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Thrive Life Review

Thrive Life is a Utah-based multilevel marketing company that sells emergency food and food storage systems. Here’s our Thrive Life review.

What is Thrive Life?

Thrive Life was launched in 2004 under the name “Shelf Reliance”. In 2009, the company changed its name to Thrive Life and adopted a multilevel marketing sales model. – Not to be confused with Le-Vel Thrive.

Today, Thrive Life uses direct selling to attract consultants from around the world. These consultants are all required to buy food products from Thrive Life monthly, and then recruit consultants beneath them to build their downline. As you build more layers underneath you, you can complete the “pyramid” and maximize your earnings.

The company is based in Utah.

Thrive Life Products

Thrive Life sells emergency food products under the brand named Thrive. These food products are all dehydrated and freeze-dried. The company also sells food storage systems – so you can buy freeze-dried food and then store that food in Thrive Life’s shelves.

Thrive Life differentiates itself from the competition by storing every single food and entrée in a can. That includes freeze-dried chicken, beef, ham, and soy-based meals (including vegetarian-friendly bacon and beef).

Some of these meals are designed to be stored long-term in emergency bunkers and shelters. Other meals are packaged in lighter packages that make them ideal for camping.

If you’re serious about “prepping”, then you’ll also be interested in Thrive Life’s extensive collection of seeds. The company sells canned seeds that you can use to populate a garden in long-term survival situations. Sample seeds include corn, lettuce, squash, and red beet seeds.

To get an idea of some of the meals you can make using Thrive Life products, visit the official website’s extensive collection of recipes here.

One recipe, for example is called Jason’s BBQ Chicken Sliders and it requires you to use three packages of freeze dried food sold by Thrive Life along with other basic spices and seasonings. The meal can be made in 10 to 15 minutes by following the instructions on the company website.

There are hundreds of recipes on the Thrive Life website all separated into different categories – like breakfasts, lunches, desserts, and vegetarian options. The recipes also list calorie and nutritional information.

In an emergency situation, you can make all of the Thrive food products using just hot water. Many meals can also be eaten dry.

In addition to selling cans of emergency food, you can order complete shelving systems from Thrive Life. The most popular food rotation system uses the First In First Out (FIFO) system to ensure you can maintain emergency food storage without wasting food. This system consists of metal shelving units that can be placed in a basement, emergency shelter, or large pantry.

Thrive Life 1 Year Supply of Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Food ($2,308.99)

One of Thrive’s most popular products is its one year supply of freeze dried and dehydrated food. That one year supply includes 9,900 total servings of Thrive Foods products that are specially chosen to offer balanced nutrition.

The one year supply is priced at $2,308.99, which works out to 202 calories for every dollar. That’s a little higher priced than the average emergency food storage products, which typically offer closer to 300+ calories for every dollar.

The one year supply comes with a shelf life of 25 years. It includes a range of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods stored in #10 cans.

To make any of these foods, you simply need to add hot water (boiling water is ideal for the best possible taste). There are 99 gallon-sized cans in total.

Some people dislike using cylindrical cans in their emergency food storage systems because the shape of the cylinder wastes valuable space. However, this isn’t really an issue if you use Thrive Life’s proprietary storage system, which includes rounded shelves specially designed to hold each one gallon can.

What kind of foods do you get with a one year supply? Here’s what’s included:

Grains: 1 x 10 Grain Pancake Mix, 1 x 9 Grain Cracked Cereal, 1 x Cornmeal, 4 x White Flour, 2 x Germade, 4 x Quick Oats, 3 x White Rice, 3 x Hard White Winter Wheat.

Vegetables: 3 x Freeze Dried Broccoli, 2 x Freeze Dried Cauliflower, 4 x Freeze Dried Sweet Corn, 4 x Freeze Dried Green Peas, 2 x Dehydrated Potato Chunks, 2 x Freeze Dried Chopped Spinach, 3 x Freeze Dried Green Beans.

Fruits: 1 x Freeze Dried Sliced Bananas, 1 x Freeze Dried Blackberries, 2 x Freeze Dried Mangoes, 2 x Freeze Dried Peach Slices, 1 x Freeze Dried Raspberries, 4 x Freeze Dried Strawberries.

Dairy: 1 x Chocolate Drink Mix, 3 x Powdered Milk, 1 x Instant Milk

Meats & Beans: 3 x Whole Egg Powder, 1 x Freeze Dried Chopped Chicken, 2 x Freeze Dried Diced Ham, 2 x Kidney Beans, 2 x Pinto Beans, 1 x Freeze Dried Diced Turkey, 3 x Freeze Dried Roast Beef, 1 x Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles.

Basics: 1 x Iodized Salt, 1 x Brown Sugar, 1 x Powdered Sugar, 4 x White Sugar.

Drinks: 2 x Orchard Apple Drink, 1 x Orange Bliss Drink.

Entrees: 8 x Baked Potato Cheese Soup, 8 x Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Most reviews for Thrive Life claim that the foods taste “pretty good”. The main drawback is that the recipes on often include traditional spices and other additives. That’s great for day-to-day cooking in our current society, but it may not be ideal in survival situations or when you’re camping.

Thrive Life Food Rotation Systems

Thrive Life sells six different food rotation systems to fit homes and pantries of all different sizes. Shelving units include:

— The Harvest: 36.5”, $239.99 to $459.99

— The Pantry: 24.5” Wide, $194.99 to $359.99

— The Reserve: 18.5” Wide, $149.99 to $259.99

There are multiple types and sizes of each unit, which is why the prices vary widely. The largest units cost the most.

