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Happy Hippo Herbals is an online herbal powder retailer that specializes in the sales of kratom, the trendy new herb purported to relieve anxiety. Find out everything you need to know about Happy Hippo Herbals today in our review.

What is Happy Hippo Herbals?

Happy Hippo Herbals can be found online at HappyHippoHerbals.com. The company promises to sell “the cleanest, highest-quality Kratom on Planet Earth.”

Kratom, for those who are out of the loop, is a popular new herb purported to relieve anxiety with drug-like effects. The plant grows naturally in Southeast Asia and was largely unknown and unused for hundreds of years.

Today, kratom is popularly used as a natural painkiller. It’s also used as a methadone replacement for former drug addicts. Some people just use it to treat depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It’s attracted some attention in recent months – especially because three US states (Indiana, Tennessee, and Wisconsin) have already banned the substance.

In any case, Happy Hippo Herbals sells a variety of herbal extracts and powders, including kratom, its flagship product.

You can buy various products from Happy Hippo Herbals and get them shipped all over the world. The three most popular products on Happy Hippo Herbals include:

— Kratom
— Phenibut
— Kava

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a popular new drug that appears to lead to multiple psychoactive effects. Some people claim that kratom provides natural pain relief and acts as a mild tranquilizer, while others claim it makes them wired, anxious, and stressed out.

Basically, everyone seems to have a different experience with kratom. As a result, some people believe the effects are “all in your head”, and that kratom doesn’t actually do anything. Others believe that it’s such a unique herbal compound that it provides effects unique to each user.

One of the best examples of this is when you look up kratom’s purported sexual enhancement qualities. Some people claim that they had the best sex of their lives while taking kratom, while others claim it was the worst sex of their lives.

I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Of course, some people claim that different strains lead to different effects. Just like most herbs, the genetics of the plant can have a significant effect on its psychoactive properties.

Happy Hippo Herbals sells multiple strains of kratom, including Bali Hippo, Elite Elephant, Happy Hippo, and a number of other catchy named strains.

What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a nootropic compound that has been clinically proven to improve your cognition, memory, and focus. Phenibut is one of the most powerful widely available nootropics on the market today. It was first developed in the Soviet Union as an anti-anxiety medication.

Today, Phenibut is commonly used to treat ADHD, anxiety, and other cognitive problems. It’s legal in most parts of the world, including the United States. It’s illegal in Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

What is Kava?

Happy Hippo Herbals sells kava in the form of Kava Kava Stress Candy. That candy promises to help you “take the edge off” and make you relax and enjoy your day.

Sometimes, the Happy Hippo Herbals website also features Hippo Kava, which is designed to be stronger than Kava Kava Stress Candy in terms of its relaxation effects.

Kava, also known as kava-kava, is a sedative plant popular in Polynesian culture (particularly in Tonga and the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia).

What is Maca?

Maca is another popular product sold at Happy Hippo Herbals. Maca is a Peruvian herb used for centuries to increase sex drive by widening your blood vessels. It’s often referred to as a natural form of Viagra.

Happy Hippo Herbals Strains and Other Products

Happy Hippo Herbals sells its products in a variety of different strains and types. Specific product names and strains include:

— 100% Organic Raw Hippo Maca ($10)
— Newbie Hippo Starter Pack ($44)
— Bali Hippo ($14)
— Elite Elephant ($16)
— Pleasant Green Hippo ($8)
— Productive White Hippo ($14)
— Red Hot Hippo ($16)
— Hyper Hippo ($18)
— Magic Hippo ($18)

Different kratom strains are purported to lead to different benefits. Some strains, for example, wake you up and make you more productive, while others promote a feeling of sleepiness.

How to Buy Happy Hippo Herbals

You can only buy Happy Hippo Herbals from the official website, HappyHippoHerbals.com. At that site, you’ll see all prices on bulk powders clearly listed. You’ll also need to pay the following shipping costs according to your location:

— United States: $5.60 (shipping is unavailable to addresses in Tennessee, Indiana, and Wisconsin because these states have banned kratom).

— Canada: $19.95

— Other Countries: $23.95 (only available in countries where kratom and other products are legal).

In the terms and conditions on the official Happy Hippo Herbals website, the company repeatedly emphasizes that it is not responsible for orders being denied due to legality problems.

Happy Hippo Herbals keeps its customers fairly up-to-date on the legal status of kratom, Phenibut, and other compounds at the official website here. However, here are some important restrictions you should understand before you buy:

— US residents living in Indiana, Tennessee, and Wisconsin cannot import kratom

— Canadians can import kratom for research purposes, while kava and Phenibut are completely non-restricted

— UK customers can import kratom for research purposes and Phenibut is non-restricted

— Australians cannot import kratom or kava to Australia because both are restricted, although Phenibut is non-restricted

— Numerous countries have restricted the use of kratom even for research purposes. You cannot import kratom in Austria, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, or Thailand, among other countries.

— Phenibut is outlawed in three major countries, including Ireland, Norway, and Russia.

— Kava is restricted or prohibited in all of the following countries: Australia, Denmark, Germany, and Norway. Happy Hippo Herbals also provides explicit warnings for users in Italy and Sweden, where some orders of Kava appear to reach their destination, while others are stopped by customs officials.

Ultimately, the legal status of kratom, kava, and Phenibut is changing every day. Make sure you check your country’s recent news updates to discover if there have been any recent changes.

How to Choose the Right Kratom Source

One of the most important things to remember about buying from Happy Hippo Herbals is that they claim to be the best source of kratom on the internet today.

How important is your kratom source? It turns out it’s very important. Here are some of the things kratom “veterans” consider when ordering kratom online:

— Cleanliness, as some low-quality kratom retailers ship products with bugs, dirt, eggs, or debris inside

— Freshness, because some retailers store raw kratom for up to two years in warehouses, which ruins its potency

— Plain leaf factor, which means the supplement contains just kratom and nothing else (some manufacturers add caffeine and other compounds to enhance the effects)

— The humidity and environmental conditions of the kratom plant

— The washing and preparation process

— The shipping method of the kratom (ideally, it’s vacuum-sealed in dark containers)

Happy Hippo Herbals claims they have years of experience and that they personally test every product they sell. They also have never had a problem with their suppliers and specifically work with smaller, high-quality plantations (as opposed to some of the large-scale plantations that reportedly have low standards of quality).

Who Should Buy from Happy Hippo Herbals?

Happy Hippo Herbals is a legitimate online retailer that sells hard-to-find products like Phenibut, kava, kratom, and maca. The effects of these compounds vary widely, and compounds like kratom have vastly different effects according to each strain.

As long as you understand the legality of these products in your country (as described above) you should have no problem buying Happy Hippo Herbals products online.

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