Enso Rings – Silicone Ring For Wedding & Engagement Alternatives?


Active people will appreciate the comfort and durability provided by these innovative rings by Enso. Made from silicone these rings make it comfortable to wear jewelry while lifting weights, running, or even working construction.

Silicone rings do not pose the same risk of injury as wearing traditional metal rings and they feel comfortable all day long.

Enso offers a wide variety of colors and styles helping consumers customize their look. Please read below to learn more about Enso Rings and how to purchase one for yourself or a loved one.

What Are Enso Rings?

Men and women who are looking for a more comfortable wedding ring to wear as part of their active lifestyle or just want to reduce the risk of injury to their hands due to their field of work will want to consider giving a silicone ring by Enso Rings a try.

These durable, long lasting rings are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures offering every person an option they will love to wear. Many consumers may be familiar with this company due to their coverage on the television show Shark Tank.

Traditional metal wedding rings can be uncomfortable and actually dangerous for people who live active lifestyles.

Silicone rings are a good alternative to help prevent finger injuries and remain comfortable even when wet from water or sweat. Enso Rings allow people to show their love and commitment without sacrificing style, comfort, or personality.

Enso Ring Styles

There are a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles to choose from when selecting a ring.


Elements Silicone Ring:

These rings are actually infused with real metals meaning the rose gold option actually has real gold blended along with the silicone. Women can choose between the traditional width and a thinner version.

Stackable Rings:

Seven different styles are available that are designed to stack neatly with other ring styles or patterns. These small rings are available in fourteen different color options.


The most popular styles are the copper elements traditional style band as well as the black obsidian infinity design. Enso Rings also offer men stackable options to help them customize their style and reflect their personality. Many consumers buy multiple rings to express their love for a certain sports team by wearing their team colors.

People who work in fields that regularly put their hands at risk of injury should definitely make the switch to a silicone ring to help prevent serious finger injuries or avulsions.

Enso Ring Features

Designed to fit comfortably no matter what the activity, swimmers, runners, rock climbers, and kayakers will all love the comfort and style offered by Enso Rings.

Weight lifters who find that their wedding ring is uncomfortable while working out will appreciate how smooth and easy to wear these rings are despite heavy loads and tons of sweat. Enso Rings are ultrathin and do not conduct electricity.

Unlike cheaper alternatives these high quality silicone rings do not cause odors with long periods of wear. These rings offer a great alternative to expensive wedding rings while traveling and can be worn easily in a variety of conditions.

Firemen, military, construction workers, and competitive athletes will all want to consider switching to Enso Rings or at least purchasing one to use while working or training.

Company Details

Founded by two adventurous friends named Brighton and Aaron, these guys are active and wanted to offer people a comfortable alternative to traditional metal rings to wear while climbing, kayaking, or while doing any other activities that run the risk or injuring hands and fingers.

Silicone rings feel comfortable and adjust when hands are swelling or constricted. Enso Rings are actually the only silicone rings manufactured using Anti Ring Avulsion Technology which is proven to help keep fingers safe in an injury to help prevent avulsion or amputation.

Enso Rings did not want to compromise style and comfort for safety so consumers will love all of the varieties of color, textures, and thicknesses to choose from when selecting a ring. Further details are available through the company’s website at www.ensorings.com.

All Enso Rings are designed and made in the United States. All purchases of Enso Rings come with a full lifetime guarantee.


These rings are available for purchase online through the Enso Rings website as well as Amazon. Some of the simple stackable styles start at just $7.99 through Amazon and the Elements collection runs just under $40 per ring.

Enso Rings Range


Available in both men’s and women’s colors and sizes each band is available for $19.99.

Infinity Ring:

The women’s band is slightly smaller in diameter and thickness. Each Infinity Style ring is available for $24.99.

Stackable Rings:

Each ring is available for $11.99 and come in both men’s and women’s sizing.


Available in two different widths for both men and women. Each ring is 439.99 and comes in a variety of metals and colors.

Quantity discounts are offered, allowing consumers to save money when they purchase multiple rings. Purchases of two rings will save an extra ten percent off and purchases of three or more rings will save an additional fifteen percent off each additional ring.

Enso Rings also offers gift cards making it easy for loved ones to give a gift towards purchasing a ring that allows the gift recipient to select their favorite style and size.

This company stands behind every ring by backing it with a full lifetime guarantee.

Should You Use Enso Rings?

Consumers looking for a stylish yet comfortable alternative to their metal wedding band will appreciate the variety offered by Enso Rings. By switching to a silicone ring users will better protect their fingers from severe injury which can lead to amputation or avulsion.

People who have active lifestyles or potentially dangerous hobbies or careers will all want to make the switch to a silicone band for not only comfort but also safety. These rings are also great options for competitive athletes who want a more comfortable way to wear jewelry while running, swimming, or lifting weights.

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