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FreeLife International is a multilevel marketing company that is famous for its Himalayan Goji Juice. Here’s our FreeLife International review.

What is FreeLife International?

FreeLife International is an American multilevel marketing company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. The company was founded by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier in 1995.

Today, FreeLife International sells its products all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

FreeLife International’s products are primarily sold under the “Tai” brand. There are Tai products for all different demographics, including Tai Kids and Tai Home.

In addition to the Tai product lineup, FreeLife sells a wide range of multivitamins, probiotics, weight loss supplements, and much more.

FreeLife International Products

FreeLife’s products are separated into six different categories (along with various packs and starter kits). Those product categories include:

— TAIslim
— TAIfit
— TAIwellness
— TAIspa
— TAIhome
— TAIkids

Most product categories include goji juice supplements of some form or another. TAIslim, for example is a weight loss formula based on goji juice. A one liter bottle retails at $56.49.

GoChi is another popular FreeLife International product. Priced at $205 for a package of four one liter bottles, GoChi claims to be “scientifically demonstrated to improve your health and well-being in 19 key areas”. Like other popular FreeLife products, GoChi relies heavily on Himalayan Goji Juice, which is the registered trademark formula that FreeLife originally launched back in 2003.

TAIGreens is also popular. It retails at a price of $57 for a 150 gram tub. Key ingredients include leaf oat grass, barley grass, and wheat grass, among other plant-based ingredients. TAIGreens claims to help detoxify and purify your body and reduce your risk of disease.

Scientific Evidence for Goji Berry

Nearly FreeLife’s entire product lineup relies on the power of the goji berry. What exactly is a goji berry and how does it work?

FreeLife publishes a scientific evidence guide at its official website here.

Some of the highlights of that guide include:

— The goji berry “may just be the world’s most powerful anti-aging food”. It has been used by the ancient Chinese for thousands of years.

— Goji’s anti-aging properties come from its high levels of “bioactive polysaccharide molecules”, including a specific type of polysaccharide called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBPs). LBPs are unique to the goji berry and “are not found in any plant on Earth”.

— Early in the 2000s, FreeLife scientists created a registered trademark formula containing goji berry extract. FreeLife claims that this is “the only standardized form of this incredible plant available in the world today.”

— Dozens of studies have been performed on FreeLife products over the years. You can see a selection of all of these studies here. Many of the studies were led by the same individuals (either Amagase H or Handel R are listed on over 95% of the scientific studies on that page).

“Handel R” (Rick Handel) is actually the lead formulator for FreeLife, so not all of these tests are totally independent of the company.

— Nevertheless, the studies demonstrate that FreeLife can have powerful effects on your body. One study from 2008 showed that the company’s goji formula could reduce waist circumference, for example. Another study indicated that goji berry could reduce stress.

FreeLife prides itself on its scientific evidence and claims to be the best MLM company in the world in terms of scientific evidence and support. However, the vast majority of studies on goji berry and FreeLife have been led by the same individuals, many of whom seem to have ties to FreeLife in some way or another (like being directly employed by the company as formulators).

FreeLife International’s 2007 Controversy

In 2007, a spokesperson for FreeLife International got in big trouble for claiming that the company’s products could basically cure cancer. That spokesperson exaggerated the anti-aging and anti-cancer properties of goji juice during a hidden camera investigation by CBC.

CBC later discovered that the spokesperson (who claimed to be a doctor) actually had an invalid Ph. D qualification. CBC also discovered that the anti-cancer properties of goji juice were based on preliminary evidence of cancer cell inhibition in a lab rather than in official testing.

Following this controversy, FreeLife fired Mindell in 2008

Today, FreeLife International minimizes the anti-aging and anti-cancer properties of their products like goji juice. Instead, they focus on effects like mood enhancement and higher levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream (which can reduce the effects of aging and reduce your risk of various diseases by eliminating free radicals).

FreeLife International Opportunity

FreeLife International, like many MLM companies, heavily advertises the benefits of becoming a FreeLife distributor (like luxury cars and luxury vacations) without talking about the hard work that you may need to put into the company in order to reach these limits.

For example, on FreeLife’s Opportunity page, you’ll learn that you can win “Leadership Bonuses of up to $1,000,000” and can earn a “$600 to $1,000 Monthly Car Bonus at very achievable titles”. New distributors can “Transform their Life Today” by “living the FreeLife”.

There are two main ways to join FreeLife, including:

Gold QSP ($529.99)

— Includes 12 different full-sized FreeLife supplements

Platinum QSP ($1,114)

— Includes 24 different full-sized FreeLife supplements

You can join FreeLife through a distributor or just sign up to the company using the referral code “123456”, which is entered by default into the form when you attempt to purchase a package.

FreeLife’s compensation plan claims to be the most lucrative in the direct selling industry. The company prides itself on something called the “FreeLife 13”, which are the 13 different ways you can earn money through the company.

The FreeLife 13 include: product rebates, Fast Start bonuses, Quick Start bonuses, Transformation Weekly bonuses, 9-level organization commissions, Star Director Advancement bonuses, Star Director $75 monthly guarantee, Luxury Car Club monthly bonuses, matching bonuses, Ambassador Advancement bonuses, Ambassador Generational bonuses, Royal Ambassador bonuses, and the Leadership Development Pool.

You can view full details about the FreeLife commission plan at this PDF brochure. The company’s commission structure can be seen below:


About FreeLife

FreeLife claims to earn over $1 billion in total sales every year. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona at the following address:

4714 E. Hilton Ave – Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85034

You can contact the company by phone at 877-954-6244 from 10am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday, or by email at [email protected].

FreeLife maintains a presence in 11 other regions around the world, including Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Trinidad and Tobago. You can view contact information for all international locations:

Our current belief is if you are wanting a MLM type product to support, we would recommend you take a look at Pruvit and their KETO-OS system versus FreeLife International.

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    The only thing is that normal people can not ever think like this, you have to be ab-normal to understand. The wife and kids way of life is just a big joke to me and a perfect way to limit yourself to one job for the rest of your life with no hope of freedom. Please send me some information on how to buy goji because I now own a company that this product suits me perfect thank You.

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