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Grant Hodnett Nutrition, or GH Nutrition, is a company that makes protein supplements that help consumers to reach their fitness goals. The treatments come with a variety of different uses, catering to the exact needs of consumers in their exercise and hobbies.

What is Grant Hodnett Nutrition?

When working towards a physical goal, consumers need to make sure they have the right nutrition. The foods that individuals eat will dictate how successful they are in reaching their goals, which is why every trainer will tell consumers to eat the right want to get closer to the physique they want. That’s where Grant Hodnett (GH) Nutrition comes in.

Grant Hodnett Nutrition was only created 2 years ago in the UK, and their goal is to find consumers a product for any workout need. Whether someone needs to lose weight, prepare for a sporting event, or just go to the gym, there is a remedy for them.

The great part about GH Nutrition is that there are so many different supplements to consider. Read on below to learn about some of the products that are in stock right now.

Shock Wave

Available for £28, Shock Wave offers a high-quality blend of BCAAs that supports protein synthesis for better muscle development during workouts. BCAAs are one of the few substances that the body needs, but cannot produce on its own. The supplement helps consumers keep their energy levels during the workout, while supporting training efforts.

Creatine Monohydrate

Available for £20, Creatine Monohydrate is essential to improving the quality of skeletal muscle, which comes from the amino acids that are extracted while digesting. With impressive endurance, consumers get more energy and help enhance their performance at the gym.

The monohydrate blend is the highest in purity, which means that consumers end up with insane amounts of power. By including the remedy, it helps with the recovery process and improves the mass of muscles.

X-Treme Pump Pre-Workout

Available for £35, the X-Treme Pump Pre-Workout offers a sweet and fruity flavored drink that is used to help with pre-workout remedies. It supports the user as they go into their routine, giving the user strength behind each pump to help with the intensity.

Furthermore, consumers get more endurance that keeps them going, rather than becoming fatigued after just a few hours. Consumers get the focus they need to stay engaged mentally and physically.

Fat Burners

Available for £20, Fat Burners is meant to help consumers increase their energy levels by burning through more calories. The treatment should be combined with the use of a healthy diet and exercise program to get the best results. However, anyone that takes this treatment will experience a rapid boost in fat loss, which is primarily stimulated by caffeine.

Strike Force Sports Fuel

Available for £25, Strike Force Sports Fuel helps consumers to get even more power and strength for different physical activities. This formula offers a potent blend of ingredients to help with the concentration of the user. With consistent use, consumers can get the help they need to get through any routine.

Ultimate Anabolic Mass

Available for £50, Ultimate Anabolic Mass offers a potent level of protein in every serving, which helps the muscles to gain more mass during a workout. It offers amino acids to promote recovery, which is which it works the best when used after a workout. This treatment helps to restore the glycogen in the body, along with the electrolytes, to reduce the risk of cramping.

Zinc and Magnesium

Available for £18, Zinc and Magnesium helps to improve the strength behind each set, while promoting growth as well. These tablets help consumers to process protein and balance insulin levels.

This formula helps to give the body back the nutrients that it loses through sweating and fat-burning efforts, which is why it is important to refuel. In fact, consumers can use these tablets to help them sleep more soundly at bedtime.


Available for £20, Test-Ergy is for men that want to increase their testosterone levels. This treatment includes the active ingredient in Tribulus, which means that consumers can improve their strength, physique, and energy levels. The website shows that this treatment can be used as a post-workout formula, or it can promote a healthy libido.

Night Fusion

Available for £40, Night Fusion helps consumers to get the protein that they need overnight, and the chemical changes that their muscle development needs, while they sleep. The formula is designed in a slow-release formula that digests as the user sleeps. It combines the use of balanced protein with the need for Zinc and Magnesium in the body, using casein protein as the main source.

Diet Protein Plus

Available for £45, Diet Protein Plus is meant for consumers that want to lose weight, while keeping lean and strong muscle. While it gives the user a healthy supply of protein, they are not subjected to the calories that these sources often bring. Plus, consumers can protect their muscles from breaking down while losing fat.

All-in-One Protein

Available for £45, the All-In-One Protein formula has the treatments necessary to help with lean muscle mass and the recovery process. It brings back the necessary creatine stores, and gives consumers the glycogen balance it needs. It also supports the need for carbohydrates to support energy levels.

Ultimate Competition Whey

Available for £45, Ultimate Competition Whey gives consumers a protein that easily absorbs into the body during a workout. It has BCAAs to restore and repair muscle tissue, while the other sources of protein improve the building of muscle mass.

Contacting The Customer Service Team For Grant Hodnett Nutrition

Even with the information about the GH Nutrition supplements online, consumers may need a little guidance to make the right decision for themselves. The customer service team does not have a phone number available, but individuals can send a message to [email protected] with their concerns.

Grant Hodnett Nutrition Conclusion

Grant Hodnett Nutrition has something for any man, even if they just want to increase their testosterone levels. However, since there are so many possibilities, consumers may need to sort through the long list of options first.

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