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UrthBox Review

UrthBox is a monthly subscription services that delivers healthy and delicious new snacks to your doorstep. Here’s our UrthBox review.

What is UrthBox?

UrthBox is a subscription-based food delivery service. Once a month, you receive a shipment of healthy and delicious snacks delivered directly to your doorstep.

Subscribers have four different box sizes from which to choose, depending on how many snacks you want to eat in the month.

There are also multiple types of boxes, including The Classic, The Vegan, The Gluten-Free, and The Diet. Boxes are priced from $13 per month for the mini box (4 to 5 snacks) to $59 per month for the larger box (20 to 24 different snacks).

The company is committed to providing non-GMO, all-natural, and organic snack foods every month regardless of which box type you chose. It also promises to feature snacks “from trustworthy brands” that offer real health benefits.

Boxes will also come with some extra goodies every month, including supplements, personal hygiene items, hair and skin care products, and gourmet foods.

UrthBox Sample Foods

The snacks included in UrthBox vary widely. The point of the box is to give you a wide selection of snacks to try. Some of the things you’ll find in the box every month include:

— Juices and cleanses
— Dried meats
— Crackers
— Nuts and seeds
— Super foods
— Trail mixes
— Sweets and chocolates
— Cookies
— Snack bars
— Granola
— “New age beverages” (some customers receive plastic bottles of “Canadian spring water” as a snack)

Instead of getting bags of potato chips or milk chocolate bars, you’re getting natural snack foods from known brands.

UrthBox Pricing

UrthBox offers four different sizes of boxes. When you order boxes, you’ll have the opportunity to save more money by ordering a 3 month or 6 month subscription. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

— Mini (6+ Snacks): $12.99 per month (6 month subscription), $14.99 per month (3 month subscription), $17.99 per month (month-to-month)

— Small (12+ Snacks): $19.99 per month (6 month subscription), $24.99 per month (3 month subscription), $29.99 per month (month-to-month)

— Medium (17+ Snacks): $29.99 per month (6 month subscription), $34.99 per month (3 month subscription), $39.99 per month (month-to-month)

— Large (24+ Snacks): $39.99 per month (6 month subscription), $44.99 per month (3 month subscription), $49.99 per month (month-to-month)

With each size, you can choose from four different varieties, including Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet options.

The Classic is a box with everything in it and no dietary restrictions. The Gluten-Free features 100% gluten free products. The Vegan features 100% vegan-friendly products with no animal products or animal ingredients. And The Diet box is similar to the Classic, but has a strong emphasizes on weight loss metrics like low calorie counts, low carb counts, and low fat content.

Shipping is free across the United States. Canadian customers pay $6.95 per box.

If you’re buying the 3 month or 6 month packages, then you’ll need to pay the cost of the subscription upfront. In other words, the Large box on a 6 month subscription will require a payment of $239.94 today.

There’s also the additional option of buying The Office Box, which features 100 full-sized products and is designed to serve 5 to 10 employees. The box also comes with a more professional display. You can flip it open and leave it at the front of the office for everyone to share.

The Office Box costs $199 per month. There’s no option to save money by ordering a 3 month or 6 month subscription.

What Do Customers Have to Say About UrthBox?

UrthBox is facing a bit of a review problem on the internet. The service currently has a rating of 1.5 stars out of 5 on Yelp, although there are only 92 reviews. Yelp has given the service 3 dollar signs out of 4 for pricing, which means it’s classified as “Pricey”.

Many of the complaints involve the automatic subscription options offered by UrthBox. Specifically, the company will automatically subscribe you to receive future shipments of UrthBox without your explicit consent (it’s in the fine print of the ordering form).

This means that some customers regretted paying, say, $179 for a 6 month supply of UrthBox, only to realize a few months later they had been charged for a second six month subscription.

Some of the other complaints included:

“…a couple of the gluten free items said “May contain wheat”. Having a family member with celiac disease, this is absolutely not ok! It would be fine if there was a disclaimer about their gluten free boxes, but I haven't seen one.”

“The first box arrived and I started to regret paying anything, even with the deal. A carton of liquid had leaked all over the box. As I unpacked it, I had to wipe each item down. The items were packed in so tightly that many fragile items like chips and crackers were completely crushed. The box itself had no damage so this was not a shipping issue.”

“I had to block this merchant from charging my card. There is no way to delete your credit card info or cancel subscription in the admin. When you call customer service you are prompted to leave a message”

To follow up on the last complaint, many customers complained about poor customer service and claimed the company was difficult-to-contact. So if you want to cancel your subscription, then you might have trouble doing so.

