Fisher Wallace Stimulator – Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia Aid?


Depression, anxiety, and insomnia are extremely common mental health conditions that affect millions of people across the United States every day. According to recent statistics, more than 50% of the US population experiences difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, which can act as the catalyst for many other mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression.

The root causes of all three of these mental health issues stem from neurochemical imbalances. Modern medical treatments for the treatment of mental health conditions that are caused by neurochemical imbalances typically adopt a psychiatric approach that involves medicating individuals with drugs that affect the way the brain produces neurotransmitters.

Although modern neuroscience is relatively advanced compared to recent history, the brain and the way in which psychiatric medications affect cognitive function is still poorly understood. As a result, many of the drugs that are prescribed to individuals suffering from mental health conditions cause a wide range of unwanted side effects that in many cases can make matters worse.

Depression, one of the most common mental health issues, is typically treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRI’s. These drugs are able to modulate mood and assist individuals suffering from depression with their daily lives, but often induce side effects such as lethargy, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, and, paradoxical, feelings of depression.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are also used to treat anxiety, which is a purely psychological mental condition that can be effectively treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and even holistic health practices. While SSRI’s are able to prevent the onset of anxiety attacks, they also dampen the emotional response of users, causing feelings of disinterest and disassociation.

Insomnia medications typically come in the form of hypnotic sedative drugs, which induce deep sleep at the cost of daytime drowsiness, fatigue, and, in some cases, irregular heartbeat and other cardiovascular issues. Fortunately, recent developments in cutting-edge transcranial stimulation techniques has created a new type of treatment for all three of these conditions that doesn’t involve the use of any drugs at all.

Transcranial stimulation is a practice that involves stimulating the brain with electrical waveforms or impulses that elicit a specific neurological response. A revolutionary new stimulation device called the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is providing individuals that suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia with a highly effective, clinically proven way to transform their lives with a brief, non-invasive daily treatment method.

In this article, we’ll check out the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and find out how it works to help you determine whether it can help you overcome troubling mental health conditions.

What Is The Fisher Wallace Stimulator?

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a highly innovative new method of mental health treatment that involves the use of transcranial stimulation. Developed in tandem with an international team of leading neurological experts from some of the most prestigious university research teams from around the world, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is FDA-cleared and has been proven to be safe and effective.

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator solution has been featured by CBS, Forbes, Fox News, the Boston Globe, ELLE, and the Wall Street Journal, and has been demonstrated to eliminate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia in just four weeks of usage.

How The Fisher Wallace Stimulator Works

Using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is extremely simple. By wearing a simple headband that incorporates proprietary waveform emitters, users of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator perform a simple 20-minute daily session that uses targeted waveforms to stimulate the production and release of specific neurotransmitters and compounds inside the brain.

When used to treat depression and anxiety, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator works by reducing the levels of cortisol in the brain. Cortisol, or the “stress hormone”, is produced by the brain in response to psychological stress, and causes a physiological response.

At the same time, the waveforms emitted by the Fisher Wallace Stimulator promote the release of serotonin and melatonin, two key hormones that boost mood, regulate anxiety and stress, and deliver an anxiolytic effect. Regular use of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator eliminates lethargy and fatigue, minimizes oversleeping and insomnia, and completely halts the onset of panic and anxiety attacks.

When used to treat insomnia, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator modulates the node network of the brain, and induces heightened melatonin production. Melatonin is usually only produced by the brain when the optic nerve is not being irritated by blue wavelengths of light, but the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is able to catalyze the synthesis and release of this key sleep hormone at any point of the day to deliver deep, restful, and healthy sleep.

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is ideal for individuals that have not found success using drug therapy, and does not have any contraindications with any kind of prescription medication. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator also causes no unwanted side effects, but approximately one in 250 individuals may experience a slight sensation of elevated wakefulness after using the device, which typically subsides after two to three hours.

The Science Behind The Fisher Wallace Stimulator

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator has been clinically proven to deliver real results in several clinical investigations. A scientific inquiry performed by the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in 2015 was published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, which documented the efficacy with which the Fisher Wallace Stimulator can be used to treat bipolar depression.

The Phoenix House rehabilitation facility currently uses the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to treat substance abuse, and has provided concrete evidence that regular use of the device increases rehab retention by more than 50%. Fisher Wallace provide a full breakdown of the clinical evidence that supports the Fisher Wallace Stimulator on their website in an easy to understand format, supporting the claims they make about the device.

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator Review Summary

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is a groundbreaking new method of treating mental health issues that provides individuals suffering from chronic conditions with a proven, reliable, and drug-free method of transforming their quality of life.

If you’re seeking a non-invasive drug-free therapy alternative to pharmaceutical mental health treatments, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is definitely worth investigating.

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