Leptin Resistance Audio Book – Insulin & Diabetes Hormone Help?


Leptin Resistance is an audiobook available online at a price of $17. Find out how the audiobook promises to help you lose weight today in our review.

What is the Leptin Resistance Audio Book?

Leptin Resistance Audio Book is a downloadable audiobook available online through LeptinWiseDiet.com. The audiobook promises to teach you “little known facts” about leptin, a hormone in your body that plays a key role in weight loss.

Leptin, for those who haven’t been on a weight loss blog in the last few years, is a hormone that regulates fat burning in your body. We could write 60 pages about the science behind leptin, but it essentially works like this: leptin regulates your metabolism. When your body is full, leptin tells your body to burn fat. When you’re hungry, leptin tells your body to stop burning fat.

Today, many people who struggle with weight loss will tell you they’re “leptin resistant”. They claim that their leptin hormone is levels, and that’s why they can’t lose weight. The Leptin Resistance audiobook was created for those people.

When your leptin levels are low, you’re constantly hungry and your body refuses to burn fat. When your leptin levels are high, you feel full and your body burns more fat.

If you don’t want to take the time to listen to the Leptin Resistance audiobook, then you can read the transcript PDF file that comes with your purchase. The audiobook comes in mp3 format and is sent to you by email.

What Will You Learn in Leptin Resistance?

The full name of Leptin the Leptin Resistance audiobook is “Ultimate Health and Diet – Leptin Resistance: Insulin and Diabetis Resistance and Long Life”. Yes, “diabetes” is spelled wrong on the cover of the book. Right away, that’s a big red flag about the quality of information in Leptin Resistance.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in Leptin Resistance:

  • What leptin is
  • How leptin regulates your metabolism
  • How to determine if you’re leptin resistant, and what that means for weight loss
  • Leptin facts “that many people will never know”
  • Why most people are completely wrong when it comes to managing leptin
  • Which foods you should eat – and avoid – to regulate leptin levels

Is Leptin Really the Secret to Weight Loss?

Many weight loss blogs call leptin “the secret hormone to weight loss”. Leptin has been trendy across the internet in recent years, and many people believe targeting leptin is the secret to losing weight.

So What Exactly is Leptin? How Does it Help You Lose Weight?

Leptin is a hormone released by your fat cells to regulate metabolism and control your appetite. The hormone was first discovered in 1994 by Jeffrey M. Friedman, a researcher at Rockefeller University.

Over the years, doctors have studied leptin in an effort to understand the relationship between leptin resistance and obesity.

Leptin works in a straightforward way:

  • When leptin levels are high, leptin reduces your appetite and triggers the fat burning process by signaling the brain
  • When leptin levels are low, it makes you feel hungry and eat more food, while also storing fat as food for later

Leptin may sound like an annoying hormone, but it has played an important role in the survival of the human race over the years. If you’re not eating enough food, then leptin restricts fat burning, because it assumes there isn’t enough food, so you need to keep your fat stored for a later source of energy. Without leptin, we would be more likely to die in times where food was scarce.

What about leptin resistance? What is leptin resistance and how is it linked to obesity? Here’s how the author of the Leptin Resistance audiobook describes it:

“When a person’s brain becomes resistant to the signals issued by leptin, a person is said to become leptin resistant. A leptin-resistant person will continue to eat even when energy reserves have been topped up, thus causing accumulation of fat leading to obesity.”

Now, some people may be genuinely leptin resistant. However, there’s a growing number of people who use “leptin resistance” as an excuse for their poor self-control. Just because you eat a lot of food doesn’t mean you’re leptin resistant. However, some people may genuinely have unbalanced levels of leptin that causes them to have poor appetite control.

Leptin Resistance Audio Book Pricing

Leptin Resistance Audio Book is available online for $17 USD.

After your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email link to download the audiobook, as well as a PDF file with a transcript of that audiobook.

Like all Clickbank products, Leptin Resistance comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can get a refund on your purchase at any point within 60 days with no questions asked.

Who Wrote Leptin Resistance Audio Book?

Leptin Resistance, both the eBook and audiobook, were created by someone named Martin Deno. Martin lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia. He doesn’t claim to have any background in nutrition or dieting.

You can get in touch with Martin by email at [email protected].

His “About Me” page on the Leptin Wise Diet website explains that Martin spent most of his career working in forestry as a log trader before starting an online marketing business.

In addition to the Leptin Resistance audiobook, Martin’s website features other leptin-related products like Leptin University. Martin has also published other eBooks like Leptin Wise Diet Quick & Easy Recipes and Leptin Wise Diet 21 Healthy Juicing Recipes.

Should You Buy the Leptin Resistance Audio Book?

Priced at $17 USD, the Leptin Resistance audiobook aims to teach you about leptin resistance and why it’s so important for weight loss. Many people believe they’re leptin resistant, and that’s why they struggle to lose weight.

Leptin is a crucial hormone in the body that has a powerful effect on weight loss. When your leptin levels are high, you have a reduced appetite and your body is burning fat. When your leptin levels are low, you’re constantly hungry and your body refuses to burn fat.

Ultimately, Leptin Resistance features a lot of information you can find for free online. The author doesn’t claim to be any nutritional specialist or expert in leptin. However, the audiobook does come with a 60 day money back guarantee: so it’s a risk-free purchase if you want to learn more about leptin’s effects on your body.

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