All of the above were one star reviews.

In addition to complaints about the subscription model and poor customer service, many customers complained about the quality of the products. There were several complaints from Canadian customers that they had paid such a high premium to receive a product called “Premium Canadian Spring Water”. When you’re from Canada, you don’t want one of the item counts in your box to be taken up by something you get from the tap.

As one reviewer put it, “Water counts as a snack???”

On the more positive side of things, here is what a few of the happier reviewers had to say about UrthBox:

“I've only had one box delivered this far. I was really excited to eat my healthy snacks and try new products in the non-GMO, vegan realm. Although I liked some items in my box, many others were a bit gross unfortunately.” (3 stars out of 5)

“A dear friend got me a 6-month subscription to Urthbox for my birthday. Urthbox has introduced me to some amazing vegan products I may have never known about! I love that they have vegan and gluten free snacks and the box was always abundant!” (4 stars out of 5)

“…the ACTUAL BOX is the best healthy snack box i've ever received, and i've done about three others that i've cancelled since then. The products are very different, one pleasantly duplicated (the peanut butter cup!), and all different sizes and quantities, some are drinks, others resealable snacks. I did the medium classic, three month deal with 1st timer deal, initial cost was $92” (5 stars out of 5)

Ultimately, the positive reviews for UrthBox are hard-to-find online. Aside from the occasional compliment about the company’s delicious snack choices, the negative comments far outweigh the positive ones.

About UrthBox

UrthBox is a San Francisco-based company founded on November 5, 2013. The company currently employs 10 people at its listed address at:

156 2nd Street
Suite 207
San Francisco, CA 94105.

You can contact the company by phone at (888) 959-8277 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. These complaints are common. I too have had similar experiences (boxes never received, received damage due to sending to wrong addresses, and of course the auto-renew of death.) While I agree customers should be more vigilant to the agreements and always be weary of subscription services, I can attest to the fact that their customer services it atrocious. The company is NOT a SCAM but it is a TERRIBLE BUSINESS. Upong some research, it seems Ben Behrouzi is the CEO of the company, who if you look for yourself, has been involved in numerous ‘shady’ ventures. BEWARE.

  2. So on Dec 6, 2016, I purchased what I was led to believe was a ONE TIME ONE MONTH purchase for a holiday gift. NOT only did the package NOT arrive until mid-January, another arrived in February and a third in March…each time being charged. A few days after Christmas (when I learned that my recipient did NOT receive the package), I called, waited days for a response, only to learn that they ONLY ship mid month (so why did a Dec 6 purchase NOT get shipped in mid Dec?…hmmmm….don’t really know) Customer service told me that that there were too may correspondences and phone calls during the holidays to get back in a timely fashion. REALLY? I am not a business person, but an OBVIOUS solution is to hire more help.
    Upon the THIRD box being received by my recipient, I called the company again. The automated voice mail stated that I would be contacted the NEXT BUSINESS DAY…not true…took three days and was told that they were very busy….got an idea….HIRE MORE HELP!! The customer service agent, Karina was truly the rudest person I have EVER spoken to. She constantly spoke through me as I tried to express my dissatisfaction with what I was led to believe was a one time purchase. She “escalated” my issue and I received a call the next day from the SECOND RUDEST person I ever dealt with. (I think that during customer service training, employees are told to NOT let the customer speak. Again, I was unable to complete a single sentence without interruption.) Better yet, as i held my printed receipt in hand, this individual told me that it stated that the company runs on automatic renewal and it was stated on the receipt. NOT THE ONE I HAD IN MY HAND. Read everything on it back to her…..and the response was “oh…that’s just an abbreviated receipt” WHAT?

    BEWARE OF URTHBOX. NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION WITHOUT CANCELLING THE CREDIT CARD USED ON PURCHASE…CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT….I almost think the only two people that work there are the two class acts I had the misfortune of dealing with….”TOO BUSY” to get back to customers? WHAT?

  3. BEWARE: When you sign up for Urthbox there is an “AUTO RENEWAL” box that is PRE-CHECKED! I purchased a 3 mth subscription for my daughter’s second semester in university and didn’t notice that they were continue to bill me until the second renewal ($250 later). Customer service was very unreasonable, condescending, and refused to do anything to resolve the issue besides cancel the subscription for the next time. They wouldn’t refund the money even though the next set of boxes hadn’t been sent and my daughter was at home for the summer so she didn’t even need the products. They said because it was the second renewal “I must have known”. Sad because my daughter really liked the products so we would have continued to purchase a subscription while she was away for the next two years. BURNED!

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