Firefly Recovery – Neuromuscular Electro-Stimulation DOMS Relief?


Recovery is often the most overlooked aspect of training, many athletes and bodybuilders end up neglecting the recovery process and thus may experience various hardships as they age.

Research has shown that after an intense workout session, users must rest their bodies for at least 6-7 hours so that their muscles, tendons and organs can fully recuperate.

During the healing process our bodies supply extra oxygen, proteins and other essential nutrients to the various stressed regions allowing them to heal faster and more efficiently.

There are many products now available in the market to boost the recovery process, some of them include protein supplements, post workout mixes, electrical pulse devices, pills, shakes and a whole host of other items.

These supplements mainly look towards relieving the muscle fibres by either providing essential minerals and vitamins, or by sending out neural impulses which stimulate a relocation mechanism within our nervous system

About Firefly

The firefly is an all new innovative, neuromuscular electro-stimulation (NMES) device, which is intended for the stimulation of healthy muscles so that users can experience improved recovery benefits as well as heightened muscle performance. Some of the benefits include:

(i) Improved Circulation: electric stimulation when given in adequate amounts helps in the relaxation/widening of our blood vessels and arteries.

When this happens the amount of blood that can be transported throughout our system can be greatly enhanced.

(ii) Decreased Soreness: after intense exercise our muscles often start contracting due to a lack of adequate blood and oxygen supply, as a result our muscles feel sore and require long rest.

However if there is electric stimulation supplied to these muscles, they become active and respond to stimuli more readily. Also, due to these electric pulses the supply of blood increases which leads to improved muscle expansion.

(iii) Faster Recovery: another added advantage of NMES is the fact that it can reconfigure our neural pathways, this is to say that it regulates various signals of stress, fatigue and tiredness which are constantly being relayed from our muscles to our brain.

Through this inhibition, users can work out longer and remain active for prolonged durations of time.

(iv) Enhanced Performance: through regular use of the device, users can develop their muscles and tendons so that their overall athletic performance can be enhanced and their workout output can be increased.

Firefly Unique Features

  • Portable: it is a highly small machine which is completely wirefree and is worn on one’s kneecap. Firefly triggers the body's natural mechanisms to deliver painless electrical impulses via the ‘peroneal nerve’ to gently activate muscles in the lower leg that stimulate the flow of blood towards the heart and other important regions.
  • Fits everyone: due to its unique shape and design, it can be used by anyone. It does not matter if one is a professional athlete, amateur, old, young, the device can be used to accelerate the recovery process and reduce DOMS after high intensity exercise in any individual.
  • Standalone unit: the Firefly is a complete recovery solution and does not require the use of additional therapy devices or supplements to be employed in order to be effective. However, is not intended to be used in conjunction with therapy or treatment of injuries, diseases or medical conditions of any kind.
  • High Profile Endorsements: many athletes fall prey to chemicals which they take unknowingly as pain relief medication. Thus they are always looking for means of recovery which do not entail the use of any chemical substances. There are many athletes at different levels of sporting success who have attested to using and benefiting from Firefly.
  • Quick: the entire procedure takes about 60 seconds, within this timeframe adequate pulses are sent into the neural network allowing the muscles to dilate and relax. For advanced users the therapy time may be increased depending upon the user's choice.

Firefly Review Summary

There are many high profile professional athletes who have used the product and have spoken highly about it. Some of these individuals include Joe Hoff (trainer and consultant with the Anaheim Ducks) who says that he has found the Firefly to be, “one of the simplest recovery devices on the market.

Used after high intensity exercise, the firefly has made a real difference to the team.” Similarly, David Hamilton (Director of Performance Science, USA Women’s Field Hockey) says that he has made the team use the device through all major tournaments as a mode for faster and more efficient recovery.

He says the he not only promotes its use during tournaments but also as a long term health sustaining option.

Lastly, Hayley Wickenheiser (5 time Olympic Gold Medalist in Ice Hockey) says that she has used Firefly for her recovery process for years now, she not only trusts the device but would also recommend it to anyone looking for a chemical free fitness enhancer.

Pricing And Availability..

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online at Each package includes the main device along with some essential peripherals and an operation manual, it is priced at $35.00.

There are also other additional items like knee straps which can be purchased along with the central device. Payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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