Hot Belt – Effective Abdomen Waist Fat Burning Technology?


The Hot Belt is a revolutionary device that acts as a double duty weight loss tool. It fits snuggly around the user’s waist helping slim the figure and give people more of an hour glass shape. When worn this device helps promote sweat which leads to greater calorie loss leading to great weight loss.

Whether consumers are looking for an easy to use weight loss device or a simple wrap to help make their favorite jersey dress look better, the Hot Belt can help. Please read below to learn more about the Hot Belt and how to purchase one or two of these easy to use devices.

What is the Hot Belt?

This device is a simple to use tool for helping users get a sexier figure while promoting abdominal fat burn. Users can wear the Hot Belt any time of day for a slimmer physique and weight loss support. Available in three sizes, the Hot Belt can be work under any types of clothes keeping it discrete and comfortable to wear.

For an added weight loss benefit users can wear the Hot Belt to the gym or while working out at home to help promote more fat burn. This device works equally well for both men and women who want a slimmer look and less abdominal fat.

Manufactured from a soft fabric that is not only absorbent but also constricting helping support better posture and a thinner waistline. Whether consumers simply are unhappy with their extra baby weight or want to look trimmer for their daughter’s wedding, this product delivers. The Hot Belt is a cheap way to get the waistline to make any dress or outfit look better.

For men many are embarrassed of their love handles and feel a lowered sense of self just due to their body type, the Hot Belt can help. By simply stretching it on this wrap will fit snugly under jeans, skirts, dresses, or suit pants.

The Hot Belt is yellow and black and comes in sizes medium, large, or extra-large. This device is made from high quality materials that will retain its compression properties overtime. No matter how much user sweat, this material will keep the sweat inside without leaking out onto clothes.

How Does Hot Belt Work?

Users who want a slimmer figure, better shape, or just want their love handles to disappear will love this product. Designed to be worn over the waist, this device fits snugly helping flatten the stomach while improving posture.

Some consumers just choose use Hot Belt to help them look great at school or on the job but it has other uses. When used while working out the Hot Belt can actually help promote accelerated fat burn by increasing the user's sweat rate.

Unlike other competitor’s products, the Hot Belt is made of a fabric called Neotex which promotes greater sweating. Utilizing a clever design sweat stays within the device and does not leak to the out layers keeping users looking dry and smell free.

Hot Belt Pricing

The Hot Belt device can be purchased online through the Tri Star Products website at

Consumers can choose between sizes medium, large, or extra-large and each device costs £9.99.

Currently Tristar Products is offering a buy one get one free promotion making these devices a great price. Full shipping information is available on this company’s website.

This Hot Belt is also available through Amazon for $21.96-$25.93 each depending on size.

Should You Use the Hot Belt?

Imagine a product that helps the body’s appearance look better while helping burning calories. Forget about using control top pantyhose or girdles ever again, this device is easy to wear and discreet plus it helps burn calories all day long. With the added benefit of a buy one get one free promotion it makes this product very affordable and easy to get two to keep one at home and one in the gym bag.

This product is a great price which means users can try it out without a huge initial price shock. More information is available on the Tristar Products website where it is recommended to finalize purchases for consumers living in the United Kingdom.

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