GPS SmartSole – Wearable Shoe Insole For Tracking, Alerts & App?


Ever wonder whether or not a loved one will return home safely? Not sure how to keep track of one’s whereabouts? Although keeping track of one’s footsteps might not seem ethical, some consumers may have the tendency to wander off or get lost without acknowledging it.

Whether it is in one’s nature to wander off or not is not of question here, as the end result is ensuring one’s safety is not at risk. How can consumers better protect their loved ones without having to be overprotective or worrisome? The GPS SmartSole may come of great use.

The GPS SmartSole is believed to increase one’s sense of reassurance while one’s loved one steps out of their home, work or even the country. To better understand its usefulness and how it can better protect consumers, the following review will analyze the GPS SmartSole with respect to its purpose, its design, its uses and more.

What is the GPS SmartSole?

The GPS SmartSole has been designed with the intentions of helping consumers better monitor the whereabouts of their loved ones. Although it may come out as a mean to invade one’s privacy, it is of the contrary, as it can be useful for those diagnosed with autism or dementia to name the least.

Autism is a neurobehavioral condition that prevents consumers from socially interacting with others, improving upon language and written skills and is said to induce consumers to relive or repeat certain behaviours.

Similarly, dementia is a condition in which consumers have poor thinking or memory skills. How does GPS SmartSole play into such health conditions? The key similarity amongst the two mentioned conditions, as well as others that relatable conditions is one’s reduced memory power and thinking.

In such cases, the use of the GPS SmartSole is crucial, as consumers can track their loved ones with reduced memory at all times. Ultimately, it is a wearable device that can protect consumers from harm if there is someone always looking after them.

In addition, its uses can break the stigma associated with reduced cognitive abilities and can help to shed light on the fact that regardless of how impaired one’s cognitive abilities may be, he or she can do things independently.

What Can Be Said About the GPS SmartSole’s Complete Design?

For optimal convenience, the GPS SmartSole has been designed as insoles. They have been created to fit into majority of adult shoes. Unlike bracelets and other locking devices that can induce anxiety and stress in consumers with autism and other related conditions, the GPS SmartSole must simply be placed in one’s shoes, which brings no harm to anyone.

While low memory is a key concern, brushing teeth or wearing shoes before leaving out are tasks many do correctly, which is said to bring the GPS SmartSole to life. Lastly, while its overall design might be slightly thicker than an average insole, one’s comfort levels are claimed as fitting and appropriate.

How Can Consumers Make Efficient Use of the GPS SmartSole?

In order to make efficient use of the GPS SmartSole, consumers must ensure that he or she has a data service plan, similar to using a cellular phone; otherwise it will not work. It is also said to be water resistant, therefore consumers can wear it rain or shine.

In order to preserve its quality, consumers are advised to spot clean, and avoid high impact activities.

How Much Does the GPS SmartSole Cost?

Every purchase of the GPS SmartSole comes with a wireless charging pad, usb cable, adapter and online tracking and alerts packages. The online tracking and alerts can either cost $34.95 monthly or $74.95 quarterly.

The GPS SmartSole comes in either medium or large sizes, which range from men’s sizes 5W to 12 and women’s sizes 7W to 14 and men’s sizes 12.5 to 15 respectively. The price of the insoles are set at about $299; which altogether may come out to a minimum of $350.

Final Thoughts

With the GPS SmartSole, not only can consumers feel relieved over the safety of their loved ones experiencing memory related conditions, but those with such conditions can feel at ease as their independence is not compromised.

The GPS SmartSole claims to update consumers on their loved one’s whereabouts every ten minutes and may provide alerts in the event that something may have gone wrong.

In addition, the GPS SmartSole is a wearable device that is “invisible” to those wearing it, possibly reducing anxiousness and stress. Ultimately, making it a win-win situation for both parties involved.

While its price factor may seem displeasing at first, its ability to bring optimal comfort, relief and happiness to family, friends and those who tend to wander off unintentionally makes it worthwhile.

Lastly, the lifespan of the GPS SmartSole is dependent on one’s weight, walking patterns, and the intensity of physical activity, therefore, a fixed duration cannot be estimated.

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