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Fire in the Belly Review – Worth Buying?

Fire in the Belly is a new eBook that teaches you a theory on human health that could be “the biggest medical breakthrough ever.” That’s a bold claim. Find out if it’s true today in our Fire in the Belly review.

What is Fire in the Belly?

Fire in the Belly is a downloadable eBook that teaches you how to lose weight safely, easily, and effectively. The eBook claims that it could be the biggest medical breakthrough ever, or “it’s close to that”.

That’s right: Fire in the Belly specifically claims that its lessons are just as medically important as “discovering that infectious diseases were caused by microbes” or that “anesthetics meant pain-free surgery”. It even claims that the diet lessons included in the book are as important as the day we learned “that we could transplant vital organs”.

These are obviously some big claims. So let’s take a closer look at how Fire in the Belly claims to work.

How Does Fire in the Belly Work?

The book was created by Keith Scott-Mumby MD, PhD. Dr. Scott-Mumby describes how our bowel is a hotbed of inflammation. This inflammation, the “fire in the belly”, affects the systematic health of all other organs and tissues in our body.

Put simply, when your gut is “on fire”, all other parts of your body are affected.

In fact, Fire in the Belly claims that diseases like allergies, autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, and behavioral disorders can all be traced back to intestinal inflammation.

Why is intestinal inflammation so important? Well, your intestines are filled with bacteria and other “microbial genes” that tell our bodies how to behave. Your microbial genes work in a similar way to typical genes. They tell your body how to work.

These genes are so influential throughout our body that Fire in the Belly describes your intestines as like a “second brain”.

With that in mind, Fire in the Belly is an eBook that explains how this gut inflammation works, how it leads to diseases, and most importantly – what you can do to stop it.

Why Does Gut Inflammation Cause Disease?

Gut inflammation is a catch-all term for anything that is irritating our bowels. Fire in the Belly claims that this irritation can be caused by all of the following conditions:

-Silent Pathogens: Infectious pathogens can inflame our gut without triggering your immune system, which means they live unaffected in your gut for a long period of time, where they can eventually “set up murderous chronic inflammation.”

-Dysbiosis: Dysbiosis is the idea that the bacteria and organisms within your bodies can attack your own body. This inflammation can occur in the “dark and moisture of our guts”. Fire in the Belly calls this “friendly fire”. It’s the opposite of symbiosis, which is where your body lives in harmony with its separate parts.

-Abnormal Neurological Development: Fire in the Belly argues that autism is caused by problems within the gut, including food allergies and toxic heavy metals that build up in your intestines. Eventually, these toxins can travel to the brain, where they have lifelong effects on your development. The creator of Fire in the Belly claims he has been talking about this connection since the 1980s – but it wasn’t until recently that modern medicine backed up this idea. Dr. Scott-Mumby cites one study where the rogue measles viruses (the strain used in vaccinations) was found in the bowels of kids with autism.

Altogether, Professor Scott-Mumby calls his book “absolutely riveting science” that explains why there’s a connection between gut inflammation and some of the world’s most common diseases and conditions.

What Causes Gut Inflammation in the First Place?

Fire in the Belly argues that two main conditions cause gut inflammation, leading to all of the other destructive conditions mentioned above. Those two conditions include:

-Auto-Immune Diseases: The world is purportedly facing an epidemic of autoimmune diseases, according to Dr. Scott-Mumby. He claims that our immune systems are causing our bodies to attack the foods we eat – specifically because we’re eating things like wheat, milk, tea, coffee, sugar, and corn.

-Poisonous Metals: Poisonous metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead cause gut inflammation. These toxic metals purportedly inflame the intestinal lining, which then forces your intestines to become “leaky”, which means your body continues to absorb heavy metals. This cycle continues, leading to toxic metal buildup within many of our bodies.

What’s Included within Fire in the Belly?

Fire in the Belly specifically touches on the topics we mentioned above as well as all of the following:

-Why 80% of our immune system can be found in our gut

-Why the intestines are the prime area for inflammatory outbreaks

-Key symptoms that suggest you may have chronic gut inflammation

-Why symptoms of gut inflammation are so diverse and confusing that most doctors miss the diagnosis

-The diverse and amazing effects of brain inflammation

-How tiny genetic mutations can play a huge role in creating gut inflammation

-How our genes and metabolism tell our body what to do

-Why you should consider undergoing a fecal transplant (which is where feces from a healthy donor are placed into your body)

-How to cleanse inflammatory toxic metals like mercury and lead from your system

-Why washing your hands and being hygienic is actually hurting your health in the long run

Fire in the Belly Pricing

Fire in the Belly is priced at $29.95 for the digital copy.

If you want the printed version, then you’ll need to pay $29.95 plus US shipping ($8.95) or international shipping ($24.95).

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you read the book, don’t like it, and want your money back, then you can get a 100% refund at any point within 60 days of making your purchase.

Who Is Dr. Scott-Mumby?

Dr. Scott-Mumby runs the Scott-Mumby Wellness clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can get in touch with that clinic by emailing [email protected] or by calling 760-668-1650.

Alternatively, you can mail the clinic at:

PO Box 371225
Las Vegas, NV 89137

Dr. Scott-Mumby is described as an “alternative doctor” on his official website. Conveniently enough, his official website is “”. Unlike many naturopathic doctors or holistic specialists, Dr. Scott-Mumby does have an MD after his name (not just an ND, for Naturopathic Doctor).

That MD title is a little misleading. Here’s how Dr. Scott-Mumby describes his medical doctorate degree in his biography:

“Qualified in medicine MB ChB (same as MD) in Manchester, UK in 1970, Scott-Mumby almost immediately began research into controversial alternative medicine.”

It never says that he graduated with a medical doctorate. It also never says that he is licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

In fact, Scott-Mumby never actually names himself as Dr. Scott-Mumby, but as Professor Scott-Mumby MD, PhD– so it’s clear that he doesn’t want to specifically advertise his medical background (despite the fact that he puts MD after his name).

MD isn’t the only title after his name: Dr. Scott-Mumby also has MB ChB and PhD listed in his official correspondence along with HMD and FRCP (Colombo).

Prior to creating Fire in the Belly, Dr. Scott-Mumby published books like The Food Allergy Plan, Allergies: What Everyone Should Know, The Allergy Handbook, and Virtual Medicine.

He has also been featured on Oprah, Fox, CNN, BBC, and Marie Claire, according to his official website.

Should You Read Fire in the Belly to Cure your Gut Inflammation?

Alternative medicine is extremely popular around the world today. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is one of the better-known alternative doctors in the world today. He has an extensive publication history dating back to the 1980s. Although it’s unclear if he actually has a medical doctorate degree, he’s clearly very passionate about his theories on allergies, gut inflammation, and their connection to modern diseases.

However, keep in mind that Fire in the Belly presents an alternative view of medicine, which means that it’s not accepted or supported by the majority of doctors in the world today.

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