FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush: Ceramic Tourmaline?


FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush is a device that allows consumers to create a straighter appearance with their hair, using ceramic and tourmaline. This product is easy to use and offers a payment plan to consumers that want to spread out the charges on their account.

What Is The FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush?

Curly hair can be difficult for some consumers to manage and not very versatile. In fact, the only way to be more flexible in the variety of styles is to straighten is, but irons and blow dryers can damage hair and make it irrevocably frizzy.

The key to getting straight hair that lasts is to maintain moisture as the straightening process takes place, which usually requires a lot of hair products. The creators of the Rose Gold Straightening Brush appear to have created a solution.

The FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush is designed to manage any kind of kinks in the hair, whether they are curls, waves, or just general frizz. The hair is left smooth after a simple brushing and feels even silkier than consumers can get from a regular iron. Since the iron heats so quickly, consumers can get right to work on preparing for the day ahead with low and flowing hair.

Read on below to learn about the technology that sets apart this brush from other treatments.

How It Works

To achieve the right balance of heat, the brush uses both ceramic and tourmaline technology, which heats the brush quickly. According to the claims on the website, it heats up 20x more quickly than negative ions. While this claim cannot be justified, studies show that tourmaline includes both negative ions and infrared heat, which are much more effective in protecting hair from the damage of high heat.

By heating quickly, the brush can nourish the hair and improve shin as it straightens. The settings allow the brush to rise to 185°C/365°F, which is helpful in reducing frizz.

Using The Rose Gold Straightening Brush

Consumers will not have any complicated technique required to get the straight hair that they want. Instead, they will adjust the heat setting and brush through the hair to straighten it. There is no risk of damage during this treatment, and the heat should be evenly distributed.

Brushing the hair before use would help to eliminate tangles that would keep the user from straightening it properly. However, a full set of warnings and tips should be available with the instructions in the shipment.

Pricing For FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush

The total cost of the Rose Gold straightening brush is $149.95, which is fairly expensive for a styling tool. However, if the user cannot pay the entire cost in one transaction, they can use Sezzle to break down the total into four payments of $37.48. The payments would be interest-free, but they would need to be setup for automatic withdrawals from the available card on file.

If this product does not work for the user’s needs, they have up to 30 days to get a full refund for the hair care tool.

Contacting The Creators Of FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush

Even though the website offers plenty of details, consumers may have other questions that they want to address. There is no phone number for customer service, but they offer an email address ([email protected]) to engage electronically.

FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Hair Brush Conclusion

The Rose Gold Straightening Brush from FoxyBae saves time and preserves the soft state of the hair, while still creating a texture that consumers can style with ease. The device is a little expensive, but the performance of the brush is equivalent to a brush, straightening iron, and even a blow dryer, so it is worth the investment. Even to just get rid of bed-head hair in the morning, the Rose Gold Straightening Brush is helpful.


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