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Leptin Shred Review

Leptin Shred is a new fat loss supplement created by a guy named Mike Chang. Find out if Leptin Shred actually works to shred body fat today in our review.

What is Leptin Shred?

Leptin Shred is a nutritional supplement found online at SixPackShortcuts.com. The supplement promises to raise levels of a hormone called “leptin” in order to give you ripped six pack abs and lean muscle growth.

Priced at around $67 for a 15 day supply, Leptin Shred certainly isn’t cheap. The manufacturer claims the high price is validated by the supplement’s use of natural ingredients like African mango extract, olive leaf extract, and white willow bark extract, all of which purportedly activate your body’s leptin production.

How Does Leptin Shred Work?

Leptin Shred claims to work by raising levels of leptin.

What is leptin, you ask?

Leptin is a hormone in the body that has recently become a buzzword among weight loss supplement manufacturers. Leptin is often called the “Master Fat Loss Hormone” for its ability to help you lose weight.

When your body’s leptin levels are high, you don’t crave junk food and your metabolism is very high, which means that you digest food fast and efficiently.

When leptin levels are low, your body craves high-calorie foods and your metabolism slows down to a crawl.

The problem with leptin is that leptin levels are often low when we’re dieting. Some people diet so excessively that their body goes into starvation mode. In this mode, it struggles to produce adequate levels of leptin. Instead, your body hangs onto its stored fat in order to survive while constantly telling your body to eat more food.

Put simply, leptin is why most diets fail.

By taking Leptin Shred, you can artificially raise levels of leptin within your body in order to maximize the potential power of your weight loss routine.

The active ingredients in Leptin Shred are thought to stimulate leptin production and kickstart your body’s natural weight loss cycles.

Leptin Shred Ingredients

The creator of Leptin Shred never reveals the full list of ingredients or dosages within Leptin Shred. Instead, we simply know that it contains at least the seven following ingredients:

— African Mango Extract
— Fucoxanthin
— Olive Leaf Extract
— Synephrine HCL (Bitter Green Orange)
— Yohimbe Bark Extract
— White Willow Bark Extract

The creator of Leptin Shred claims that all of these ingredients have been specifically added to the supplement because they send your leptin levels into orbit (which is a good thing).

In reality, there appears to be minimal scientific evidence for any of these supplements.

For example, there have been numerous studies on African mango (also known as Irvingia gabonensis), olive leaf extract, Synephrine HCL (also known as bitter orange), yohimbe, and white willow bark. Nevertheless, none of these studies have been linked to any weight loss benefits.

Piperine, on the other hand, is included in the supplement to purportedly boost the bioavailability of the other ingredients in the supplement. That may be true, although scientific studies have shown that piperine has few health benefits on its own.

Finally, fucoxanthin is a type of pigment found in brown algae. Out of all the ingredients in Leptin Shred, this is the one backed by the most concrete weight loss research: early studies have shown that fucoxanthin can have a powerful effect on weight loss. Nevertheless, we don’t know exactly how much fucoxanthin is in Leptin Shred (it could be 1% of the supplement, or it could be 40%). That makes it difficult to assess how much of an effect fucoxanthin really has on your final weight loss.

Ultimately, the ingredients in Leptin Shred are backed by minimal scientific evidence on average.

How to Buy Leptin Shred

Leptin Shred is available online at a price of $67 plus $14.97 shipping and handling.

All purchases come with a 60 day refund policy, although you won’t get a refund on the shipping and handling fee. To request a refund, contact Leptin Shred’s customer service department at 800-655-8576.

The supplement used to be sold on Amazon as well, although it appears to have been taken off the marketplace.

The problem with Leptin Shred on Amazon was that there were only 2 positive reviews for the supplement, both of which were created by new accounts that only had one previous review.

Meanwhile, the other five reviews were all one star reviews that said things like “Complete waste of money”, “not what I was expecting” and “feel no difference”.

Making matters worse is that the $69 price on Amazon was for a bottle that only lasted 15 days. Multiple reviewers said this was not enough to judge the supplement’s weight loss effects.

Who Makes Leptin Shred?

Leptin Shred is made by a guy named Mike Chang who runs Mike Chang Fitness, also known as Six Pack Shortcuts. After gaining fame selling eBooks and fitness training manuals online, Mike appears to have branched out into the supplement industry.

Mike Chang Fitness LLC is based at the following address:

Mike Chang Fitness LLC
8900 Shoal Creek #105
Austin, TX 78757

You can contact the company by phone toll-free at 800-655-8576 or by email at [email protected].

Conclusion: Who Should Use Leptin Shred?

Leptin Shred is a pricey nutritional supplement that provides little evidence to back up its claims. “Leptin” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry today. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can actually raise leptin levels by consuming any of the so-called “superfoods” within Leptin Shred.

For that reason, it’s difficult to recommend Leptin Shred to anyone who genuinely cares about losing weight.

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  1. I have been using this product since 16-02-21
    gut 40″
    gut 39″

    I changed my diet and increased my cardio

    does this product work?
    NO. The product is a waste of money. Do your research
    Yes I lost 1″ but only because of my lifestyle change.

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