Hyperbiotics Probiotics Review

Hyperbiotics is a lineup of probiotic supplements that promise to be 15 times more effective than other leading probiotics. They’re marketed primarily towards adults, nursing mothers, and children.

Is Hyperbiotics PRO-15 worth the price? Find out today in our Hyperbiotics review.

What are Hyperbiotics Probiotics?


Hyperbiotics Probiotics are a lineup of probiotic supplements that promise to boost the health of your digestive system.

Due to unhealthy diets, many of us have poor digestive health. We lack the probiotics necessary to break down food.

“Probiotics” is a general term for good bacteria that live in our guts. These bacteria break down food, extract nutrients, and make us feel happy, healthy, and energetic.

A lack of probiotic bacteria can lead to all sorts of different problems, including:

— Gas
— Bloating
— Constipation
— Weakened Immune System
— Poor Nutrient Absorption
— Other Digestive Problems

By taking a probiotic supplement like Hyperbiotics Probiotics, you can restore healthy digestive bacteria and begin living a healthier life.

How Do Hyperbiotics Probiotics Work?

Hyperbiotics claims to be 15 times more effective than other probiotic supplements because 60% of the probiotics survive to reach your intestinal tract – compared to just 4% from other probiotic supplements.

Why is there such a big discrepancy?

Hyperbiotics claims that the probiotics made by “the other guys” are almost all killed by stomach acid as they pass through. This results in just 4% of all probiotics arriving at their intended destination.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics avoid the stomach acid using two unique mechanisms:

— BIO-Tract Protection
— Time-Release Technology

Basically, the spherical shape of the Hyperbiotics Probiotics protects the probiotics as they move through your stomach. Then, the time release technology breaks down those spherical molecules at the perfect moment in your intestinal tract.

The end result is that you get the maximum number of colony forming units (CFUs) in your gastrointestinal tract.

Hyperbiotics claims that 80% of our immune system is located in the gut. When our body lacks proper probiotics, it can compromise the effectiveness of our immune system, which means we are more likely to develop diseases and illnesses.

To make a long story short, probiotics play an essential role in our overall health, and Hyperbiotics Probiotics claims to be the best probiotic on the market today.

It’s important to note that Hyperbiotics Probiotics contains significantly fewer CFUs than many other probiotic supplements. It contains 5 billion CFUs – which may sound like a lot until you realize that other probiotics can contain 10, 20, 30, 50, or even 70 billion CFUs. Even if you believe that only 4% of these bacteria survive to your intestinal tract, you may still get more CFUs from other supplements.

Most Hyperbiotics Probiotics do, however, contain 15 different strains of probiotics, while many other probiotics contain 8 or 10 different strains.

Top Hyperbiotics Strains

Hyperbiotics products contain between 3 and 15 strains, depending on which supplement you buy.

Here are the top strains included in most Hyperbiotics products:

— L. fermentum
— L. acidophilus
— L. casei
— B. longum
— B. lactis
— L. rhamnosus
— L. plantarum
— B. infantis
— Lactobacillus
— Bifidobacterium
— Streptococcus

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Supplements

Hyperbiotics currently offers seven different types of probiotic supplements, including all of the following:

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-15

This is the standard Hyperbiotics supplement that you should take if “you feel your gut is compromised and are looking to repopulate your probiotic colonies.” It contains 5 billion CFUs per serving.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength

This advanced strength formula is the super powered version of the original Pro-15. It contains 10 billion more CFUs for a total of 15 billion. It also contains kiwi extract. It’s ideal for those who are “looking for an intense probiotic formula while supporting your colon and enabling business as usual.” It’s also recommended for those who suffer from chronic digestive problems, or anyone who has recently completed antibiotics (which kills off many friendly bacteria in your gut).

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-Kids

This formula contains 3 billion CFUs and 3 different strains. It’s recommended for children ages 4 and up.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-Moms

This probiotic is specially designed for women who are pregnant or nursing. It contains 8 targeted strains of CFUs with a total count of 5 billion. The supplement reduces the risk of mastitis, UTIs, gestational diabetes, and inflammation.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-Women

This strain is recommended for females who frequently battle candida, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs). It contains 5 billion CFUs and 6 different strains of bacteria. It also includes cranberry extract and D-Mannose.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Pro-Dental

This formula is specially designed to repopulate your oral probiotic colonies. Oral probiotics are found in your saliva and help break down food before that food gets to your stomach. They’re your body’s first line of defense when it comes to effective digestion. This supplement contains 3 billion CFUs across 4 different strains, along with an added dose of chelated zinc for extra cleansing.

It’s specifically designed for those who have bad breath, plaque, cavities, teeth-staining, tongue-coating, gum line recession, gum disease, tooth sensitivities, oral thrush, tonsil stones, allergies, or frequent ear, nose, throat, or sinus infections.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics Immune

This supplement is designed for those who “are sick more than 2 times per year, travel extensively or…experiencing elevated stress levels.” It contains 4 billion CFUs across 5 different strains of bacteria.

All Hyperbiotics Probiotics supplements are labeled as “all natural, sugar free, gluten free, and lactose free.”

How to Buy Hyperbiotics Probiotics

You can buy Hyperbiotics Probiotics from the official online store at store.hyperbiotics.com or at Amazon.com. There, you’ll see two different types of prices: the price of one bottle with standard shipping, and the price of three bottles with free shipping.

Hyperbiotics Immune: $21 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $60 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

Hyperbiotics Pro-15: $25 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $72 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength: $28 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $79 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

Hyperbiotics Pro-Dental: $25 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $70 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

Hyperbiotics Pro-Kids: $20 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $59 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

Hyperbiotics Pro-Moms: $24 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $70 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

Hyperbiotics Pro-Women: $24 plus standard shipping for 1 bottle; $70 plus free shipping for 3 bottles

You can also purchase the bottles from Amazon. Amazon sells Hyperbiotics Pro-15 for $24.95 with free shipping on orders over $35. You can also buy the Hyperbiotics Ultimate Immune System Booster for $19.95, with free shipping available on orders over $35.

Who Should Take Hyperbiotics Probiotics?

The probiotics industry is crowded with different supplements. This makes it difficult to pick the best one for your health goals.

Hyperbiotics Probiotics are competitively-priced supplements that claim to be up to 15 times more effective than “the other guys”. The secret lies in the timed delivery system, which protects the probiotics against stomach acid while they pass through your gut.

Aside from that delivery system, Hyperbiotics supplements are very similar to most other products on the market. They contain the right strains of bacteria – although they contain fewer colony forming units (CFUs) than most competitors (5 billion CFUs compared to 30 to 50 billion in other leading supplements).

With all of these things in mind, compare Hyperbiotics Probiotics carefully before making your purchase. You might find that other probiotics offer more strains and more CFUs for less money. No matter which one you choose, you should be able to alleviate gas, bloating, and other digestive problems whether you buy Hyperbiotics Probiotics or another probiotic supplement.


One thing is clear, Hyperbiotics has a strong presence on Amazon. With over 1400 reviews and a solid 4.4 out of 5 stars, it is clear that people are loving it.

It is probably the best Probitoic that we have reviewed here on SupplementPolice.com and feel comfortable recommending to our own friends and family.


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