The company’s other food rotation system is called the Cansolidator Series, which consists of smaller can storage systems that can slide into your existing cupboard or pantry.

The Cansolidator system works with standard-sized food cans (i.e. not Thrive Life products). You can use it to store normal food cans you would buy at a grocery store.

Systems include:

— Pantry Plus: Holds 60 Cans, $47.99

— Pantry: Holds 40 Cans, $33.99

— Cupboard: Holds 20 Cans, $26.99

How to Buy Thrive Life Products

You can buy all Thrive Life products from the company’s online retail store here:

Products are separated into categories based on the type of food (like fruits, dairy, vegetables, or proteins), or the type of product (like shelving or freeze-dried products).

There are dozens of different foods, food storage packages, and shelving deals available. Here are some of the bestselling units currently sold by the company:

— 3 Month Fruit Supply: $403.99

— 3 Month Vegetable Supply: $176.99

— 1 Year Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply: $2,497.99

— Basic 3 Month Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply: $601.99

— Basic 6 Month Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food Supply: $1295.99

— Berry 6-Pack: $201.99

— Cheese Variety 6-Pack: $321.99

— Freeze Dried Meats 6: $380.99

— Kids 6 Pack: $139.99

About Thrive Life

Thrive Life is an American company based in American Fork, Utah. The company was founded in 2004 under the name Shelf Reliance. Initially, the company specialized in selling food rotation systems that worked on the First In First Out (FIFO) system. So you could easily maintain long-term food storage supplies without losing money through expired products.

— In 2007, Shelf Reliance revealed a lineup of emergency food products under the brand name Thrive.

— In 2009, the company launched its MLM system and by 2012, Shelf Reliance had changed its name to Thrive Life.

Today, the company is headquartered at the following address:

Thrive Life
691 S Auto Mall Dr.
American Fork, UT 84003

You can contact the company at 801-756-9902 or toll-free at 877-743-5373. You can also reach the company by email at [email protected] (for sales and marketing questions) or at [email protected] (for customer support questions).

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  1. I am a consultant and liked this article. I love Thrive Life products so it is easy for me to spend $50 a month so that I can earn commission. And I also love earning commission :), it is a great way for me to stay home with my kids and work from home, while sharing what I love and building my home store.

  2. Truth in Advertising? “Consultants are not ‘required’ to buy anything monthly.” OUCH!

    I just checked on the company web site and TECHNICALLY, you are correct. You don’t HAVE to personally buy anything MONTHLY to be a consultant. However, if you don’t, you won’t receive ANY commissions on what you sell. So, why would anyone want to be a Consultant, if they are not doing it as a “business” with the goal being to receive commissions? The question is truly rhetorical. You WOULDN’T do that.
    THREE steps to become a “Consultant”.
    1. Register Online.
    2. Choose (ie: BUY) a starter kit. ($129 to $474.)
    3. Set Up Your Q – This is an AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DELIVERY of Thrive Products. And it clearly states: “You’ll need to have a PERSONAL Q of at least $50 to receive commissions, so set yours up now.”

    Just the facts.

  3. Wow. And to think I hoped there would be an unbiased review here..

    “Today, Thrive Life uses direct selling to attract consultants from around the world. These consultants are all required to buy food products from Thrive Life monthly”

    Many companies use direct sales. But I’m sure you have a beef with them too. Consultants are not ‘required’ to buy anything monthly. You buy what you would normally spend money at the grocery store on. As for storage. Most pantry spaces are a mishmash of odd sized boxes, cans, bags and containers. Having a group of cans is pretty convenient. And yes, people into prepping find the product useful. As do hikers, campers, hunters, people building emergency kits for their vehicles and yes even everyday cooks.

    Are you going to replace the Thanksgiving Dinner with it? Not hardly. Is it better than going to a fast food place because you’re out of ideas for a meal and running late? Yes.

    Did your extensive research tell you how much lower in Sodium Thrive products are than other freeze dried products? There are other details but you likely glossed over them as soon as you detected “Direct Sales” and went into Self Righteous Mode. And for the record, I’ve seen other companies that push recruitment. This is selling food. You don’t have to be a distributor. You don’t even have to buy monthly if you don’t want to. Have a lovely Christmas season

    • So… how long have you been a Thrive Life consultant, Dave?

      I mean, REALLY? You accuse the reviewer of going into “Self Righteous Mode” (Which I don’t see at ALL) and then you launch right into “Full Offensive Mode”…. ??

      The article reads as factual and neutral in my opinion. Nothing wrong with MLM and I don’t see where the reviewer says anything negative about that fact. MOST MLM’s require consultants to buy/sell a certain amount of product each month. Nothing wrong with that. The reviewer was just pointing it out.

      You point out that Thrive products are lower in Sodium than “other” freeze dried products. The reviewer pointed out (and I’ve seen this on prepper sites that don’t even mention the MLM part) that Thrive products have a lower calorie/dollar content than most other competitive products. Even then, when they show the average calorie content to be only 2/3 that of competitors, they say: “That’s a LITTLE higher priced than the average emergency food storage products”. They couldn’t have been more fair here if they tried. They COULD have said “That makes Thrive products over 30% more expensive than other products on a calorie per dollar basis.” But they didn’t.


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