Heads Up Health – Integrated Health & Fitness Data Platform?


Fitness and health wearables have made a wide range of highly accurate biometric information available to health and fitness enthusiasts around the world. Health wearables are now able to track heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping habits, nutritional intake, calories burned, exercise habits, and a host of other data that allows users to gain highly actionable advice on improving their health.

Despite the ubiquity of these devices, however, there is a serious lack of a complete, centralized database that can be used to collect the various disparate health data collected by these devices. While sleep tracking, fitness tracking, and heart rate tracking information may be useful to fitness enthusiasts, it can also be highly relevant and useful to a medical professional.

The structure of clinical medical data is often arranged in much the same way, with medical information and records spread out over multiple doctor’s offices, medical facilities, and hospitals. Often finding this information can be extremely difficult, especially in a high-priority situation that involves a serious health condition.

A groundbreaking new medical and health data platform, however, is offering to revolutionize the way we collect, share, and view our information. Heads Up Health is a new data-driven health and fitness information collecting platform that makes it possible to integrate all of the disparate sources of health information in your life, from fitness trackers to clinical data, and access it in one place.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Heads Up Health platform and find out how it works and what it offers to help you determine whether it’s able to help you live a more streamlined life.

What is Heads Up Health?

Heads Up Health is the brainchild of David Korsunsky and Jack Sadanowicz, who created the data collection platform to action a simple concept- health, while important, doesn’t need to be excessively complicated. Korsunsky and Jack came up with the idea for the Heads Up Health platform during their respective careers- Korsunsky, having worked in technological innovation positions for various fortune 500 companies, identified the need for an efficient sorting method of medical data in the industry.

Sadanowicz teamed up with Korsunsky in order to leverage his extensive experience with EHR software, and created the Heads Up Health platform, which is intended to streamline the disjointed and complex world of health tracking tech, disparate medical records, and health data. Working with a team of technical advisors, medical advisors, and behavioural neuroscientists, the Heads Up Health founders have created the easiest to use central medical database in existence.

The Heads Up Health platform makes it possible to gather up all of the medical records, clinical information, and even genetic records that are scattered about various health information services and combine them with highly accurate health data collected by a wide range of fitness wearables.

How Heads Up Health Works

Heads Up Health works by collecting disparate health data from two primary sources, and providing consumers with the ability to select who they share their data with. Firstly, Heads Up Health begins by collecting medical data from clinical sources by integrating with new advancements in electronic medical health records, providing users with a highly accurate view of their entire health history.

Secondly, Heads Up Health integrates with a broad spectrum of health apps, tools, and fitness wearables to collect live, up to date health data. The Heads Up Health platform is able to integrate with all of the most popular health and fitness wearables on the market today, including Withings, Jawbone, Fitbit, Strava, Moves, and Runkeeper, as well as a range of glucometers, blood pressure meters, and pulse oximeters.

By collecting this data on a regular basis, Heads Up Health is able to provide users with information on their current weight, body fat percentage, BMI, sleep regularity, total daily steps, blood pressure, and even track personal health habits such as meditation or physical exercise.

After collecting all of the disparate health data in your life and making it available in one simple high-level view, the Heads Up Health platform then makes it possible to connect to your entire care team, such as family members, personal trainers, nutritionists, physicians, naturopaths, and doctors. The Heads Up Health platform generates a portable, separate, and customizable history for each of these connections that can be shared at a moment’s notice.

Apart from collecting, sorting, and sharing health data, Heads Up Health also provides highly actionable and accurate advice on how best to improve overall health. By tracking a vast amount of personal health information, the Heads Up Health system uses advanced analytics tools to identify trends and correlate health behavior to create personalized health information, as well as remind users of checkups and medical screenings.

All of the data collected by the Heads Up Health platform is encrypted to an extremely high security standard, and is never shared without the permission of the user, making it a safe and trustworthy medical information analysis provider. The overall goal of the Heads Up Health platform is to redefine what it means for health enthusiasts to be in control of their data, and make remaining in good health easy and simple.

The Verdict

The beta program for the Heads Up Health platform is currently underway, so health enthusiasts that are interested in finding out how to improve their health and collect their medical data into one place are able to register via the Heads Up Health website.

If you’re looking for a fast, simple, and highly accurate way to track all of your medical data in one place, the Heads Up Health platform is the only solution available that does so in an efficient, actionable manner, and best of all, completely for free.

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