Fynd – 4G LTE Real-Time Bluetooth & GPS Tracking Device?


Offering a durable and waterproof tracker, Fynd utilizes both Bluetooth and 4G LTE coverage for nationwide tracking of pets, children, and valuable objects.

Please read on for more about this compact tracker with unlimited range.

What is Fynd?

Other Bluetooth trackers are often confined to a limited range of distance so that they stop connecting to smart devices as soon as they exit that range. Similarly, other trackers are not waterproof, rechargeable, or compatible with GPS services.

Those with 3G capabilities are often hindered by a long network connection, delaying information and using up a lot of battery power.

The key feature of Fynd is 4G LTE coverage from Sprint so that it can be used nationwide, with plans to expand internationally. With a waterproof design and rechargeable batteries for continued use, Fynd allows consumers to track anything including family members, pets, or valuable items.

How Does This App Work?

Simply download the Fynd App and then attach a Fynd Device to a pet, child, or valuable item for real-time tracking.

Features of Fynd

Other Products:

Made with flexible, comfortable material, the Fynd Dog Collar is completely customizable for any size of dog. Because the Fynd Device is so compact, it is held safely and securely on the collar, allowing owners to know where their dog is at all times. Similarly, the Children’s Bracelet is designed for comfortable use for parents to keep their kids safe.

Activity Monitor:

Even from a distance, stats are directly sent to one’s smartphone or device for speed, temperature, and activity. This is particularly useful for pets, to insure they are getting sufficient exercise and staying at a comfortable temperature, and children, to know they are safe.


Essential for attaching Fynd to valuable items, the carabiner keeps the device secure so that expensive gear, cameras, luggage, or other valuables are not lost.

Battery Life:

While each device comes with a charging cable, Fynd has an expected 60-day battery life over Bluetooth and a 4-day life when using 4G LTE.

Fynd App:

Accurate within 10 feet and 1.28 seconds, the Fynd App communicates with the Fynd Device so that people, pets, and things are tracked as closely as possible, regardless of location. The App allows users to track multiple devices or for one device to be tracked by multiple users.

30 Days of Free Service:

Currently 4G LTE coverage is limited to the US but is expected to expand. The service plan is priced at $2.99 per month.

Fynd Pledge Options

As a Kickstarter campaign, Fynd will be financed by donations made by consumers who would like to receive Fynd products as a significantly discounted price.

This fundraiser has a flexible goal of $30,000, meaning that even if it does not meet that amount by the deadline, donated funds will still be used and the products will still be manufactured. At the time of writing, Fynd has raised $8,294 towards its goal with about a month left in the campaign.

Several different packages are offered, all of which are expected to be ready by February 2018 and come with free shipping. These include:

Fynd Tracker:

At $60, this deal offers a 40% discount and includes the charging cable, carabiner, and 30 days of free service.

Fynd Everything Pack:

Including both the Dog Collar and Child’s Bracelet, this pack also offers one year of service, priced at $94.

Fynd Double Pack:

Currently the most popular option and priced at $163, donors will receive two Fynd Devices with one year of service for both.

Should You Use Fynd?

With one month left to take advantage of significant discounts, this might be a useful product for busy parents, pet owners, or those who travel a lot and want to keep an eye on their valuables.

More information is available at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fynd-the-world-s-first-4g-lte-tracking-device-bluetooth#/.

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