Food Matters Live – Worldly Thought Provoking Health Conference?


Food Matters Live is an annual event that helps connect retail buyers, food and drink manufacturers, foodservice providers and influential professionals working in health and nutrition. The 2016 event took place in London and had over 13,000 people in attendance.

People interested in food or the food service industry will want to read below to learn more about this exhibition and how to attend or be an exhibitor. Please read below for more information about Food Matters Live.

What is Food Matters Live?

Food Matters Live is an annual exhibition that helps bring together retail buyers, food and drink manufacturers, foodservice providers, and influential professionals working in the fields of health and nutrition. The 2016 exhibition had over 13,000 people in attendance over the three day event and the 2017 event is expected to be just as popular.

The 2017 Food Matters Live Exhibition will take place at the ExCel Center in London from November 21-23.

Food Matters Live Details

Below is an overview of details for both people who want to attend the Food Matters Live Event or be an exhibitor.

The Food Matters Live Conference addresses the relationship between food, nutrition and health through a rich and varied program. Spanning across the three day event will be seventeen debates held by experts in the fields of food, nutrition, health, and sustainability.

Attendees of this exhibition will have access to learning from over three hundred industry leaders who will be hosting over eighty seminar sessions. Exhibitors will join over six hundred other companies to showcase their products and ideas.

Exhibitors will gain access to over 13,000 attendees during this event. Additionally, there will be live talks, events, and demonstrations happening throughout the day on the exhibition event floor.

Currently Food Matters Live is also taking information from individuals or companies who are interested in speaking at the exhibition.

Food Matters Live Organization

Food Matters Live is the United Kingdom’s only cross sector event designed specifically for people and companies operating within the fields of health, nutrition, and the food and drink industry. This event offers food service providers and industry experts the opportunity to learn and teach with others who are working within related fields.

Food Matters Live is the only event of its kind in the United Kingdom. The ultimate goal of the Food Matters Live Exhibition is to enable collaboration between like-minded people and companies that are seeking a way to work together to support a sustainable food landscape for the future.

Food Matters Live is an annual event and is taking place November 21-23 at the ExCel Center in London.

Food Matters Live Pricing

-Exhibitor Pricing:

Food Matters Live offers an all-inclusive stand package which comes ready-fitted with furniture, carpet, and lighting. Space-only options are also available. These spaces are available based on size and range from £5,075 for six square meters to £10,180 for sixteen square meters for early bird registrations received by June 20, 2017. Exhibitors who register after June 30 will pay standard rates which range from £5,570 for six square meters to £11,300 for sixteen square meters.

Exhibitors who are interested in renting just the space will pay the early bird rates of £445 per square meter if reserved before June 30 and £495 per square meter if reserved after June 30.

Food Matters Live also provides entry-level stand packages at a reduced price for start-up companies and for organizations involved in research related to food, health, or nutrition.

Interested exhibitors should contact Michael Costain the Director of Food Matters Live by email or phone to learn more, ask questions, or make a reservation.

-Attendee Pricing:

There is not specific information about the cost to attend, it may be free.

Food Matters Live Review Summary

Food Matters Live sounds like a very valuable event to attend for anyone who is involved in the food and drink industry or is interested in collaborating on sustainable solutions for food in the future.

This exhibition brings together thousands of likeminded people who are looking for the chance to share knowledge around food industry related topics. Whether readers are interested in attending or are looking to have their company represented as an exhibitor, Food Matters Live can accommodate either desire.

Interested consumers will want to visit the Food Matters Live website at and read further about the full event. As the event comes closer more details about presenters and debate topics will be listed.

However, be sure to note that the early bird deadline for exhibitor space discount is June 30, 2017 so get applications in quickly to save money.

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