Corevity – Personal Health Goal Tracking, Competition & Community?


Corevity is described as “a health community for millennials”. Find out what that means today in our Corevity review.

What is Corevity?

Corevity is a San Francisco-based company found online at The company launched in spring 2017 to provide a health community for millennials. The company describes itself as “a place to articulate and share your health story”.

Users can enjoy features like automatic health event tracking. They’re also encouraged to add their own health experiences and compete against friends. Together, these features let you “personalize your health goals and keep you on track so you can build the healthy life you want”.

In layman’s terms, that means you can track your physical activity, share photos of your foods, beverages, and exercises, and compete against friends in your network.

Corevity was founded in March 2016 by Patrick Connelly. As of April 25, 2017, Corevity had not yet launched – although they continue to claim that they’re launching in spring 2017. You can enter your email address into the official website to stay up-to-date on the latest news about Corevity.

How Does Corevity Work?

Corevity focuses its attention on three key health inputs that influence your health profile, including nutrition, physical exercise, and sleep. Then, Corevity delivers actionable health data based on that information.

In early promotional images for Corevity, we see users sharing their foods and exercise activities. They’re encouraged to share everything from their trail runs to their happy hour drinks to their morning coffees.

It also appears that Corevity will sync with different health platforms, letting users track their biometric data automatically. If you already use Fitbit and similar platforms, for example, then Corevity may be able to monitor data from that and add it to the Corevity platform.

Tracking, sharing, and competing against friends will be key parts of the Corevity platform. It’s unclear how the competitive factor will work. However, other health apps have created systems where you track how far your friends have run for that week, then try to beat your friends over that same period.

Actionable Health Data

Overall, Corevity is designed to provide an actionable approach to health data. The basis for this is straightforward: we have all sorts of health data at our fingertips (tracked by our phones and fitness trackers), but we don’t always know what that data means.

What’s a good heart rate? How fast should you be able to run a mile? How many calories should you be burning on a daily basis?

In an interview, Corevity’s founder, Patrick Connelly explained that one in five Americans owns a wearable (this interview was from 2016, so that number has likely risen since then). Despite all this data, many people have difficulty consolidating and using that information – which is where Corevity comes in.

In order to provide that actionable data, Corevity has something called a Health Graph. That proprietary tool is a dashboard that gives you a real-time, personalized health score based on aggregated information across your devices.

Tracking your Meals is Easier than Ever

One of the annoying things about modern nutrition tracking software is that you need to manually enter meal information. Not everybody has time to add their meals after they ate.

That’s why Corevity claims to have found an automated way to add nutrition data while also pulling data from existing health and fitness trackers.

We don’t know too many further details about Corevity’s technology or how it works at this time. However, suffice to say the company has some ambitious goals to tackle over the coming months.

Who is Patrick Connelly?

Patrick Connelly’s Crunchbase profile describes him as an entrepreneur with 10+ years experience in digital marketing, product marketing, and mobile strategy. He has a “unique ability to connect strategy concepts across business segments to enhance company alignment and increase success conversion”.

With Corevity, Patrick wants “to help users understand their health in simple actionable ways”. Patrick has a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Corevity Release Date

Stay tuned for more information about Corevity as it launches in the near future! The company still lists a spring 2017 launch date – so it should be launching within the next few weeks. We’ll update you when more information about Corevity and its platform becomes available.

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