Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan – Natural Prevention Methods?


Diabetes is often overlooked in western society, because many people believe that by reducing their sugar intake they can keep the condition at bay without any expert medical help.

This could not be farther from the truth as this condition cannot only cause immense harm even with little amounts of sugar, it can also be genetically predetermined and passed down to our progeny.

Thus it is important to measure our blood glucose levels on a regular basis, especially as one starts to grow a bit older.

Diabetes Statistics

Diabetes is a one of the most lethal diseases that is present in modern day society, research has revealed a number of startling figures like:

  • 26 million Americans suffer from type 2 diabetes, many of these individuals get diagnosed at an advanced stage leading to various medical complications.
  • 79 million Americans are prediabetic which means that their chances of developing Type 1&2 diabetes is more than 80%.
  • 1.6 new cases of diabetes are reported each year in the United States alone, this figure is greatly compounded if global statistics are taken into consideration.
  • Individuals of advanced age, i.e. those over the age of 65 have a twenty-five percent chance of developing the disease irrespective of their medical history.
  • Studies have shown a clear correlation between diabetes and an increased chance of heart attacks.
  • 75% of adults with diabetes are more prone to developing conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, stress.
  • The disease has been found to be the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and nervous system disorders.

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan Program

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan is an all new lifestyle system which helps users naturally maintain their sugar levels so that they can gradually regulate their blood glucose levels and eventually get rid of expensive insulin injections.

The program uses a synergistic combination of diets which allow users to maintain their hunger levels. The key aspects of the program include:

Low Sugar Intake:

This is a no brainer but easier said than done, if one is not used to cutting out sugars completely from their diet he/she can experience painful withdrawal symptoms.

Diabetic patients can go into a sugar induced coma if they consume even a little bit of sweets, thus individuals need to gradually train their bodies to adjust to a new dietary lifestyle.

The recipes and foods that have been outlined in the LifeGuard program are designed to cut down on excess cravings and allow users to feel full and satiated. This removes any unwanted urges to eat sweets or sugary foods.

Burning Off Calories:

One way for diabetic persons to regulate insulin production is through regular exercise, however conventional walking and other fitness regimes are not geared towards glucose regulation.

The techniques outlined in this system have been crafted after years of personal experience so that users can target certain mechanisms within their bodies that deal exclusively with insulin and glucose metabolization.

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan Difference

Supplementation Plan:

The system has a full food and supplementation plan outlined so that individuals can simply follow the recipes and prepare their meals for that day without having to think about their daily meals.

All of the ingredients required to prepare the dishes can be obtained easily and cheaply through one’s local supermarket.

Suitable For Everyone:

The Life-Guard system can be utilized by individuals of any age or gender, it does not require one to be in a specific fitness shape or require one to possess knowledge about various diet plans.

For New And Old Patients Alike:

The results from following this program are the same for individuals who are borderline diabetic or have lived with the condition for a number of years.

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan Benefits

Some of the main benefits of the program include:


The system analyses the problem holistically and takes into account various aspects of an individual's health and lifestyle choices before prescribing certain remedies.

It does not deal with short term symptom alleviation but rather aims to get completely rid the condition.

Easy Recipes:

The recipes and food preparations are easy and hassle free. The author claims that all of the ingredients needed to prepare weekly meals can be purchased for under $20.00.

Secret Techniques:

The program outlines various lesser known, traditional techniques to alleviate issues pertaining to diabetes.

Easy To Understand:

Many programs contain a lot of scientific jargon which can be off-putting for users, this book is written by an ex-diabetic patient so the text has been composed in the simplest language possible.

Diabetes Life Guard Reviews

The people who have used the program can't say enough about its efficacy, there are many individuals who claim they have benefited immensely through its use.

Some satisfied clients include Robin LeRoy who says that she had lived with the condition for over 20 years and had resigned herself to the fact that she would have to take insulin injections for the rest of her life.

However upon just weeks of using the system, she claims he blood glucose levels began to drop significantly.

Similarly, Angela Myles said that she was on oral medication for 8 years before she discovered this program, upon following the system she claims that she was able to not only control her sugar levels but was also able to lose a significant amount of weight.

Purchasing Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order on their website. The entire program can be downloaded upon full payment of $37.00.

Payments can be made using a whole host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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