FreshStax Smoothies – 5-Packs Ready To Blend Organic Delivery Kits?


Meal kits and delivery boxes have recently exploded in popularity across the United States. Offering time-poor consumers the ability to prepare a wide variety of fresh homemade foods in the comfort of their own home, meal kits expand upon the concept of meal delivery boxes, fusing them with the practice of grocery delivery to create unique, fun, and interesting culinary experiences at home.

There are many different meal kits available on the market today. Some focus on providing high-end gourmet ingredients and recipes that allow creative home chefs to create restaurant-quality meals in their own kitchens, while others focus on specific cuisines, such as burgers, Italian, or Asian dishes. There are also meal kits that place a higher important on nutrition, healthy eating, and weight loss, providing health-conscious consumers with convenient, pre-prepped, read-to-cook wholesome meal options.

A new meal kit solution, however, is taking the meal kit concept in a different direction, aiming instead to provide consumers with the ability to create highly nutritious, delicious, and health-boosting smoothies in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Fruit juice and smoothie detoxes, weight loss programs, and cleanses are one of the most popular total body health practices in the United States, and the FreshStax solution allows consumers to create organic, locally-sourced smoothie kits with ingredients delivered directly to their door every week. Combining powerful superfoods that deliver a wide range of health benefits with all natural farm produce, FreshStax is a wholly original content and offers a unique nutritional solution that can’t be found elsewhere.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the FreshStax Smoothies service and find out what it offers, and well as what makes it stand out from other juice cleanses, superfood blends, and health smoothie providers to help you decide whether it’s worth trying out.

What is FreshStax Smoothies?

FreshStax Smoothies is a new meal kit delivery service that, instead of delivering the ingredients to make meals, delivers the necessary supplies to create delicious and healthy smoothies. The FreshStax concept is one of the most unique subscription kits we’ve seen yet, and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on popular crowdfunding site IndieGoGo.

Having raised more than 88% of their total flexible goal in just a few short days, the FreshStax crowdfunding campaign is set to succeed well ahead of schedule. The FreshStax solution is the brainchild of CEO and founder Skip Garret, who, as an avid health smoothie enthusiast, intends to create a more convenient and more cost effective way of incorporating health enhancing smoothies into the diet while at the same time creating a positive social impact.

The FreshStax project isn’t intended only to provide regular delicious smoothie recipes and ingredients, but is also aimed at affecting positive social change in South Central LA.

The FreshStax Smoothies Impact

Skip Garret, the founded of FreshStax, has partnered with GroceryShips, a leading grocery provider in LA, to provide relief and support in the form of fresh organic produce to South Central LA. Many of the most population-dense low-income neighborhoods in CA have access to far fewer fresh food sources than other areas, with more than 73% of the food outlets in these areas consisting of unhealthy fast food outlets. As only 36% of the total population of South Central LA lives within a five minute walk of a grocery store, finding a healthy food option can be extremely difficult in these areas.

These areas, known as “food deserts”, are one of the biggest contributors to the health problems plaguing the United States. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the US, responsible for more than 25% of the total mortality rate, which occurs as a direct result of frequent sodium and sugar rich fast food consumption

FreshStax Smoothies aims to create a serious impact on these food deserts by partnering with GroceryShips to make a donation of fresh, healthy, organic, chemical free food to these regions for every FreshStax order delivered. To date, FreshStax have delivered more than a ½ ton of fresh produce to South Central LA in just 900 smoothie kits, and plans to expand this amount dramatically.

How FreshStax Smoothies Works

The FreshStax solution is similar to many of the other regular meal kit delivery services available on the market today, with the exception that the ingredients included are used to make smoothies, not meals. Each FreshStax deliver contains sufficient ingredients to create five highly nutritious smoothies packed with superfoods, fresh fruits, and delicious natural flavors.

The FreshStax smoothie flavor lineup changes each week, and uses environmentally-safe, BPA free bottles that are healthy and safe for storing both smoothies and ingredients. In addition to containing the raw, organic produce needed to create the smoothies, FreshStax also delivers fresh organic milk and nutrient boosts that deliver a wide range of targeted health benefits.

FreshStax Smoothies Verdict

The FreshStax deliver service is the first natural organic smoothie kit delivery platform available on the market, and offers the additional advantage of creating significant and lasting social change that promotes healthier lifestyles in some of the wealthiest regions of the US.

Stax Subscriptions begin at $45 USD for a regular weekly subscription of healthy, nutritious smoothies. If you’re looking for an ethical, socially-conscious smoothie kit solution, FreshStax is a great option.

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