients and sea minerals” that can significantly improve the health of your brain, heart, and digestive system.

The active nutrient inside PhytoD3 is called marine phytoplankton and it was discovered in the ocean off the coast of British Columbia.

NutriCell – which makes a range of other nutritional supplements – has extracted the benefits of marine phytoplankton, condensed it into a powder, and packaged it up into a conveniently-sized capsule.

One of the most significant things about NutriCell PhytoD3 is its price tag: the supplement isn’t nearly as overpriced as other online health supplements seem to be. You can get a 30 day supply for $7.95. All orders also come with an eBook that teaches you how to purify your blood.

How Does NutriCell PhytoD3 Work?

As mentioned above, NutriCell PhytoD3 relies on the power of an “incredible, little known nutrient” called marine phytoplankton. That nutrient is found naturally off the coast of British Columbia.

The main benefit of marine plankton is that it contains 63 nutrients and sea minerals “not available in any other food or supplement.”

NutriCell actually lists all 63 of those nutrients at its official sales page. The first 14 nutrients are alanine, arginine, asparagine, aspartic acid, beta carotene, bioflavonoids, biotin, boron, calcium, chlorophyll, chromium, cobalt, copper, cysteine, and essential fatty acids.

In addition to phytoplankton, the three other main ingredients found in the supplements include:

— Green-Lipped Mussel
Vitamin D3

The inclusion of vitamin D3 is actually where the supplement gets its name “PhytoD3”. The name is a combination of marine phytoplankton and vitamin D3.

All of these benefits and methods of action sound good, although the manufacturer of NutriCell PhytoD3 never lists any clinical trials or scientific studies that have been performed on its nutritional supplement.

Benefits of PhytoD3

PhytoD3 claims that it can be used to “fight off over 40 common health ailments”

Some of the health benefits of PhytoD3 include:

— Improves cell detoxification and overall metabolism of your cells

— Helps combat the underlying causes of age-related health conditions (like unhealthy cell membrane function and structure)

Reduces inflammation, oxidation, toxicity, and mitochondrial dysfunction

— Boost energy throughout the day

— Soothe stiff, aching joints and muscles

Support healthy cognitive functionality

— Promote cardiovascular health

Ultimately, PhytoD3 claims to help you solve dozens of different medical conditions. You can view some of the company’s research for their supplement here.

NutriCell PhytoD3 Ingredients

NutriCell PhytoD3 Ingredients

NutriCell PhytoD3 publishes its full list of ingredients online. Here’s what the product’s nutritional label looks like:

How to Buy NutriCell PhytoD3

NutriCell PhytoD3 is available from at a current promotional price of $7.95 USD.

That’s the total price for a 30 day supply (30 capsules) of the supplement.

All purchases also come with an additional bonus: you get a downloadable eBook called “Blood Purification for Optimal Circulation”.

The $7.95 charge only applies to domestic orders. You’ll have to pay closer to $15 for international shipments of NutriCell PhytoD3.

Meanwhile, the supplement is regularly priced significantly higher. Typically, here’s what you can expect to pay for PhytoD3:

— 1 Bottle: $39.99
— 4 Bottles: $119.97
— 7 Bottles: $179.97

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can return your unused supplement within those 60 days for a full refund.

If you forget to request a refund within those 60 days, then NutriCell does extend it to a 90 day refund – but you only get in-store credit instead of a full cash refund.

Who Makes NutriCell PhytoD3?

NutriCell PhytoD3 is made by a guy named Dr. Earl Mindell. Dr. Mindell calls himself “America’s favorite pharmacist”. It’s unclear why he calls himself that – as there’s little evidence that anyone in America actually calls him by this title aside from himself.

In fact, when you Google “America’s favorite pharmacist”, you get a few different people who are trying to compete for that title, including Suzy Cohen and Gina Eubank. Dr. Mindell doesn’t appear to be on this list.

Regardless of that weird title claim, Dr. Mindell works at NutriCell. NutriCell is a nutritional supplement retailer that sells a diverse range of health supplements, including vitamin D3 pills, Sonestol sleeping aids, and BactiPlus probiotic supplements.

NutriCell is officially known as Nutricell Health Inc. The company’s About Us page claims it was founded in 1995 “to offer the highest quality and most effective products to customers like you.”

You can contact NutriCell at their physical address, which is:

1915 Trade Center Way
Naples, FL 34109

You can also contact NutriCell by phone at 1-800-973-0576 and email form here:

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