Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic: Grow Thicker & Full Facial Hair?


Did you know that most consumers find it more attractive when their partners have facial hair? Based on existing studies, the presence of facial hair (depending on its thickness, length and how much of one’s face is covered) depicts a sense of maturity and masculinity in men. While this statement might alter depending on one’s taste for men and future goals, beards have been a pleasure-stimulating trend in today’s society.

The fact that men are not only able to grow them, but take the time to groom them shows a sense of patience, and cleanliness that most partners admire. Unfortunately, not all men are able to grow facial at the same pace. This is where Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic comes into play.

According to Herbtonics, the Beard Growthtonic can potentially promote thick, strong and a healthy beard that many yearn for. In addition to promoting such growth, its uses are believed to prevent future thinning of hair, as well as a dry scalp. Let’s take a closer look at Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic in terms of its purpose, ingredients list, directed uses and current going price.

What Is Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic?

Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic is a dietary supplement that aims to promote hair growth, specifically that of the beard. This is definitely something new to the haircare industry, as it is rare to find inexpensive supplements for facial hair growth.

What Can Be Said About Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic’s Ingredients List?

By analyzing the ingredients list of the Beard Growthtonic, it is clear that vitamins and minerals play a significant role. For the most part, it appears that a wide range of B vitamins have been included. The B vitamins have the ability to create red blood cells, which are responsible for transmitting oxygen to hair. This process is what prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Other ingredients used include:

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or MSM is a type of Sulphur needed to create collagen and keratin, which are the two fundamental components of hair health. Collagen is a type of protein that works to strengthen hair, while keratin is a specific hair, fibrous protein that works from the very root of one’s hair. Clearly, MSM plays hand in hand with other ingredients like the Hydrolyzed Collagen and Keratin found in the Beard Growthtonic.

Inositol Powder

One of the main contributions of the Inositol powder for hair health that has been praised is its ability to increase moisture. This is done to the hair follicles, which houses and pushes out hair, as it grows. What causes hair breakage, dryness and split ends is dry hair follicles, therefore using this respective ingredient was smart on Herbtonics’ part.

Bamboo Extract

A naturally occurring nutrient in the body that promotes healthy hair growth is silica. This is mainly because of its alkalizing property. Unfortunately, due the the body’s inability to produce nutrients in large quantities, especially as one ages, the necessary components for hair growth will be insufficient. Therefore, the use of the Bamboo extract is fundamental as it contains a rich source of silica.

Moringa Powder

The presence of Moringa is helpful for hair growth, as it provides hair follicles with the necessary oxygen to promote a health scalp, which is an influencer of hair growth.

How Should Consumers Make Use Of Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic?

For effective results, consumers are suggested to take two capsules daily, 30 minutes prior to having a meal. For safety purposes, one should consult a health practitioner prior to its uses.

What Is Its Current Going Price?

For a total of 45 servings, the current going price of Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic is approximately $18.99. The price is very inexpensive given it targets several concerns of hair health, as opposed to sticking to one. Not only is the quality of the hair considered in the formula, but also the root players, like one’s hair follicles and scalp. Hence, it appears that consumers are potentially getting a supplement that focuses on the different areas of hair growth and not just the beard.

Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic Conclusion

Overall, strong, healthy and thick hair growth depends on three factors: oxygen, hydration levels and an apt source of essential nutrients. What makes Herbtonics Beard Growthtonic attractive is the fact that its formula has considered all three factors, hence making it possibly potent to help men grow beards to their likings. Most of the ingredients can be considered alternatives to the type of components the body requires; making its formula all the more reliable to consider.

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