EzCarTracker – Realtime Easy Car Tracking GPS Device That Works?


The EzCarTracker is a new real-time GPS car tracker that was developed for use on a variety of cars and other transportation methods.

Features of the EzCarTracker

As one of the newest additions to a long line of GPS devices made especially for cars, the EzCarTracker comes with a load of features, such as:

  • Easy installation for any 16 pin OBDII cars
  • Provides real-time GPS tracking on Android and web systems
  • Obtains its data via SMS or GPRS (TCP) protocols

What Are the Benefits of the EzCarTracker?

Save Money on Fuel

Like GPS models, vehicle tracking software will calculate the quickest and most economical route to the destination. Some of the tracking kits give an update in real-time to employers about how much fuel is being consumed, making it more easy to predict allowances and fuel costs.

Less Potential Collisions

Research suggests that when folks know they're being watched or just get the feeling they become more self-conscious and more cautious. This translates, in the seat, into a driver who's far less likely to have accidents.

Simply by making the employee feel watched, a GPS tracking unit enhances their awareness and reduces their risks while on the road.

Managers in the Driving Seat

This sort of tracking puts the companies and managers back into the driving seat by giving them more awareness of how their drivers are spending their time. It lets them assume charge of every vehicle and gives an current view of all company cars at once.

Through the vehicle tracking unit, drivers, companies and managers can be notified well in advance of any upcoming traffic issues, diversions or closures, allowing them to react more quickly to avoid such an obstacle.

Improves Employee Driving Habits

To stop long-term damage to the car that accumulates and worsens over time, a tracking unit can be used to track the habits of the driver, spotting any potentially bad habits which could be bad for the health of that vehicle.

The machine looks out for poor habits like braking hard or running fuel low which, over a long time period, could cause considerable damage to the car that would ultimately cost the company.

Through this technology, companies make an effort to stop those customs that may result in damage to the car in the near future and can warn employees about their driving habits that are bad.

EzCarTracker Review Summary

The EzCarTracker can be used by both individuals and companies for monitoring the performance, safety, and practice of their vehicles. For a limited time, shoppers can purchase their Ez Car Tracker unit at 50% off, which makes for a $79 dollar saving in total.

More information about the GPS tracker, including how to install it and best practices, can be found on the company’s website. Customers will also get an installation guide and user’s guide when the product is delivered (which should take between 3 and 5 working days).

The discounted offer for the car tracking unit won’t last forever, so interested shoppers should pick one up while they still can.

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